Top 20 Best Succubus Anime Of All Time

Who doesn’t love a good Succubus anime? In the last couple of years, anime has become incredibly popular and it’s only growing in its fanbase! But who are the Best Succubus Anime of all time?

This is an excellent thing for the community and it means that there’s so much more to watch! But of course, this also means that there’s probably one or two (to say the least) that don’t quite float your boat. 

If you’re looking for a list of some great sexy demon animes to sink your teeth into, you’ve come to the right place!

Top 20 Best Succubus Anime Of All Time

We’ve got the ultimate list of our top twenty picks of the finest, funniest, silliest, and just the best succubus anime out at the moment, ready for you to enjoy. 

In this article, we’ll be going over some of the most popular ones in the loose genre, varying massively in length, style, and subject matter- but all within the theme of succubi!

What Is Succubus Anime?

A succubus, by definition, is a demon that engages in sexual activities, to feed off the energy or lifeforce of its partner.

In a female form, the succubus’ role is to lure men and seduce them by disguising themselves as their ideal lover and seducing them into bed.

Once they are bedded, the victim is drained of his lifeforce or energy- this is a pretty flexible trope in anime on whether the succubus kills its lover or just makes them very sleepy!

In traditional tales, a succubus would visit a man whilst he was already asleep, but modern renditions play out when the victim (of any sex or sexual orientation) is seduced or tranced into sex whilst either awake or asleep. 

Succubus anime is usually pretty goofy and silly, with lots of sexual innuendoes, but can also have really serious plots, romance, and a lot of twists and turns.

Heroes may have to choose between the ones they love, protecting succubi who are both friend or foe, or going against their moral code. 

Top 20 Best Succubus Anime

So now we have a better understanding of what a Succubus anime entails, let’s get into our list! There’s a lot to get through so buckle up! 

20. Shinmai Maou No Testament/ The Testament Of Sister New Devil

Overview: Okay, you ready? This is an ecchi anime that is not going to be to everyone’s taste, but you can be the judge of that!

When Basara’s father adopts two new ‘step sisters’ into his home, Basara is forced to accept Mio and Maria as his new family.

Full of the usual hijinks you’d expect from a silly ecchi anime living with your new ‘step sisters’, Mio reveals herself to be a Demon Lord’s daughter, and that Maria is her succubus servant.

Basara must then reveal that he is a hero, sworn to slay demons and protect mankind!

But of course, he now cares for his new family and promises to watch over them against the constant threat of attack from both his clan and other demons. 

Rating: This is around a 6.5/10 we think! It’s silly and dumb, with some on-the-nose ecchi content, but the storyline is deep and there is genuinely a great plot weaved in amongst the silliness.

Expect big boobs, embarrassing moments, and some kickass demon-slaying in this one!

19. Rosario + Vampire 

Overview: This silly school comedy follows the exploits of naive schoolboy Tskune Aono, who accidentally gets to the wrong school bus, this one’s heading to a monster boarding school!

After befriending a vampire girl Moka, Tskune must protect himself from the advances of sexually interested teen demons, all keen to romantically entangle him all whilst trying to hide his human identity!

It’s a very pervy and silly show that has 2 seasons, so you don’t need to sink too much time into it.

Expect an obscene amount of panty shots and a serious amount of fan service in this one, so I’d steer clear if that’s not your thing!

Rating: 6.6/10 This is a cult classic, but it’s more silliness than serious plot here. 

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18. The Asterisk War / Gakusen Toshi Asterisk

Overview: With the rise of megacorp taking control of the earth in the late 21st century, and wreaking havoc on the world, most of the major cities in the world have been destroyed.

Set against this backdrop, humans have gained powers from all of the experimenting done by corporations.

Without going into too many spoilers, this anime is a definite slow burn but leads onto a deep quest of mysticism and mayhem, with these elite humans battling each other for fun out of academies and trying to find a missing sister in deep peril. 

The show, unfortunately, stopped airing after 2 seasons, but you never know, it could come back!

Rating 6.6/10 The beginning is a slow burn but if you can get through the foundation episodes, you’ll be rewarded with a great plot and diverse characters. 

17. Knights And Magic

Overview: Every person’s fantasy, this anime follows the story of super weeb Tsubasa Kurata, an AI programmer and computer genius who dies in a car accident.

He is reincarnated as a child (Eru) in an anime world where magic and demons rule.

Filled with huge mechs and blessed with magical abilities himself, Eru has kept the memories from his past life and can fulfill his lifelong dream of building his very own mecha. 

Rating 7/10 This anime is such an interesting concept and has lots of heartfelt moments and big action punches, mixed in with loads of great fantasy and awesome characters that get a chance to develop. 

16. Unbreakable Machine-Doll / Machine-Doll Wa Kizutsukanai 

Overview: This animated series follows a Japanese boy and his living doll as they join a prestigious academy where they learn to fight against the puppets to determine who is the greatest puppeteer in the world.

Raishin is a puppeteer, and his doll Yaya fights his battles for him. Yaya is of course super cute and totally in love with her puppet master Raishin. 

With a spicy revenge quest in the mix, and some cheeky sexual exploits and mild violence, this is not a kid-friendly show and has a pretty big following as an anime. 

Rating: 7/10 A solid ranking, this anime has a good storyline that starts off hype and only gets better and better as you watch.

It’s not for everyone and doesn’t quite tick all the boxes, but is an interesting concept that hasn’t been done to death yet. 

15. Trinity Seven

With something of a cult status, Trinity Seven is a harem/comedy following a group of high schoolers with a whole heap of fanservice, a bit of action, and loads of comedic moments that make this show worth a watch!

With a great selection of character design and some unforgettable silly moments, this fantasy adventure is filled with romance, dating faux pas, and lots of big anime tiddys if that’s what you’re looking for! 

Amongst them are seven powerful mages that are trying to reconnect to a broken world and learn the truth about an event called the Black Sun that decimated the main character Arata Kasuga’s hometown. 

Rating 7/10 This short but sweet anime is chock full of fan service, so expect wildly large breasts pretty much everywhere you look, and there’s a great plot hidden amongst the comedy too. 

14. The Tower Of Druaga

Overview: This anime has seriously mixed reviews from fans, and it’s basically because it’s such a mixed bag episode to episode as to what you’re expecting. With demons all vying for power to move up to the upper echelons of the Tower, this anime is all about power struggles, legendary treasure, heroes, and of course, sexy demons. A great romp, we think, with some hilarious moments that tie the show together. 

Rating: 7.3/10 Sometimes you’re hit with some underwhelming fantasy, some pretty average action, and fighting, or you get to experience some stellar comedic moments. Altogether, though it is a mixed bag, we think it’s worth it as when Druaga no Tou is good, it is exceptional, and makes the filler worthwhile! Don’t expect to be blown off your feet by the plot, but it’s overall a very enjoyable fantasy demon anime to watch!

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13. Zero No Tsukaima 

Overview: A perfect one to watch if you love female leads, a bit of S&M thrown into the mix, and comedic high school animes. 

With demons and pets/slaves, this show follows an ordinary Japanese teen who’s whisked away to a magical land to become the familiar of a budding magician Loise, also known as ‘Zero’, so named for being useless at magic whilst she makes her way through monster high school. 

Rating: 7.5/10 This anime has epic music, super cute comedy, and great character design which makes it a real delight to watch.

Overall, it’s a fantasy series that’s worth the watch, especially if you’re a fan of sub/dom familiars and great light-hearted comedy about demons and their playthings

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12. Isekai Quartet

Overview: Filled with fan favorites who all have big personalities, this crossover comedy starts when all of our favorite characters from the Isekai universe press an elusive ‘button’ and come hurtling into a different universe where they all attend a high school together.

Cue all of the silly characters and big personas clashing, romances brewing, and general havoc being had! 

Rating 7.6/10 This chibi-style anime is super cute and silly and serves as a crossover chibi adaption of various Isekai anime.

It’s a great one to watch if you’re already a big anime fan and want to watch some of your favorite characters in a different style and environment.

If you are unfamiliar with KonoSuba, Overlord, Re: Zero, Rising of the Shield Hero, and others, you may want to watch those first to appreciate this comedic adaptation. 

11. Tokyo Ravens

Overview: Descendant of the Tschuchimikado clan, Harutora comes from a deeply spiritual and magical lineage and yet has seemingly no magical wherewithal in him at all.

His cousin Natsume however (the family heir) needs protection from other grudge-holding clans.

With both of them together as familiar and master, they must learn the capabilities of their magic and protect one another to survive and banish spirits.  

Rating: 7.6/10 Onto some more serious content, this is a great and romantic show about protecting those you love and harnessing your magical powers and abilities.

Throughout the series, you learn to love the characters and get drawn into the plot with ease. Tokyo Ravens is definitely worth a watch and is filled with classic fantasy tropes which are bound to keep you interested. 

10. Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun

Overview: This wacky plot follows the adventures of a male high school student who ends up living with a succubus and an incubus (male succubus).

To add to the comic adventure, succubus Maya Tsukimura is petrified of men, her supposed prey! Though she can effortlessly seduce them, Maya is terrified of men, adding to the hijinx and general comedy of this funny and wild show.

With loads of classic tropes of an ecchi harem show, Maya’s sickly sweet voice and male attention that’s thrust upon her make for a fun, if not predictable viewing. 

Rating: 8/10 This is a pretty old anime these days! But, it’s a mainstay of the ecchi fantasy genre, especially with a full focus on succubi and fan service. 

9. Interspecies Review

Overview: A group of heroes reviews all of the demons, creatures, and sexy fantasy species in this completely wacky and insane ecchi fantasy sex series that is 100% fan service.

This is an R Rated show, and it’s impossible to not include it in a list of this genre. 

Rating: 8/10 It feels a bit weird putting this one so far up in the rankings but if you’re looking for a super dumb and kinky sex comedy this really shouldn’t be missed.

It’s downright ridiculous and of course, has every possible fantasy creature in it!

8. Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge (Vampire Hunter)

Overview: Probably an anime with the most cosplayed characters and succubi in history, Vampire Hunter is high up on the list of great Succubus anime to watch if you haven’t already.

The old-school aesthetic is charming and still holds up, and Morrigan is a stand-out succubus in pretty much all of anime pop culture. This series follows the adventures of Donovan who must save the world from dark forces! 

Rating 8/10 This anime is based on the popular CapCom arcade games and various manga. As a show, it is still incredibly popular and revered despite its age. Many think it’s one of the best succubus anime overall, and we think it is well worth a watch!

7. Junketsu No Maria (Maria The Virgin Witch)

Overview: Set in France during the Hundred Year’s War, this anime follows Maria who is a powerful witch.

Using her incubus and succubus familiars, she plays with the warring dynasties and manipulates the warring factions to help bring about peace and prosperity.

Despite this, the church considers her a heretic and decrees that she’ll lose her magical powers if she loses her virginity- a decree that is overseen by an angel called Ezekiel. 

Rating: 8/10 With one of the most desirable succubi going in the form of the svelt and dangerous Artemis, Junketsu no Maria is a bit more than your typical ecchi comedy, with some style, and substance but still maintains a healthy amount of fan service and comedic laughs.

Expect a good romp of fun with some serious notes and an engaging but silly storyline. 

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6. Overlord

Overview: A popular MMORPG traps its players inside the game and the players have to find a way to play their way out of it.

This is genuinely a great anime with badass characters and silly comedic fantasy elements.

Hitting all of the classic fantasy tropes of demons, sexy succubi, and comedic hijinks, Overlord is well worth a watch for those who love fantasy comedy with a bit of edge. 

Rating: 8.2/10 With stunning visuals and a fantastic plot, this anime is worth your time, and will provide a lifelong connection to some of these characters. 

5. Maji: The Labyrinth Of Magic

Overview: This fantasy adventure is an Arabian Nights-themed romp filled with fan favorites such as Sinbad, Aladdin and so many more.

It’s focused on a guy named Alibaba, who wants to make the world a better place. To do so, he must battle it out with supernatural beings to win over evil!

With beautiful character designs that have stood the test of time, Maji is a great one to sink your teeth into if you really want to get lost in a fantasy universe. 

Rating: 8.5/10 This is a firm fan favorite and well worth a watch if you love succubus and fantasy adventure that has loads of memorable characters and a whole lot of heart. 

4. Demi-Chan Wa Kataritai

Overview: This show follows an interviewer who interacts with succubi and other demons to find out how they deal with human society when they are so different.

This has some lighthearted and serious moments along with fan service but is more than just a fetish cute anime, so we think it’s definitely worth a watch!

This definitely ticks the boxes of ‘succubus fantasy’ with so many hilarious character designs. 

Rating:8.5/10 This social commentary on how hard it can be to integrate into a foreign society whilst remaining light-hearted for the most part and of course filled with the coolest and funniest Succubus ladies. 

3. Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun

Overview: A human child is adopted by a demon headmistress and is sent to a demon school!

With all of the fun that this entails, it’s also very dangerous and Iruma must learn to defend himself against those around him and make his new friendships last!

With all of the demonic sexy women you could hope for, Demon School is a wild ride that’s got some heartwarming moments too. Definitely one of the best succubus anime of all time!

Rating: 8.5/10 This is a sweet and funny show about getting to know those around you and trying to be the best version of yourself that you can be! All with sexy demon ladies thrown in the mix of course!

2. Maoujou De Oyasumi (Sleepy Princess In The Demon Castle)

Overview: A demon princess is terrorizing the town! And all because she just wants to get a perfect, undisturbed night’s sleep.

Follow the adventures of this sleepy princess as we go on madcap adventures in this light-hearted comedy fantasy anime. With demonic pretty ladies, what’s not to like?

Rating: 8.5/10 This is a funny and irreverent anime that’s bound to have you both swooning and laughing! It’s a comedy fantasy that’s worth a watch. 

1. KonoSuba

Overview: Set in a fantasy world, KonoSuba follows the adventures of Kazuma as he tries to transfer his MMORPG knowledge to real-life fantasy adventures!

After a traffic accident, Kazuma wakes up in a strange fantasy world, where he and his friends must fight to uncover the injustices of the land.

Egged on by the beautiful goddess Aqua, Kazuma is forced to help this fantasy world in crisis. 

Rating: 8.5/10 KonoSuba breaks the mold of typical harem and fantasy anime, and is far more kid-friendly and light-hearted, with more of a Pokemon feel than a typical raunchy Succubus adventure.

Whilst still having a deep and interesting plot, as well as awesome succubus characters that will stay with you forever, this is a cute and heartwarming show that is well worth the watch. 

There you have it, the best 20 Succubus and fantasy anime that you should watch right now! Have we missed any out? What are your favorite ones? Let us know!

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  1. I completely agree with this list! Succubi are such fascinating and captivating characters, and there are so many great anime that feature them. My personal favorite is probably ‘Hell Girl’ – that dress alone… *swoon* Anyways, great post and thank you for sharing your picks!

  2. Wow, I can’t believe you included ‘N cattle in your list! That anime is so underrated, but the succubus character design is on point. Thanks for putting together this comprehensive list!

  3. Wow, I can’t believe “Shimoneta: Not a Sexual preceding ‘Itadakiman'” isn’t on this list! It’s one of the most interesting and thought-provoking anime about succubi that I’ve seen. The way it explores the intersection of sexuality and power is really well done and adds a unique depth to the story. Great list overall, but definitely need to give Shimoneta more love! 😃

  4. Ah, a list of the best Succubus anime of all time? Count me in! I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting shows to binge-watch. Thanks for sharing this list, I’m excited to check out some of these titles! 😍

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