Top 9 Anime Girls With Brown Eyes

Anime girls with brown eyes are all the rage. And in the real world, brown eyes are the most common color a person can have on the planet. It is estimated that between 55 and almost 80 percent of the Earth’s population has some shade of brown as their eye color.

Top 9 Anime Girls With Brown Eyes

This is probably why, amongst many others, there is such a rainbow of colors to be found in eyes when it comes to anime.

It helps elevate the fantasy levels of many of these larger-than-life stories that we have fallen in love with over the years.

You’ll find many colors in your favorite anime characters, from blue to yellow, to shades of purple, and red (god, there are so many red eyes in anime, you’d think it was some kind of infection going around!)

Strangely, this means that, when a character with brown eyes (the main character that is, not a background space filler that helps flesh out a scene) turns up, it circles back around to being something unique again.

Not only that, but having a common eye color such as brown will often be a signifier that the character is down to earth in some way.

Whether they are very practical in how they act, or they are an audience surrogate, that get to experience the wilder sides of these stories at the same time as us.

With that in mind, here are some of the best anime characters that have brown eyes, and we think are pretty cool in some way

Misaki Ayuzawa (From Maid-Sama!)

Starting off our list strong, we have the main character of the popular mid-2000s Shojo manga and its accompanying anime Maid Sama!, we have the stalwart and stern Misaki Ayuzawa.

Being the president of the Student Council of Seika High School, the focal point of much of the earlier part of the series, as well as events from her background and story before the series start, Misaki has a reputation for being incredibly disciplinarian with her fellow pupils that she is tasked with controlling.

With her title as ‘demon president’, she certainly fits into the category of ground that we mentioned many brown-eyed characters have. Maybe even a little too grounded!

This aspect of her character is only further reinforced by what she does as a part-time job outside of school.

With her family coming from a poorer background and being saddled with debt, Misaki also has to make extra money by working as a maid in a maid café (roll credits).

All these factors, her diligence in her studies, her strict way of enforcing discipline and order on her fellow students, and her professionalism as a maid, all help create the image of a character who is always prepared to step up to the plate to survive and reach her goals.

Many anime characters have a reputation for being too extravagant, but Misaki is proof that there is plenty to ground these otherwise fantastical stories.

Lucy Heartfilia (From Fairy Tail)

The main character of focus from the Shōnen manga Fairy Tail, and arguably its main character in general, we have Lucy Heartfilia, the celestial spirit mage of the Fairy Tail guild of adventurers and heroes.

A character that, when we first meet her, can come across as a little bratty and somewhat vain (especially with her looks and appearance).

We quickly see that Lucy is a kind and compassionate person who cares deeply for the people in her life that matter to her, whether that’s her team, her guild, or the countless other friends that she has made whilst on her journey as a mage and a guild member.

Lucy is pretty much tailored and made to be appealing, whether that’s her character design, her personality, the powers she has gained across the series, or even the gambles and sacrifices she has made for her friends and family.

Although she is technically already a mage at the beginning of the series, we are also brought into and shown the wider scope of this amazing fantastical world through the eyes of Lucy Heartfilia, especially when it comes to learning about many of the other characters that make up the member of the Fairy tail guild.

Watching Lucy go from being starstruck by all the other members of the guild to feeling like a part of their wider family, is one of the great joys of seeing this long-running manga and anime, no matter which medium you are experiencing it in, and the reason that she makes this list.

Riza Hawkeye (From Fullmetal Alchemist)

Of course, a list of the best brown-eyed girls in anime would not be complete without the sharpshooter of the Amestrian military, Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye, the right hand of the Flame alchemist Roy Mustang.

Riza Hawkeye is introduced to us as the main brain cell in the room that helps keep Colonel Mustang safe when things get heated (pun intended).

Also, being one of the few main characters of the show to have no primary knowledge of how to perform alchemy, often makes her the only normal human in the room on many occasions.

Albeit one with an insane level of skill when it comes to firearms, and an incredibly sharp mind that has saved herself and helped others on more than one occasion.

However, we also see in Riza Hawkeye that she is not just the main reason that her companions and comrades are alive.

We also see that she is often the angel on the other character’s shoulders, helping them guide the tumultuous landscape of dealing with war, loss, and responsibility.

Through Riza, we get to see the story’s themes of war, the duty of soldiers, the responsibility their share in the actions of their army and government, as well as to strive and find the will to be better, and to try and atone for what they have done.

Pretty good for a soldier who just wanted to honor her father’s legacy.

Plus, she has an adorable puppy as well! How can you not love that!?

Mako Mankanshoku (From Kill La Kill)

Going from perhaps one of the most stoic characters in anime, to… well, the complete opposite of that.

Mako Mankanshoku is the best friend of Kill La Kill’s series protagonist, Ryuko Matoi, and is by all accounts a fairly ordinary normal teenage girl.

That is if she were in any other series. But she’s not. She is in Kill La Kill. So you know that things are going to get wild when anyone from this series opens their mouth!

Hyperactive bubbly, and enthusiastic, almost to the point of being insufferable.

Mako is very much emblematic of the series she comes from and is a great gauge whether you think you will enjoy the off-the-wall insanity and wacky action that this series is best known for.

Fortunately, Mako’s zany, borderline Loony Tune’s energy is balanced out by the incredible seriousness, often to a comical level, that many of the other characters have when witnessing the events of the story play out.

This is especially the case with the main character Ryuko, who is so caught up in her revenge quest and overly serious attitude (seriously, you could get lacerations just by touching her with all that edginess).

That it both wears on the character, and the audience watching her. Mako is the cinnamon bun-sweet ray of sunshine that Ryuko needs in her life, and she isn’t about to let her or anyone else forgets about that.

Not only that, but Mako also functions as both a brief exposition dump in the first episode, before becoming an enthusiastic window into the wild world of Honnoji academy for the audience, and the character through which we start to view the wider story.

The fact that her family is also a down in the dumps bunch living in cramped poverty also helps ground her a little, as well as makes the audience appreciate their attitude a little more.

Erza Scarlet (From Fairy Tail)

Brown-eyed girls seem to be a pretty popular design choice for artist Hiro Mashima, the original author and artist of Fairy Tail.

We’ve already had one incredible character from this series, and now we’re about to follow that up with one of the other most popular characters from the series.

Erza Scarlet is one of the strongest characters in not just the Fairy Tail Guild, but also the world of Fairy Tail itself, being classified as an S-Class mage.

The highest official rank that can be bestowed on a mage in the world of Fairy Tail. Erza is one of only five members to attain this rank, and is both loved and feared because of it.

Even though being just a walking powerhouse would be enough to rank her highly on anyone’s list of favorite characters, her characterization and backstory are what cement her as a fan favorite in the series.

Her past and where she has come from, the suffering she endured as a child, as well as her resolve to protect those around her.

Are all parts that make up the multi-layered character that is Erza Scarlet, even if the name is perhaps a little on the nose.

The fact that her main objective for much of the series’ run is the protection of her new found-family, the Fairy Tail Guild, helps keep Erza’s otherwise outlandish power and drive.

As well as some of the more insane victories that she scores throughout the story, much more grounded than what otherwise might come off as total spectacle and fan service, even if there is a hefty dose of that too.

Brown eyes anime

Revy (From Black Lagoon)

It’s back to gun girls with this next entry on our list. This next character, at face value, shares a few traits with the last marksman we covered in this list.

Riza Hawkeye, as they are both trained in a variety of firearms and other weapons, and both incredibly strong-willed.

However, outside those two characteristics, Revy shares next to nothing in common with Riza, or anyone else on this list. And that’s partly what makes her so popular.

There are plenty of ways that Revy from Black Lagoon can be described. Psychotic, murderous, bloodthirsty. A bad person to get on the wrong side of, apathetic, sarcastic nihilistic, lacking in empathy. The list goes on.

Fortunately for us, boring is not one of them.

Being probably the principal gunfighter of the Lagoon, Revy is an incredibly dangerous force to go up against, or even be in the wrong place and time with, if her body count of innocent civilians is anything to go by.

Fortunately for the viewer, Revy doesn’t stay a one-note character for long, and her interactions with the rest of the crew help show us that.

Despite the ink-black darkness of her past, she is capable of thinking of more than the next job or fight she is in.

If you want to know more, you’ll just have to watch the show for yourself!

Hinako Mukaimizu (From Ride Your Wave)

Time for more emotional whiplash with a completely different kind of character, with the protagonist of a surfing movie and general emotional rollercoaster, Ride Your Wave.

Hinako is like many other young adults in her place: She is a college student, unsure of herself and what she wants to do with herself in the future.

And finds comfort and security in spending time with the people she cares about, and doing the things she loves. In this case, her greatest love is surfing.

That is, of course, until she meets a young firefighter who saved her life when her apartment caught fire from fireworks.

Hinako is a character that is painfully relatable for many people. Her generally upbeat attitude, as well as the uncertainty of what she wants to do with her future.

And she has to juggle that uncertainty with the events of the movie that leave her world shattered.

There’s plenty to love with this character, and the movie she is from is worth your time.

Sasha Blouse (From Attack On Titan)

Keeping our list at least somewhat topical, if only just, we have the chronic food hoarder from Survey Corp, Sasha Blouse.

Considered one of the best trainees in the 104th training battalion, ranking 9th best actually, Sasha Blouse is actively involved in many details of the plot of Attack On Titan as they unfold, thanks to her being a member of the survey corps.

Of course, as the events of the series unfold, she becomes embroiled in the political conspiracies and conflict that come to define the rest of the narrative.

Sasha is polite, almost to a fault, and her tendency to hoard and stuff food into herself when the opportunity arises might strike a chord with those of us who can’t resist a good meal.

Like many other characters, she is compelling as she and the young soldiers are forced to contend with a bloody and brutal world that does not give mercy to the kind-hearted, and watch her adapt and change as the series progresses.

Mitsuja Miyamizu (From Your Name)

How could we not mention one of the biggest anime characters from one of the biggest anime movies of the last ten years!?

Mitsuha is a seventeen-year-old school girl, who dreams of moving from her small rural town of Itomori and moving to the big city of Tokyo. She eventually gets her to wish, but not in the way that she expected.

Mitsuha is another example of a grounded character in a coming-of-age story that speaks to many of us at similar points in our lives.

Only most of us don’t have a comet heading towards our town (as far as we know!), and the yearning to travel to places we have never been, both as an act of rebellion, as well as a simple change of pace.

Final Thoughts on Anime Girls With Brown Eyes

There are plenty of fan favorites on this list. Make sure you check out some of these series for yourself if you already haven’t!

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