Top 50 Cute Anime Girls [Most Beautiful Girls]

When it comes to cute character designs, anime characters are by far some of the most adorable out there.

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Their big eyes and quirky styles are a noteworthy feature, but what is great about anime characters is that although there are recurring traits that appear within the animation style in general.

They are utilized in unique ways across the vast array of anime shows that are out there. Female anime characters are particularly recognizable for their cute aesthetics and attractive or sweet designs.

You would be hard-pressed to find an anime girl that isn’t adorable in one way or another. With this in mind, we are going to be running through 50 of the cutest female characters that anime has to offer.

Whether they come from a dramatic and intense series or a magical girl show, cuteness comes in all shapes and sizes.

So, let’s take a look at some particularly cute anime girls of all ages who blend beauty and cuteness with brains and personality to become fantastic characters in their own right! 

Nezuko Kamado: Demon Slayer

Nezuko is a highly popular anime character, and for good reason. A former human, Nezuko was attacked and turned into a demon during an incident that wiped out her entire family other than her older brother Tanjiro Kamado.

Her notable features include her large, pink eyes, her long dark hair that turns orange at the ends- with a pink bow to tie it back at the sides- and her pink kimono. Nezuko’s character became so popular due to her unconventional nature.

Sweet girls in anime are rarely given a somewhat dark and menacing role, but Nezuko defies the anime girl stereotypes by becoming a demon early on in both the show and the manga.

That being said, Nezuko is a rare case as she still displays human emotion after being turned. 

Despite the obvious danger that she poses to her brother and those around her, Nezuko is kept in a docile state thanks to the bamboo muzzle that is fashioned for her. This muzzle has become an iconic part of her look, making her instantly recognizable.

Nezuko and her relationship with her brother Tanjiro plays a big role in the anime, with Tanjiro making it his mission to make Nezuko human again and avenge their family.

Nezuko was created as a way to make Tanjiro more innovative as a character, but she is very much one of the stars of Demon Slayer in her own right, as well as one of the most well-known and beautiful anime characters.

Japanese Voice: Akari Kito

English Dub: Abby Trott

Ochaco Uraka: My Hero Academia

Ochaco is one of the main protagonists of the My Hero Academia anime, being one of the students at U.A High School. She is one of the cutest anime characters thanks to her large brown eyes and permanent blush.

Ochaco is a friendly and warm character, being incredibly optimistic and somewhat excitable.

She is also overwhelmed by the nature of luxury and wealth due to coming from a poor background, adding some charm and realism to her as a character.

Despite her kind nature, she has a feisty side too, as well as a focused and determined nature that allows her to respond appropriately to difficult situations.

Her ditziness is not to be confused with carelessness, as she is very much a strong and adorable anime girl. 

Japanese Voice: Ayane Sakura

English Dub: Luci Christian

Meiko “Menma” Honma: Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Meiko- or Menma- Honma is a character from the 2011 anime series Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day. She is somewhat unique in that- spoiler warning!- she only appears as a ghost, as she passed away before the events of the series. 

Menma is a sweet, cheerful, and kind girl, but also a little empty-headed at times. The tragic nature of her premature death is emphasized by her innocence and boundless optimism.

Menma is an example of a super cute anime girl- thanks to her long silver hair and her large blue eyes-, but there is a lot of sadness associated with her due to her tragic death at such a young age. 

Japanese Voice: Ai Kayano

English Dub: Xanthe Huynh

Misty Williams- Pokemon

The Pokémon franchise is one of the biggest in the world, so it is no surprise that the anime series- based on the video games- was such a hit when it debuted back in the 1990s.

Misty is an adorable character from the anime who was one of the first major characters on the show, appearing alongside protagonist Ash and acting as a deuteragonist to him alongside fellow Pokémon trainer Brock.

Misty is a feisty red-headed girl who has something of an inferiority complex due to being the youngest of four sisters, all of whom aren’t particularly kind to her, often referring to her as the “weak” sister.

Misty has a lot of attitude, and it isn’t hard to see why when the treatment she receives from her sisters is shown.

 As the series progressed, Misty became more mature and a kinder, less hot-headed side of her emerged (though she did maintain that fiery streak that she has always had!).

Misty’s rocky relationship with her family gives her a little more depth, making her slightly sharp attitude towards Ash more understandable.

Misty is certainly more than just the token girl character of the Pokémon anime or the bossy friend (but also super cute too!).

Japanese Voice: Mayumi Iizuka (anime) and Ayane Sakura (Pokémon Masters).

English Dub: Rachael Lillis (seasons 1 to 8), Michele Knotz (MoMP to present), and Reba Buhr (Pokémon Masters).

Korean Dub: Ji Mi-Ae (Anime), Lee Chi- Hyeon (MoMP), Kim Hyeon- Ji (BW116), and Yeo Minjeong (re-dubbed M02 and M03).

Ichigo Momomiya- Tokyo Mew Mew

Tokyo Mew Mew might not have had the same following as some of the other anime and manga series’s on this list, but there is no denying that the magical Mew Mew girls have some of the cutest designs!

 Ichigo is the leader of the Mews, and her D.N.A is fused with that of an Iriomote cat. Because of this, when she transforms into her Mew Mew form, she has cat ears and a long tail (with an adorable red bow and bell attached).

Her red hair turns to pink- as do her brown eyes- after her magical transformation, and she wears a pink and red outfit consisting of a short pink dress, red knee-high boots, a pink choker, red gloves, and pink and red arm and leg garters.

The cute pink and red combinations match her sweet, bubbly, and sometimes overly energetic personality. Her genuinely friendly and loving personality combined with her over-the-top, well-detailed Mew Mew outfit makes Ichigo one of the cutest characters in anime. 

Japanese Voice: Saki Nakajima (Original Anime) and Yuuki Tenma (Tokyo Mew Mew).

English Dub: Amanda Brown.

Madoka Kaname- Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Madoka is the shy and sweet protagonist from the Puella Magi Madoka Magica magical girl anime series.

The series is surprisingly dark, featuring a fair amount of blood, violence, and death. It takes a different approach to the magical girl anime subgenre, and it does it fantastically well.

 Madoka herself manages to be both the cute, anime girl that we love to see in the magical girl trope- with bright pink pigtails and pink eyes, similar to Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew.

That we just mentioned- but she is also a realistic and well-formed character who struggles with the pressures and the fears that are associated with being a magical girl.

Madoka’s cuteness speaks for itself, but it is her depth as a character that makes her particularly memorable.

Japanese Voice: Aoi Yuki

English Dub: Christine Marie Cabanos

Usagi Tsukino/ Sailor Moon- Sailor Moon

You don’t have to be an anime fan- or even have any knowledge of anime- to know the global franchise and the magical girl manga and anime that is Sailor Moon.

It is one of the most popular anime shows of all time, creating a long-lasting legacy since its creation back in the early 1990s. 

The main character of the show is the titular Sailor Moon, otherwise known by her real name of Usagi Tsukino. Usagi means well, but she is something of a clumsy underachiever when she is first introduced.

This is why her heroic role of Sailor Moon is daunting to her when she first takes it on, as she becomes a reluctant hero of sorts.

Her progression from an unsure child to a confident hero makes her one of the most realistic anime girls, especially with her self-doubt and confidence problems.

You can’t talk about Usagi without discussing her iconic look! Usagi’s bright blonde hair, curved bangs, hair buns, and long.

flowing pigtails have become a staple of her character, so much so that a fair amount of people are likely to recognize her even if they don’t know the franchise.

The Sailor Scout outfits are equally iconic, with Usagi’s leader outfit having a blue, red, and yellow color palette. Usagi- and her Sailor Moon alter-ego- is not only one of the most recognizable anime girls, but also one of the cutest and most beautiful. 

Japanese Dub: Kotono Misuishi (episodes 1 to 43 and 51 to 200, Sailor Moon Crystal) and Kae Araki (episodes 44 to 50).

English Dub: Tracey Moore (episodes 1 to 11, 15 and 21. DiC Dub), Terri Hawkes (Movies, plus episodes 12 to 14, 16 to 20 and 22 to 82, DiC and Pioneer Dubs), Linda Ballantyne (CWi Dub) and Stephanie Sheh (ViZ Dub). 

Lucy Heartfilia- Fairy Tail

Lucy is a mage within the Fairy Tail Guild in the Fairy Tail anime, as well as a member of Team Natsu. She is a pretty stereotypical example of the perfect anime girl, with long, bright blonde hair, tied up with ribbons, and a curvy figure.

As a character, Lucy is initially somewhat superficial, bordering on downright vain and narcissistic. However, as the series progresses, the audience learns more about who she is as a person rather than just a walking stereotype of a hot anime girl.

Lucy is kind, caring, and intelligent, with a passion for writing and literature. Although Lucy’s outward appearance makes her a beautiful anime girl, it is what lies beneath this showy exterior that earns her a spot on this list. 

Japanese Voice: Aya Hirano

English Dub: Cherami Leigh. 

Sasha Braus- Attack on Titan

Sasha is a character that brought some light to the horrors of the dystopian fantasy world of the Attack on Titan anime and manga. She was a natural beauty, with brown hair and eyes that she wore back in a ponytail with bangs framing her face.

As she got older, she wore her hair shorter and showed more of her face by having lighter bangs, showing her true beauty as she did so.

Initially coming across as a somewhat simple, eccentric, and accident-prone character, Sasha matured significantly as the show progressed, but she still maintained the unique characteristics that made her so charming in the first place.

Her food obsession was one of her most humorous traits, earning the nickname “Potato Girl” after being caught eating a stolen potato and continuing to eat it nonetheless. 

Sasha is a multi-faceted character, with a wide range of skills- stemming from being raised to hunt animals- that helped her survive during her time as a member of the Scout Regiment.

Her noteworthy skills were her impressively acute hearing, her wild animal knowledge, her general hunting prowess, and an excellent sense of balance.

Sasha is certainly a beautiful anime character, but her charm and light-hearted nature- as well as her abilities as a soldier- make her one of the cutest and strongest anime ladies.

Japanese Voice: Yu Kobayashi.

English Dub: Ashly Burch and Megan Shipman (Final Season).

Emilia- Re-Zero

Emilia is a beautiful and ethereal half-Elf and the main female protagonist of the RE: Zero series, which has a light novel, a web novel, and- of course- an anime series associated with it.

Emilia is often discriminated against for her mixed heritage, though it is arguably what makes her even more beautiful.

Her long, silvery-white hair and bright purple eyes give her a unique look that makes her stand out and emphasizes her striking looks. 

Don’t let her cuteness deceive you! Emilia is also incredibly powerful, with enhanced physical strength, magic, healing, and ice powers at her disposal to name just a few of her abilities.

Emilia’s versatility as a fighter alongside her unique and otherworldly features make her one of the cutest anime girls.

Japanese Voice: Rie Takahashi.

English Dub: Kayli Mills.

Kaede/Lucy- Elfen Lied

This next entry is a character who suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder- with at least three personalities-, hence why we have noted two different names for her.

Although her actual name is Kaede, Lucy is a similar personality. The Kaede/Lucy personality is the most neutral persona of the character, with Lucy being shy and withdrawn due to various factors, such as bullying and neglect. 

Kaede/Lucy is an orphan and is mistreated in the orphanage in which she resides. She faced even more prejudice than her peers due to the unusual horn-like appendages that she has protruding from her head, giving her an otherworldly look.

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She also has a fair complexion and bright magenta hair with matching eyes, making her particularly striking visually. Kaede/Lucy’s severe mental illnesses make her feel like a real character despite her fantastical nature.

Kaede/Lucy is a beautiful and somewhat twisted character- acting as a protagonist, antagonist, anti-villainess and an anti-hero all rolled into one in the Elfen Lied anime series- whose complexities give her added depth and intrigue on top of her stunning beauty.

Japanese Voice: Sanae Kobayashi.

English Dub: Kira Vincent Davis (English) and Carli Mosier (English, OVA).

French Dub: Julie Basecqz.

German Dub: Samia Little Elk.

Spanish Dub: Rosa Guillen (Spanish Buzz Channel) and Barbara Lopez (Spanish Japan Weekend Anime).


Shiro- No Game No Life

Shiro and her brother Sora are the deuteragonists of the anime No Game, No Life, and both of them are shown to be shut-ins (or hikikomori in Japanese).

Who spend their time playing video games as they believe that the real world is nothing more than a sub-par game that they are forced to take part in. 

Shiro is the logical and calculating half of the sibling duo, with a genius-level of intellect. Sora often has to help her when it comes to understanding human behaviors and emotions.

Despite her cold and unemotional nature, she is a super cute anime girl thanks to her long and unkempt white hair- with tinges of yellow, pink, purple, blue, and green- and her huge golden and red eyes.

Shiro is an interesting character due to being so stoic and intelligent at the age of only 11, but she is incredibly cute too (though it’s likely she wouldn’t be happy to be called that!) making her a noteworthy female anime character.

Japanese Dub:Ai Kayano.

English Dub: Caitlynn French.

Michiru Kaio/ Sailor Neptune- Sailor Moon

Though not part of the original Sailor Scout lineup, Sailor Neptune/Michiru is a well-known member of the team and- much like her fellow Scouts, who will all be cropping up on this list at some point- is one of the cutest and most notable women in anime. 

Michiru’s powers are associated with the ocean and her primary colors are sea-green and navy blue, both of which are colors that can be connected to the sea and general nautical themes.

She even has seafoam green wavy hair! Michiru is shown to be a sophisticated character, but she can sometimes be sharp, lose her temper and be cold to those around her.

Much like the ocean, she is elegant, but at times temperamental. She is also incredibly dedicated to her role as a Sailor Scout, considering it her duty to protect and serve.

Sailor Neptune’s chic beauty combined with her dedication to her role makes her a memorable anime character who manages to be cute, beautiful, and strong at the same time. 

Japanese Voice: Masako Katsuki and Sayaka Ohara (Sailor Moon Crystal).

English Dub: Lauren Landa (Viz Dub and Sailor Moon Crystal) and Bárbara Radecki (CWi Dub).

Inori Yuzuriha- Guilty Crown

The pink-haired, red-eyed female protagonist of Guilty Crown- Inori Yuzuriha- is a stunning beauty and a dedicated member of the “Funeral Parlor” resistance group. 

The plot of Guilty Crown focuses on a dystopian, futuristic Japan that has been taken over by a company called GHQ.

The “Funeral Parlor” resistance is dedicated to returning independence to Japan, and Inori plays a key role in the group.

She is a strong fighter, but she is also a talented singer when she takes on the mantle of her Internet famous alter ego, Egoist. 

Inori is incredibly brave, willing to put her life on the line for the cause of her home country.

Her large, red eyes and ombre-styled light and dark pink hair also give her a unique look that is undoubtedly adorable, making her a noteworthy and beautiful anime girl. 

Japanese Voice: Ai Kayano.

English Dub: Alexis Tipton.

German Dub: Nina Amerschlager.

Kagome Higurashi- Inuyasha

The main female protagonist of the highly popular Inuyasha anime and manga, Kagome is a brave, kind-hearted, and incredibly selfless character who always puts the needs of others before herself.

She has a well-known look due to the popularity of the series, with long, black hair, spiky bangs, and large brown eyes (though her eyes are blue in the manga).

She is known for being gentle, honest, open with her emotions, and kind-hearted, but also reckless with her courage, putting herself at risk to help others.

This commendable selflessness and honest kindness- as well as her enviable looks- make her one of the most beautiful and memorable anime girls.

Japanese Voice: Satsuki Yukino

English Dub: Moneca Stori and Kira Tozer.

French Dub: Maelys Ricordeau.

Spanish Dub: Ana Lobo.

Megumin- KonoSuba

One of the members of the Crimson Magic Clan within the Fantasy World of the KonoSuba anime, and a skilled Arch Wizard, Megumin is a super cute character. 

Megumin is a young girl who has large red eyes and mid-length brown hair with bangs that frame her face.

She is something of an eccentric and dramatic girl who can come across as arrogant at times, but it doesn’t take long for her to drop the act when situations get dangerous.

Megumin is very childlike in this way (she is only 13 when the series starts, after all!), often putting on a bravado when she feels confident. She is also a skilled mage and a force to be reckoned with. 

Megumin’s childlike behavior and her adorable design certainly make her one of the cutest anime characters.

Japanese Voice: Takahashi Rie (anime) and Uchida Maaya (Drama CD).

English Dub: Erica Mendez.

Hinami Fueguchi- Tokyo Ghoul

Hinami is an orphaned ghoul from the anime Tokyo Ghoul, which is set in an alternate reality wherein ghouls- humanlike creatures who can only survive by consuming human flesh- secretly live among humans.

Hinami’s appearance is that of a sweet and innocent young girl- with short brown hair, spiky bangs, and doe eyes-, which makes her ghoul form all the more unnerving. 

Personality-wise, Hinami is very much a child who is eager to learn, but who is also shy. Much like her appearance, her abilities as a ghoul are also contradictory to her sweetness.

She is incredibly powerful, even as a young ghoul, with an astounding sense of hearing, smell, and incredible strength that surpassed that of her parents.

She is also dedicated to changing the world and making it a place where humans and ghouls can co-exist.

Hinami’s adorable look and sweet nature make her a cute anime girl, but her dedication to making change as a ghoul who wants to create peace with humans turns her into a strong and noteworthy character.

Japanese Voice: Sumire Morohoshi.

English Dub: Lara Woodhull.

Sawako Kuronuma- Kimi ni Todoke

There’s no denying that socially awkward anime characters can often be adorable, and one of the most adorable of them all is Sawako Kuronuma from the series Kimi ni Todoke.

Sawako has poor communication and social skills (which, let’s be honest, is an incredibly relatable trait!) and she tends to overanalyze, overthink and take the words of others far too seriously.

Because of this, she becomes somewhat ostracized by her high school peers. Despite her struggles, Sawako remains kind, caring, selfless, and positive as well as very innocent and modest. 

Sawako is a particularly beautiful character, with beautiful long, dark hair and brown eyes. Her external beauty is undeniable, but it is her internal beauty and her kind heart that make her such a memorable and adorable anime girl. 

Japanese Voice: Mamiko Noto.

Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter – Sailor Moon

The last Sailor Scout to be recruited into the group, Makoto Kino- known as Sailor Jupiter in her hero form- is the physically strongest member of the group, known as the “muscle”.

Her abilities are associated with plants and electricity, and her color palette is made up of vibrant greens and pale pinks. 

Makoto has dark green eyes as well as long, reddish-brown hair tied back in a ponytail with bangs, flower earrings, and a turquoise hair tie.

She has a tomboyish personality and has a tough attitude after dealing with the death of her parents at a young age.

Makoto is a character who is sure to have resonated with tomboys across the world when the series was at its peak, and she is certainly an iconic- and super cute- anime girl.

Japanese Voice: Emi Shinohara and Ami Koshimizu (Sailor Moon Crystal).

English Dub: Amanda C Miller (Viz Dub).

Susan Roman (DiC and CWi dub).

Retasu Midorikawa- Tokyo Mew Mew

Sweet, shy, and intelligent, Retasu Midorikawa is another member of the Mew Mew team whose DNA is merged with a finless porpoise, making her powers’ ocean themed.

When she transforms into Mew Mew form, her dark green braids turn lime green- and form into one long braid- and her deep blue eyes do too.

She wears a strapless green dress that puffs out at the back in the shape of a porpoise tail, green and white arm and leg garters, and a green choker. She adopts long white antennas too, emphasizing her sea creature design.

Retasu is another somewhat socially awkward character, but she grows more confident as the series goes as she adapts to her powers and forms friendships with the other girls.

Not only is she a cute anime girl, but Retasu is also a great example for those who might struggle to overcome shyness.

Japanese Voice: Kumi Sauma (original anime) and Ryoko Juni (upcoming anime).

English Dub: Bella Hudson.

Sakura Kinomoto- Card Captors

The heroine of the Cardcaptor anime and manga series, 10-year-old Sakura is a tomboy with an energetic nature and an adorable style.

She has short, light brown/orange hair, spiky bangs, and big, bright green eyes. She is generally a sweet character, but she does have a fiery temper. She also has some ditzy and naive tendencies, though her perception grows as the series continued. 

Sakura accidentally sets free the Clow Cards- mystical cards that can only be controlled by their owner- from an old book in her basement.

She is then tasked with retrieving the cards, kicking off the events of the series. As well as being one of the more iconic girls in anime, Sakura is also an adorable character whose sweetness and innocence far outweigh her short temper and her cluelessness. 

Japanese Voice: Sakura Tange.

English Dub: Carly McKillip (Cardcaptors), Kari Wahlgren (Second Movie), Andrea Kwan (Animax), and Monica Rial (Clear Card).

Sora Takenouchi- Digimon

Sora is a character who- as with the rest of the main Digimon characters- we see grow up throughout both the manga and the anime series.

She is very much an athletic tomboy, with unique red eyes, short light brown/ reddish hair. Sora is also very kind and protective of those she cares about, acting as the mother figure and a mediator to her friends in the Digi-Destined organization.

Her kindness and tomboyish nature are reflected through her outward appearance too, making her a particularly noteworthy and beautiful female character in anime. 

Japanese Voice: The late Yuko Mizutani (Digimon Adventure/02), Suzuko Mimori (Digimon Adventure Tri and Digimon Adventure Tri Movie), and Ryoko Shiraishi (2020 Reboot).

English Dub: Colleen O’Shaughnessy.

Haruka Tenoh/Sailor Uranus- Sailor Moon

An androgynous character in both the Sailor Moon manga and anime, often wearing unisex or men’s clothing, Haruka/Sailor Uranus is one of the more aggressive Sailor Scouts, but she is also greatly protective of those she cares about.

She can be very daring- as shown by her profession of being a race car driver when she is only sixteen- and this comes through with her powers.

Her powers relate to the air and the sky- such as being able to manipulate air- which is inspired by Greek mythology wherein Uranus is the god of the sky.

Appearance-wise, she has short blonde hair and dark blue eyes, which match the navy blue and yellow color palette of her Sailor Scout outfit. Beautiful and unashamedly herself, Haruka is a uniquely adorable anime lady.

Japanese Voice: Megumi Ogata and Junko Minagawa (Sailor Moon Crystal).

English Dub: Sarah Lafleur (CWi dub) and Erica Mendez (Viz dub and Sailor Moon Crystal).

Eri- My Hero Academia

Eri is an adorable child with a dark past, who- because of her circumstances- did not receive much affection, leading to her becoming somewhat isolated and afraid.

Her life would go on to change, but her struggles make her a survivor and a highly admirable anime girl. She is also super cute, thanks to her unusually unique red eyes and her long silvery-white hair. 

Japanese Voice: Seiran Kobayashi.

English Dub: Emily Neves.

Bu-Ling Huang- Tokyo Mew Mew

Bu-Ling is arguably the cutest Mew Mew as she is the most petite, the shortest, and the most childlike of the group.

Her DNA is merged with a golden lion tamarin monkey, and her personality is very much a reflection of this, as she is incredibly playful, energetic, and enjoys doing acrobatics. 

In her Mew Mew form, she wears a short yellow jumpsuit with orange trims, a yellow and orange choker, yellow arm and leg garters with orange trims, yellow legwarmers, and flat orange shoes.

She also gains bright yellow hair, orange eyes, furry light brown/orange ears, and a fuzzy long tail. Bu-Ling is an adorable Mew Mew whose cuteness makes her stand out from the crowd.

Japanese Voice: Hisayo Mochizuki (Original Anime) and Toda Rian (2022 Reboot).

English Dub: Kether Donohue.

Mikasa Ackerman- Attack on Titan

One of the most well-known contemporary anime and manga characters, Mikasa is a protagonist from the Attack on Titan series.

Mikasa had to witness her parent’s death at the hands of bandits as a child, turning her from an outgoing and happy child and making her more withdrawn emotionally.

She was taken in by the family of her fellow protagonist Eren Yeager. When she becomes a member of the Scout Regiment, she becomes one of the best performing soldiers in her class thanks to her superior skills.

Mikasa had long, dark hair when she was younger, but when she started her training she cut it short after Eren advised her to do so to avoid it getting caught up when fighting.

She has pale skin, gray eyes and her hair has been getting progressively shorter, currently being chin length. Mikasa is not only beautiful, but she is also stoic, loyal, brave, and brooding, which gives her an attractively enigmatic nature. 

Japanese Voice: Yui Ishikawa.

English Dub: Trina Nishimura.

Hinata Hyuga- Naruto

The former heiress of the Hyuga clan, Hinata is a polite and proper character whose kindness and dislike of confrontation led to her father believing her to be weak.

Ultimately causing her to doubt herself and become shy. Her father would eventually disinherit her as the Hyuga Clan heiress, considering her too weak to be a ninja and unsuitable to take up the mantle of leader. 

Despite this difficult situation, Hinata has always stayed true to herself, becoming proud of who she is.

She also has a unique beauty thanks to her featureless white eyes, made light lavender in the anime, which contrasts with her dark blue hair with blunt bangs to emphasize the lightness of her eyes. 

Japanese Voice: Nana Mizuki.

English Dub: Stephanie Sheh.

Rei Hino/ Sailor Mars- Sailor Moon

Another Sailor Scout from the original lineup, Rei/Sailor Mars is a dark-haired beauty with dark blue/violet eyes that match her purple and red Sailor outfit color palette perfectly.

She has the biggest personality change from the Sailor Moon manga to the anime adaptation, seeming aloof and cold at times in the manga, but becoming feisty, practical, disciplined, and hot-headed in the anime.

This fiery attitude has led her to butt heads with Usagi at times, even trying to take over her role as leader of the Sailor Scouts. 

As Sailor Mars, Rei is the only one on the team who can use some of her powers in her civilian form. Her powers are related to fire, but she has some elements of premonition too.

Much like the other Sailor Scouts, she is certainly one of the most beautiful and iconic anime ladies.

Japanese Voice: Michie Tomizawa and Rina Sato (Sailor Moon Crystal).

English Dub: Cristina Vee (Viz Dub), Katie Griffin (DiC- excluding the last 17 episodes- and CWi Dubs), and Emilia-Claire Barlow (last 17 episodes of DiC).

Himiko Toga- My Hero Academia

Himiko may be a major antagonist in the My Hero Academia anime and manga series, but that doesn’t make her any less cute!

Himiko’s petite form, pretty face, her messy buns tied up into her blonde hair and her blunt bangs give her a classical anime look that doesn’t immediately give off villainous vibes.

However, her unusual golden eyes- with thin, slit-like pupils- along with her pointed upper and lower canine teeth are more feline and suggestive of her lunacy. 

After being spurned by her parents due to her morbid obsession with blood, Himiko allows her psychotic side to run rampant in the form of gleeful jubilance, making her one of the more unnerving- yet still beautiful- anime girls on this list!

Japanese Voice: Misato Fukuen.

English Dub: Leah Clark.

Kiki- Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki’s Delivery Service is a movie by the infamous Japanese animation studio Studio Ghibli, and the titular protagonist Kiki is an adorable and memorable anime girl for many reasons.

She is certainly a brave and determined character, leaving home at the age of 13 for one year to train to become a witch and actively setting up a witch delivery service.

Despite her stubborn tendencies and her occasional prideful attitude- which makes it hard for her to find friends when she leaves home.

Kiki is eventually able to befriend her customers and the rest of the town of Koriko. She also has a super cute look thanks to the large red bow that she wears in her hair.

Japanese Voice: Minami Takayama.

English Dub: Lisa Michelson (Streamline) and Kirsten Dunst (Disney).

Kisa Sohma- Fruits Basket

Kisa is a somewhat withdrawn character when she is first introduced in the Fruits Basket series due to being bullied relentlessly by her classmates.

The teasing stemmed from Kisa’s unnatural golden hair, a side effect from a curse that possesses her with the spirit of the tiger and makes her transform into one when she is stressed or hugged by someone of the opposite sex.

This unique look is what makes her unique and notably beautiful.

She eventually starts to open up to show just how good of a person she is when she befriends the other characters from the series. Her kindness and caring nature become all the more apparent when she can show her true self.

Japanese Voice: Kaori Nazuka (2001) and Reina Ueda (2019).

English Dub: Kate Bristol.

Mimi Tachikawa- Digimon

Mimi is an outgoing and bubbly character from the Digimon series who- much like Sora, who we included earlier- grew up throughout the franchise.

Mimi has very light brown hair that is almost orange due to its pale nature, but she dyes it in various colors as she gets older, including pink. She has lived a privileged life, initially appearing to be somewhat self-centered and spoiled.

However, there is much more to her than meets the eye. Underneath the shallow surface, Mimi is a sweet and caring girl who- though at times little ditzy- shines bright with personality.

Japanese Voice: Ai Maeda, Hitomi Yoshida (tri.), and Marina Tanoue (August 1 Adventure).

English Dub: Philece Sampler (Adventure/02/tri.) and Kate Higgins (Kizuna).

Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn- Sailor Moon

One of the four Outer Sailor Scouts named for the outer systems that they are from- alongside Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Pluto- Hotaru Tomoe/ Sailor Saturn had a tragic childhood when her mother was killed in a fire that left Hotaru near death.

In an attempt to save her life, her father replaced parts of her limbs with cybernetic prosthetics. Because of this unusual situation, Hotaru is a kind-hearted loner. but incredibly shy and quiet. 

When she transforms into Sailor Saturn, her color palette is made up of shades of purple and mauve, much like her black hair with purple tinges and her purple eyes.

She is one of the most feared of all the Sailor Scouts due to having powers being based around the idea of destruction, death, ruin, and silence as well as nothingness and rebirth.

She could destroy entire planets if she chose to. She also wields the power of healing and force fields, which gives her the capacity to protect as well as destroy.

Hotaru’s beauty is potent, but it is the incredible power that she wields and her unusual background that makes her so intriguing.

Japanese Voice: Yuko Minaguchi and Yukiyo Fujii (Sailor Moon Crystal).

English Dub: Christine Marie Cabanos (Viz Dub) and Jen Gould (CWi Dub).

Hana- Wolf Children

When it comes to mothers in anime, there isn’t much better than Hana from the film and the manga known as Wolf Children. Hana is left to raise her two children alone when her husband tragically dies in an accident.

Her husband and kids are half-wolf and can transform into wolves at their will. With her husband gone, she leaves their home in the city and moves to the countryside to keep them away from prying eyes.

She raises them selflessly, trying to impart knowledge that will help them learn to adapt to the world as humans, but also as wolves. Despite all of her hardships, she remains positive, optimistic, and always willing to do what is best for her children.

Hana is a natural beauty, with brown eyes, short brown hair, and a pale complexion. Her dedication to being a mother and her external and internal beauty make her one of the loveliest anime ladies. 

Japanese Voice: Aoi Miyazaki.

English Dub: Colleen Clinkenbeard.

Haruhi Fujioka- Ouran High School Host Club

Haruhi is another androgynous female anime character who is cute no matter which gender she is channeling! Haruhi has very short brown hair- cut that way after getting gum stuck in it- and huge brown eyes that give her that traditional cute anime look.

She works at the Ouran Host Club and poses as a male host to pay off a debt, and she is very intelligent, having achieved a special scholarship to the expensive Ouran Academy.

Haruhi is a great example of a gender-fluid character who can be considered beautiful and cute as both a girl and a boy.

Japanese Voice: Maaya Sakamoto (Anime and Later Drama CDs) and Aya Hisakawa (Early Drama CDs).

English Dub: Caitlin Glass.

Minto Aizawa- Tokyo Mew Mew

Similar to Mimi from Digimon, Minto is a character who initially seems like a spoiled rich kid.

She isn’t the friendliest towards her fellow Mews at first (except for her idol Zakuro), acting with some contempt towards them- mostly Ichigo- and acting selfishly.

She soon lowers her emotional barriers and becomes a team player as well as a friend to the Mew Mews.

When in Mew Mew form, Minto’s black hair- tied up in two buns- and brown eyes turn blue (though her eyes are always blue in the manga).

And she wears a short aquamarine dress with matching arm and leg garters and a choker- with blue trims- as well as gloves and mini boots.

Minto is a ballet dancer and the animal that her DNA is merged with is a bird- a blue lorikeet- to match the elegant and graceful nature that she has developed from dancing.

She also gains blue wings and a tail in the same style as a lorikeet when transformed.

Japanese Voice: Yumi Kakazu (Original Anime) and Mirai Hinata (2022 Reboot).

English Dub: Andi Whaley.

Nurse Joy- Pokemon

Nurse Joy isn’t technically one specific character in Pokémon.

Instead, Nurse Joy is the name of the multiple nurses that work within the Pokémon Centers- healing hospitals for Pokemon- throughout the different regions throughout the Pokémon anime and games.

The Nurse Joys are kind and caring characters thanks to their profession involving them taking care of injured Pokémon and nursing them back to health.

They all have the same pink hairstyle and large blue eyes that give the Joy family a unique yet recognizable and adorable look.

Present Japanese Voice: Kei Shindo.

Present English Dub: Megan Hollingshead.

Homura Akemi- Puella Magi Madoka Magica

The deuteragonist of this anime alongside the previously mentioned Madoka, Homura is something of a contrast to Madoka in that she is distant and cold, to the point of being mysterious.

She shows Madoka the truth of what it is to be a magical girl, including the dangers that it presents. Because of this, she does everything she can to dissuade Madoka from becoming a magical girl.

Her mysterious nature comes across in her external features too, as she has very pale skin, jet black hair, and purple eyes that make her incredibly striking.

Japanese Voice: Chiwa Saito.

English Dub: Cristina Valenzuela.

Chibiusa Tsukino/ Sailor Chibi Moon- Sailor Moon

Chibiusa is the Crown Princess of the Moon Kingdom in the 30th century and the adorable daughter of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion, the future forms of Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba.

She is the smallest of the Sailor Guardians with bright pink hair (tied up in odango buns with curved bangs like her mother), magenta eyes, and a pink and red color scheme when she transforms into her Sailor Chibi Moon form.

 Despite her youthful looks, she is 900 years old. Her age doesn’t make her any less adorable, though, with her mother’s beautiful looks combining with her small stature to create a super cute anime girl.

Japanese Voice: Misato Fukuen.

English Dub: Sandy Fox.

Louise Del La Valliere- The Familiar of Zero

Named after a real-life French aristocrat, Louise Francoise Le Blanc de la Vallière- the protagonist of The Familiar Zero- became the heir presumptive to the throne of the Tristain Kingdom and the Crown Princess after being adopted into the royal family.

She is a void mage at the Tristain Academy of Magic, where her nickname is Louise The Zero due to her constant failures when she attempts to cast magic.

Louise is initially an aristocrat who considers herself superior, treating the human familiar that she summons- Saito- with content and disgust as she thinks she is better than him.

She comes to care for him deeply though and, in doing so, reveals herself to be a loving and generous person beneath the shallow and snobby noble exterior.

You cannot help but feel sympathy for her regarding her failure at magic, as it ostracizes her from both her friends and family, who look down on her with disapproval due to her lack of skill despite her constant trying. 

Louise’s long, curly pink locks, spiky bangs, and bright pink eyes give her a classically beautiful anime look, but her complex personality and sympathy-inducing situation allow her to become a deeper character who is far more than just her beauty.

Japanese Voice: Kugimiya Rie.

English Dub: Cristina Valenzuela.

Korean Dub: Mun Seon-Hee.

Minako Aino/Sailor Venus- Sailor Moon

Minako/ Sailor Venus is probably the silliest and most bubbly of the Sailor Scouts despite having the most experience in her duties, due to taking the role of Sailor V when she was living in London (where she also learned to speak some English).

She is obsessed with idol culture and desperately wants to become famous herself, attending auditions to sing, act and dance whenever possible. She is also similar to Usagi in that whilst she is caring and kind, she is also a bit clueless and clumsy at times.

When in Sailor Venus form, Minako has an orange and blue outfit, retaining the large red bow in her long blonde hair that she wears in her civilian attire. Her powers are focused around the manipulation of light and energy, perfectly matching her bright personality. 

Japanese Voice: Rika Fukami and Shizuka Ito (Sailor Moon Crystal) 

English Dub: Cherami Leigh (Viz Media Dub).

Stephanie Morgenstern (DiC Dub)

Emilie-Claire Barlow (CWi Dub).

Chihiro Ogino- Spirited Away

Chihiro is the protagonist of the cultural phenomenon anime film that is Spirited Away- from Studio Ghibli- and the central theme of the movie revolves around her growth and development.

When she is whisked away to an unknown world- known as the Spirit World- she has to become mature to survive. She is only ten years old, so it is easy to see how she would be scared and panicked in an unfamiliar environment.

Chihiro manages to learn from her mistakes in the Spirit World and adapt so that she is ultimately able to save her parents- turned into pigs by a spell- and the friends she makes along the way. 

Spirited Away is an acclaimed film for good reason, and young Chihiro’s growth is something that makes the film special whilst also making her one of the most admirable (and cutest thanks to her pudgy face and rosy cheeks) anime girls.

Japanese Voice: Rumi Hiiragi.

English Dub (Disney): Daveigh Chase.

Zakuro Fujiwara- Tokyo Mew Mew

Zakuro is the oldest and most mature of the Mew Mews, with a somewhat “darker” personality. Her DNA is fused with a gray wolf, which is fitting as she has a lone wolf mentality and initially declines the offer to join the team from the other girls.

She gradually warms up to the team when she does join, though she still maintains a mysterious air to her. 

When she is in her Mew form, she gains wolf ears and a tail, her dark purple hair turns bright purple and her blue eyes also change to purple.

She dons a purple crop top and shorts, as well as purple thigh-high boots. Her costume also includes purple arm and leg garters and a purple choker, all with pink trims. 

Zakuro is a famous supermodel who is idolized by Minto, so it goes without saying that she is certainly a beautiful anime girl!

Japanese: Junko Noda (Original Anime) and Momoka Ishii (2022 Reboot).

English Dub: Mollie Weaver.

Setsuna Meiou/ Sailor Pluto- Sailor Moon

Setsuna is a little different from the other Sailor Scouts in that she was the only one not to have a civilian identity before taking her mantle as Sailor Pluto. Instead, she adopts an identity that she invents herself. 

Sailor Pluto was often incredibly lonely due to being posted to guard the Space-Time door, but she was eventually able to leave due to Neo-Queen Serenity letting her help the other Sailor Scouts.

She would eventually be reincarnated in the present time and take on the identity of Setsuna.

Setsuna has incredibly long dark green hair and her Sailor outfit is black and red. As is to be suggested by her guarding the Space-Time door, her powers are associated with time and space as well as darkness and the underworld.

Her elegant look makes her one of the most regal-looking anime women, with an ethereal kind of beauty. 

Japanese Voice: Chiyoko Kawashima and Ai Maeda (Sailor Moon Crystal).

English Dub: Sabrina Grdevich (DiC), Susan Aceron (CWI), and Veronica Taylor (Viz Media).

Hikari (Kari) Yagame- Digimon

Kari (as she is known in the English version of Digimon) is the baby sister of the protagonist of the Digimon anime Tai and when the audience is first introduced to her, she is 8 years old.

This makes her one of the youngest entrants on this list, even though she does age as the series goes on.

It is hard not to see her as adorable as she is so young, with the stereotypical chubby cheeks and big eyes that are synonymous with kids in cartoons and in real life! 

Kari’s color palette is made up of pale shades of yellows and pinks, emphasizing her sweet and girly nature.

Kari’s cheerful innocence- very much taking on the role of the baby sister that you immediately want to protect- makes Kari one of the cutest anime characters.

Japanese Voice: Kae Araki and Mao Ichimichi (tri./Kizuna).

English Dub: Lara Jill Miller (Adventure/02) and Tara Sands (tri./Kizuna).

Tsuyu Asui- My Hero Academia

It is hard to make a character who is frog-like be so adorable, but the My Hero Academia anime and manga manages to do this perfectly with the character of Tsuyu Asui. 

Tsuyu has both frog-like abilities and a bit of a froggy appearance too, with large, oval-shaped eyes, big black irises, pronounced lower eyelashes, a wide mouth that dips in the middle, and significantly large hands.

She also has long, dark green hair and has frog-based powers, such as an extendable tongue that can carry body weight, mucous secretion, and enhanced hopping and swimming abilities. 

Despite her unusual nature- and being far from what is considered the stereotypically beautiful anime girl-, Tsuyu still manages to be one of the most noteworthy beauties in anime thanks to her unique quirks.

Japanese Voice: Aoi Yuki.

English Dub: Monica Rial.

Ami Mizuno/ Sailor Mercury- Sailor Moon

The final Sailor Scout on this list, Ami/Sailor Mercury is known for her exceptionally high intelligence, with a rumored IQ of 300 and skills in a wide range of subjects, including speaking English.

Her intelligence isolated her from her peers, leading many of them to either be fascinated with her or dislike her.

Her shyness also made her classmates think she is a snob, making it particularly difficult to make friends. She finds her place with her fellow Sailor Scouts thanks to Usagi, who realizes that she is just shy rather than standoffish. 

Ami is incredibly kind, gentle, and thoughtful, taking her role as a Sailor Scout seriously. When in her Sailor Mercury form, Ami can create and manipulate ice and water. Her outfit reflects this, as it is made up of different shades of blue.

Japanese Voice: Aya Hisakawa and Hisako Kanemoto (Sailor Moon Crystal).

English Dub: Karen Bernstein (DiC), Liza Balkan (CWi), and Kate Higgins (Viz).

Akeno Himejima- High School DxD

Cute Anime Girls

The beautiful and curvaceous Akeno Himejima has long and flowing dark hair with pale skin and purple eyes, giving her a particularly striking appearance.

Akeno is the epitome of elegance and loyalty, considered by many in the High School DxD to be the example of the perfect woman.

However, she has a dark side to her during fights, where she seems to take on an unrestrained and sadistic personality.

This interesting and mysterious side of her, combined with her kind nature, makes Akeno a particularly noteworthy anime lady.

Japanese Voice: Shizuka Ito.

English Dub: Teri Rogers.

Yui Hirasawa- K-ON!

The protagonist of the K-ON! anime and manga, Yui Hirasawa is the lead guitarist and main vocalist of the band Ho-kago TeaTime.

She is known for being incredibly quirky and bubbly and even a little air-headed at times, with huge brown eyes, rosy cheeks, and short brown hair tied back with yellow hair clips.

Yui’s fun-loving nature and her love of music contribute to her being a super cute anime girl, as does her fearless bravery which keeps her from suffering stage fright.

Japanese Voice: Aki Toyosaki.

English Voice: Stephanie Sheh.

Hatsune Miku- Vocaloid 

We’ve finally made it to the end of the list, and it had to be one of the most iconic anime characters to finish it.

Hatsune Miku started her life as a Vocaloid software voicebank who was given a personality and a physical appearance so that she could be marketed as a virtual idol.

Her look quickly became iconic, thanks to her long, turquoise twin pigtails and her futuristic schoolgirl design. 

Miku has since starred in her own manga series and video games, has teamed up with various brands, has featured on music with real-life musical artists, and even made her debut on late-night American television.

Hatsune Miku is not only a beautiful anime girl, she is also an icon and a cultural phenomenon!

Final Thoughts on Cute Anime Girls

So there you have 50 of some of the most beautiful, adorable, and admirable female anime characters. There are a lot of elements that go into creating a character that is more than just their external appearance.

And the 50 ladies we have discussed here have gone above and beyond the stereotypes surrounding anime to become classic characters in their own right. 

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