Top 50 Best Anime Dogs (Most Popular Of All Time)

We all know that dogs are considered to be man’s (or woman’s!) best friend in real life, but this is also very much the case across various media forms too.

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From video games to movies, books to television and beyond, dogs are a prominent part of every aspect of both our fictional lives and our real ones, and for good reason.

Dogs are known for their loyalty, hence why they are given that “best friend” title so often and why they make an appearance in so many different kinds of media.

No matter who you are or where you are from, or even if you are more of a cat person, dogs are known as a symbol of friendship and unwavering loyalty.

Because of this reputation, dogs are also prominently featured in a wide range of anime shows, movies, and games.

There are tons of good girls and boys spread out across the vast ocean of anime and manga as a whole, so we are going to be looking at 50 particularly noteworthy pups that are guaranteed to steal your hearts (if they haven’t already!).

Let’s get started.

1. Ein- Cowboy Bebop

Source: Fandom

Ein might look like your average corgi on the outside, but on the inside, he is a hyper-intelligent pup that is able to help out the crew of the Bebop ship with all sorts of situations.

Because of this, and because of his general cuteness- Ein becomes a part of the main cast of characters.

Ein is a “data dog”, meaning that he obtained his intelligence from being experimented on in a research facility.

The series doesn’t make it clear exactly what was done to him, but the research conducted on him enhanced his intelligence so much so that he can do things such as answer the phone, hack a computer database with his mind, steer a car using the steering wheel and even play Shogi.

Even though he is incredibly intelligent and does have communication methods, he can’t physically talk. Not yet anyway.

Ein made his live-action debut with the Netflix Cowboy Bebop series, and- as was to be expected- he is just as cute in real life as he is in the anime.

Voice Actor: Koichi Yamadera (All Versions).
Netflix Series: Charlie the Corgi and Harry the Corgi.

2. Akamaru- Naruto

The partner to the character Kiba Inuzuka in Naruto, Akamaru is a significant character who is a member of Team Kurenai.

Although he isn’t given a specific breed, he greatly resembles a Great Pyrenees- thanks to his stocky, large build and his white fluffy fur- when he gets older.

He began the series as a puppy, and he has white fur with a brown nose, brown ears, and a brown mouth. He also has some spikes on the top of his head to make his fur look like spiky hair to resemble his master.

As well as being a super cute canine companion to Kiba, Akamaru is also helpful to have around in a fight, as he has specific abilities that he can use during battle.

One of his main attacks is the Beast Human Clone technique, wherein he takes the form of his master Kiba.

When in his man-beast form, he becomes a much more feral version of Kiba and is able to perform a collaborative attack with him called the Passing Fang, which is a lot more difficult to dodge when the two team up and use it together.

When Akamaru and Kiba collaborate in this form, they can also fuse together and become a giant, two-headed wolf that can perform devastating attacks.

Akamaru also has the general skills that a dog has that can be of use in battle, such as advanced hearing and smell. His bond with Kiba also makes it possible for the two to communicate better, making Akamura act as an ally as well as a treasured pet.

Japanese Voice: Junko Takeuchi and Kosuke Toriumi (Man-Beast Form).
English Dub: Jamie Simone and Kyle Hebert (Man-Beast Form).

3. Black Hayate- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Black Hayate is the pet of Riza Hawkeye from Full Metal Alchemist, and he is found on the street as a puppy.

He is a black and white Shiba Inu mixed breed and- much like the other military personnel in the series- he is named after a military vehicle. Black Hayate is named after the Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate in particular.

Black Hayate is incredibly loyal and obedient towards his mistress Riza, even if she did potty-train him by gunfire!

Riza’s tough love strengthened the bond between the two, and Black Hayate would go on to be a loving pet and a useful ally in battle thanks to his keen sense of smell and his excellent hearing skills.

Black Hayate is also a strong dog who is able to hold his own in a fight whilst also being a very good boy.

Voice Actor: Benjamin Diskin.

4. Kuromaru- Naruto

Source: Fandom

Another dog that comes from the anime and manga that is series Naruto, Kuromaru is a dog that is more wolf-like in appearance. He is connected to Kiba and Akamura in that he is the dog of Kiba’s mother, Tsume Inuzuka.

Kuromaru is a battle hardened dog who bears the scars of his fights, such as a missing left ear and a missing right eye that he wears an eye-patch on.

Much like Akumura and Kiba, Kuromaru and Tsume are companions as well as fighting partners, able to perform techniques such as the Fang Passing Fang when working collaboratively with Tsume during battles.

Kuromaru is a Ninken, translating literally to “ninja dogs.”

The ninken appear in the Naruto series as dogs with heightened abilities- including being able to talk- and enhanced senses that make them fearsome foes in battle and loyal companions to their masters.

The ninken work alongside the shinobi, including the Inuzuka clan that Kuromaru and Tsume are a part of.

Kuromaru is a strong and battle scarred pup, as well as a good friend and ally to Tsume and the Inuzuka clan. He talks too, so there is also that.

Japanese Voice: Yukihiro Misono.
English Dub: Steve Blum and John DeMita (Part II).

5. Koromaru- Persona 3

Not to be confused with the similarly named Kuromaru- who we talked about above- Koromaru is a loveable Shiba Inu from the Persona 3 video game. Koromaru is based on the famous- and tear-jerking- story of the real life dog Hachiko.

Hachiko is known worldwide for his loyalty, as he waited for his owner- Hideasburo Ueno- at Shibuya Station in Japan for more than nine years after Ueno’s death.

Hachiko would meet Ueno at the station after work every day, hence why he continued to so even after Ueno passed away. We told you it was tear-jerking.

In the same way, Koromaru is also incredibly loyal to his deceased master- a priest who was hit by a car-, choosing to stay at his shrine after his death and protecting it vehemently.

Koromaru gets a happy ending with a new owner though, as he is later adopted by the protagonist of Persona 3, Ken Amada.

Koromaru is incredibly intelligent, but is at first thought to be just a regular, smart dog. This isn’t the case, though, as it turns out that he is a Persona user and is a playable character in Persona 3.

His white fur and red eyes make him stand out, whilst his accessories- such as a red arm band, and a shirt with cute wings attached- emphasize the fact that Koromaru is far more than just a normal pup.

Koromaru is an adorable canine companion whose loyalty is second to none and who exhibits a fair amount of human characteristics, making him a uniquely loveable pooch.

6. Gabriel- Ghost in the Shell

Gabriel is a Basset Hound who appears in the well known anime Ghost in the Shell, featuring primarily in the sequel to the first animated movie, Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence She even appears prominently on the poster!

The pet of the character Batou, Gabriel is based on the real life dog that is owned by Japanese filmmaker, writer and television director Mamoru Oshii, who has directed various episodes of the Ghost in the Shell anime series.

Gabriel is a sweet and loving dog who is very close to Batou. She is also a large part of the 2004 novel Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence- After the Long Goodbye by Masaki Yamada, the plot of which revolves around Batou searching for her.

Again, she makes a prominent appearance on the main cover of the novel, highlighting her importance to the plot and the special connection she has with Batou.

Gabriel has those classic, sad and droopy eyes that Basset Hounds are known for, giving her an even more adorable and realistic look.

7. Makkachin- Yuri!!! On Ice

The pet poodle and the constant companion of Victor Nikiforov- the deuteragonist of Yuri!!! on Ice-, Makkachin is a lively and well-trained pup who has been with his master since Victor was a child.

Makkachin is incredibly loyal to Victor and is seen by his side most of the time.

He is pretty big- big enough to knock some of the characters over when he runs into them- and is a silvery beige color with curly fur, black paw pads and a black nose.

Makkachin is a super cute pup who is another great example of a loyal companion and one of the best dogs in anime.

Japanese Voice: Junichi Suwabe

8. Potato- Air

A stray dog from the visual novel and anime Air, Potato is a small and adorable fluffy pup with a name that is almost as cute as he is.

Potato kind of looks like a plush, with his black button eyes and nose, fluffy body and small stature.

Personality wise, Potato is a mischievous dog who started following around the heroine of the series- Kano- and would often annoy Yukito, the main protagonist.

Despite his cheekiness, Potato is very loyal to Kano and has been able to help find her during her episodes of wandering around in a daze at nighttime.

Potato has definitely got one of the cutest designs in terms of anime dogs.

Japanese Voice: Hiromi Konno.
English Dub: Tiffany Grant.
Korean Dub: Do Yeong Song.

9. All The Dogs- Fortune Dogs

This is a bit of a cheat entry, but we couldn’t just pick one of the dogs from the Fortune Dogs manga and anime series! The main dog of the series is a French Bulldog called Alex, who gets adopted by a young girl from Ai.

When he is separated from her, he goes on a journey to find his way back to her and encounters several other dogs in the process, such as Coco the American Cocker Spaniel, Max the Boxer, and Dac the Dachshund.

When there are this many loveable pups in one place, how can you possibly choose just the one?!

10. Kazuhito Harumi- Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyō/ Dog & Scissors

Source: Fandom

The next pup on the list is a little different from some of the other entries, as he was once a human.

Kazuhito was an ordinary teenager in his third year of middle school who loved to read, but he was killed in an armed robbery at the café where he was reading whilst trying to protect a young woman.

Kazuhito is reincarnated as an adorable and tiny dachshund who gets adopted by an insane, scissor wielding woman (hence the English title of Dog & Scissors) named Kirihime Natsuno.

As a dog, Kazuhito retains his passion for reading, as is seen when he reads all the signs and logos in the pet store before he gets adopted.

He starts to howl with sadness when he has finished, due to his desire to read an actual book. Kazuhito and Kirihime have a tumultuous relationship at first due to the scary, sadistic side of Kirihime that she displays.

This behavior frightens Kazuhito, but the boy-turned-pup is able to see that on the inside, she is a caring and kind girl.

Kazuhito has a very cute look in his puppy form, with long, fluffy ears, stubby legs, big button eyes, and a small piece of hair that sticks up to give him an extra dash of adorableness.

Though the circumstances of him becoming a dog are tragic, Kazuhito is certainly one of the sweetest canine companions in anime.

Japanese Voice: Takahiro Sakurai.
English Dub: Blake Shepard.

11. Rockruff And Lycanroc- Pokémon

This might be slightly cheating, but we are going to be including some dog-like Pokémon in this list. We are also going to be including their evolutionary forms as one entry.

Hey, we are the ones making this list, so we can bend the rules a little! The first pupper Pokémon that we are looking at is the adorable Rockruff and its evolved form Lycanroc.

Both Rockruff and Lycanroc appear in the Pokémon anime series as one of the main protagonists, Ash, owns a Rockruff that later evolves into Lycanroc.

Rockruff is a rock-type Pokémon with a super cute canine design, including large blue eyes, light brown fur, a dark brown muzzle, dark brown paws, ear tops and dark brown pebbles in his grayish white neck ruff.

He also has a white fluffy tail that curls over. Its design is very much like that of a Japanese Spitz dog breed, but it also has similarities with a Japanese wolf that often have associations with mountains and rocks.

Rockruff has abilities that are typically associated with dogs, such as a keen sense of smell.

It is known as a very friendly Pokémon, having a good bond with humans and being very sociable, much like various different dog breeds.

Rockruff has three different forms of Lycanroc that it can evolve into depending on the time of day: Midday Form, Dusk Form and Midnight Form.

In the anime, Ash’s Rockruff evolves into a Dusk Lycanroc, but both a Midday and Midnight Lycanroc also show up in the series.

Lycanroc is more wolf like in appearance and nature in comparison to Rockruff, even looking like a humanoid werewolf of sorts in its Midnight Form. As well as sharing similar traits to a Japanese wolf- like Rockruff- Lycanroc also has similarities to Hokkaido wolves.

All three forms of Lycanroc have a loyal nature and calm demeanor, but the Dusk Form is more temperamental and therefore more difficult to train.

Both Rockruff and Lycanroc are excellent companion Pokémon as well as powerful Rock types in their own right, making for great pets and super cute anime dogs in general.

12. Wanta- Elfen Lied

Wanta is a sweet puppy from the Elfen Lied anime who becomes the companion of the character Mayu, a homeless runaway who escaped from a life of abuse.

Wanta is a tiny, white dog, who is likely less than a year old if his size is any indicator of his age. He first meets Mayu when she is running away from her abusive parents.

Wanta successfully stops Mayu from possibly killing herself by purposefully walking into the ocean when she can’t swim.

Wanta’s affectionate and loving nature towards her stops Mayu from possibly harming herself, making Wanta a puppy that is not only adorable, but also a saving grace.

Wanta and Mayu form a strong friendship, staying together even when Mayu can’t feed herself or Wanta, only being able to feed Wanta breadcrumbs most days.

At one point, Wanta is taken away from Mayu by a woman who claims that he is her dog.

Despite the woman keeping Wanta away from Mayu due to Mayu’s unkempt state- caused by living on the streets-, Wanta escapes and returns to Mayu.

Wanta is a great example of a therapeutic dog whose companionship literally saves the life of a character, making him a memorable anime dog.

13. Den: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Much like the aforementioned Black Hayate, Den is another dog from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood who is an adorable and loyal companion.

Den is the family dog of the Rockbells’s- Pinako and Winry- and she is known for being a fierce bodyguard to both the family members.

Den is also a loving and compassionate pup who does everything she can to comfort her owners when they are in need of a hug!

Den lost her leg at some point prior to the series, wearing an automail limb in its place.

There is nothing more tear-jerking than a dog missing a limb, so Den gets bonus points for not only being a very good girl, but a three-legged good girl.

14. Zamazenta And Zacian- Pokémon

This is another cheat option as we are going for both Zamazenta and Zacian in the same entry.

They might not be the same creature- and not an evolution of one or the other-, but they are part of the Hero Duo that acted as the mascots of the Pokémon Sword and Shield games (Zacian being the Sword mascot and Zamazenta being the Shield mascot).

Both have appeared in both the Pokémon anime and the manga, as well as the games.

Both have designs akin to wolves or large dog breeds, though they have their individual styles too, particularly when Zacian transforms into its Crowned Sword form and when Zamazenta becomes the Crowned Shield version of itself.

The Hero Duo are incredibly powerful Pokémon too, making for two of the strongest- and most adorable- pups (or pup like Pokémon) in anime, manga and gaming.

15. Shiro: Hoozuki No Reitetsu

Source: Anime Dog Of The Day

Shiro might seem like a cute and cuddly puppy, but he is actually an animal hell minion.

That doesn’t make him any less adorable, though!

Although he was originally a companion to Momatoru- a samurai spirit from Japanese folklore-, Shiro has now taken up an occupation within animal hell, aiding with the eternal punishment of the deceased who were abusive to animals when they were alive.

Shiro’s appearance is incredibly sweet, making his role as an animal hell minion all the more contradictory. Shiro is small and very fluffy with white fur, looking similar to a Japanese Spitz breed.

He wears a white and red corded rope around his neck that acts like a collar that makes a large tie across his back.

Personality wise, Shiro is full of energy, loyal and trustworthy to his friends.

He is also very dedicated to his job in Animal Hell, enjoying his role as a torturer of ex animal abusers by mauling the deceased profusely whenever he has the chance.

Shiro’s charming nature and cute exterior combined with his role as a tormentor of the damned makes for a highly memorable anime dog.

Japanese Voice: Yumiko Kobayashi

16. Sadaharu: Gintama

Another super cute, fluffy white pup, Sadahura is a member of the Yorozuya Gin-chan group, a group from the anime and manga series Gintama who do random odd-jobs and errands to make some money.

Sadaharu is a mascot for the group, though he does often lend a paw to proceedings, such as when he saved the Earth from an invasion of alien cockroaches.

He may have a cuddly look, but Sadaharu was actually once an Inguami, meaning Dog God.

He was the Inguami of attack and destruction specifically.

Because of this, he is much taller and larger than an average dog, measuring at 170cm tall (around 5 foot 7 inches) when sitting down and weighing around 661 pounds.

He also has a tendency to wear different disguises, making for a long-running gag throughout the series.

Sadaharu is not only one of the best boys when it comes to anime dogs, he is also a particularly big boy, but this doesn’t make him any less loveable. After all, who wouldn’t want to be able to ride their own dog into battle?

Japanese Voice: Takahashi Mikako.
English Dub: Kyle C. Jones (movie).

17. Mickey: Tokyo Mew Mew

Mickey isn’t in Tokyo Mew Mew a huge amount, but his role is an important one when it comes to the development of the character Minto Aizawa.

Mickey is Minto’s pet Pomeranian, and he is a tiny boy, measuring at about a foot tall. He also has light brown fur and the trademark button nose and small black eyes that Pomeranians are known for.

Minto is very close to Mickey, but she is forced to fight him when he is taken over by a Chimera Anima after she first transforms into her Mew Mew alter ego, Mint.

Mickey is left unharmed by the encounter, but his possession spurs an unwilling Minto- who was trying to renounce her position as a Mew Mew- into embracing her Mew Mew form in order to save him.

Mickey’s importance to Minto as a character not only extends to companionship, but also to her self belief and her ability to embrace her role as a Mew Mew.

If it wasn’t for Mickey (and some gentle prodding from Zakuro), Minto would likely have refused to become a Mew Mew. We love a confidence giving, super cute pup!

18. Ruth: Mahoutsukai no Yome/ The Ancient Magus’ Bride

We have come to the first human/dog hybrid on the list with this next entry! Ruth is the familiar to the character of Chise in the manga and anime series The Ancient Magus’ Bride.

As a familiar, Ruth is a Church Grim, which is a guardian spirit known from Nordic and English folklore that takes the form of a black dog.

Ruth also takes this form, known as his “black grim form”. When transformed, he becomes a large black dog with black fur and glowing red eyes (the same colored eyes as he has in his human form).

Ruth is able to switch between his human and his dog form, though he was a dog in his past life, and this gives him a fair amount of canine like tendencies when he is human.

For instance, he finds it difficult not to chase small creatures.

Being a familiar to Chise, Ruth has a fair amount of abilities that he uses to serve her, such as breathing fire, being able to call her from long distances via a telepathic link and sharing their lifespan.

Ruth is incredibly loyal to Chise in both his human and dog form, though his dog form is the most noteworthy in terms of the best dogs in anime!

Japanese Voice: Koki Uchiyama.
English Dub: Austin Tindle.

19. Oda Shinaman Nobunaga: Oda “Cinnamon” Nobunaga

Oda Shinman Nobunga is a manga and anime series revolving around the premise of a historical Japanese figure being reborn into contemporary society as a dog.

The figure in question is that of Oda Nobunaga, who was a leading figure of the Sengoku period in Japan and known as the first “Great Unifier” of the country.

He had a reputation in battle, leading to him earning the moniker of the “Demon King”.

In the anime and manga, Nobunga’s final words are in jest, claiming that he would be amused if he was to be reborn as a dog. That is exactly what happens, as Nobunaga is reincarnated as a Shiba Inu into the Oda family.

He has the stereotypical look of a Shiba Inu when he is reborn, but personality wise, he doesn’t change much from his warring days.

He even expresses dismay for being given the name sickly sweet name Cinnamon and for being reborn as a Shiba Inu rather than a fierce Doberman.

That being said, he is certainly a cute pup, though, and a memorable one in anime and manga.

Japanese Voice: Kenyu Horiuchi.

20. Apo: Space Brothers

Source: Fanpop

Apo is an adorable pug from the anime Space Brothers, and he is the first pup on this list to actually make the journey into outer space!

Apo is a typical fawn colored pug in his appearance, with a heart shaped patch of dark fur above his left front leg that gives him a slightly more recognizable look.

He is a super friendly pug who is very playful and has a penchant for hot dogs, but he is also a vital companion to his master Hibito as he often acts as his alarm clock to help him get up in the morning.

Apo is not only a cute companion to Hibito, he has also saved the day on many occasions, such as when he made sure that Mutta- the older brother of Hibito- was not dropped as a candidate to be an astronaut by playing a role in capturing the Fire Extinguisher Thief.

Mutta refers to Apo as his good luck charm. Apo is certainly one of the cutest dogs- and good luck charms- in anime, as well as a loyal and brave companion to both Hibito and Mutta.

Japanese Voice: Miyuki Sawashiro.

21. Heen: Howl’s Moving Castle

Heen is technically an antagonist at the beginning of the Studio Ghibli movie Howl’s Moving Castle, acting as a spy and the personal errand dog for Madame Suliman.

Despite his attempts at espionage, Heen is pretty inept at his job. He does seem to defect at the end of the film, with Madame Suliman calling him a “little traitor”, so his treachery is pretty forgivable (particularly when you consider how bad he is at it!)

Although his actual breed has never been confirmed, it is thought that Heen is a Petit Basset Griffon Bandane, which is a hunting breed of dog that is native to France.

He has a grumpy, old man look to him, thanks to the yellow tuft of hair on his head and the shaggy fur that falls over his lips like a mustache. He is also a pretty lazy pup, hence why he isn’t great at his job in the first place.

Heen is a loveable dog despite his role as the errand dog to the main antagonist to the movie, mostly because of his laziness and his adorable old man fuzziness.

Japanese Voice: Daijiro Harada

22. Alexander: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The third and final dog on this list from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Alexander, was the family pet of the Tucker Family.

He was particularly close to the six-year-old daughter of the family, Nina Tucker, acting as her protector and her best friend.

Alexander was the definition of a gentle giant, as he was a large Great Pyrenees- with tons of fluffy white fur-, but with a different side to him that would only come out with Nina.

This side of him was very playful and docile, with the two of them only having each other for company, seeing as Nina’s father would be more preoccupied with alchemy research instead of spending time with his daughter.

Unfortunately, Alexander and Nina do not have a happy ending in either the anime or the manga (we won’t say more to avoid spoilers), but their initial relationship is incredibly sweet, making Alexander one of the more memorable anime dogs thanks to his everlasting- and heartbreaking- connection with little Nina.

23. Tetsuya #2- Kuroko no Basuke/Kuroko’s Basketball

The manga and anime series Kuroko no Basuke features an adorable puppy who is named Tetsuya #2 after his owner, protagonist Tetsuya Kuroko. Tetsuya #2 is a mascot of sorts for Kuroko’s basketball team.

Appearance wise, Tetsuya #2 is a small puppy with a black and white coat. His breed isn’t stated specifically, but he has a similar look to a Shiba Inu or an Akita.

When acting in his role as a mascot for the basketball team, Tetsuya #2 sports a Seirin number 16 basketball jersey. Surprisingly, he is somewhat skilled in the game itself too, able to dribble and roll the ball by himself.

Tetsuya #2 is a typical pup, but he is also incredibly intelligent. He is very close to both Kuroko and the rest of the team too, able to read the joyful mood when they score a basket and yap along in happiness when they cheer.

Not only is Tetsuya #2 a super cute anime puppy, he is also a sporting dog who is a great mascot and sportsman too!

Japanese Voice: Hirofumi Nojima.
English Dub: Khoi Dao.

24. Pakkun- Naruto

Another ninken from the anime and manga series Naruto, Pakkun is a cute miniature pug who is the smallest of the ninken owned by Kakashi Hatake.

Pakkun’s small frame is contradictory to his deep voice, making him a somewhat comical ninken.

He wears an outfit that is standard for all of Kakashi’s ninken: a blue vest- featuring the heno-heno moheji seal-, a bandage on the front leg, and a Konoha forehead protector.

Although Pakkun acts somewhat slovenly and lazy at times, he is incredibly dedicated to his role as a ninken, being fiercely proud of his role. Pakkun is very loyal too, but he is not a battle-type ninken due to his size.

He often wishes that he could get more involved in fighting, but he does have some abilities that he can use that make him very useful.

Pakkun has enhanced smell and senses, as with the other ninken, but he also has exceptional speed and a great deal of strength compared to his size.

He works well with the other ninken, acting as part of a pack and collaborating well with them.

When it comes to individual powers, Pakkun can make clones of himself out of his hair to use the ninken ninja art known as Hound Clone. Super cute and super useful in a battle, Pakkun refuses to be limited by his small stature.

Japanese Voice: Shinpach Tsuji.
English Dub: J.B. Blanc.

25. Taromaru- Gakkou Gurashi!

Source: Random Curiosity

Taromaru has an expanded role in the Gakkou Gurashi! anime adaption in comparison to his role in the manga, becoming more of a supporting character in his own right in the anime.

In both versions, Taromaru is a small and chubby Shiba Inu puppy with light brown and white fur, brown eyes and a red collar.

He didn’t get much of a personality in the manga, other than that of a typical puppy. However, he gets much more to do in the anime and is very much his own character.

In the anime, Taromaru is a very intelligent pup who gets caught up in a zombie apocalypse with his owner, Yuki. He is a lighthearted and playful pup, often seen in a happy mood before the zombie outbreak.

We won’t spoil what happens to him after the zombie outbreak, but his adorable and loveable nature and intelligent manner makes him one of the best and bravest pups in anime.

Japanese Voice: Emiri Katou.
English Dub: Tiffany Grant.

26. Antoinette- Ouran High School Host Club

The playful Golden Retriever Antoinette makes her appearance in the Ouran High School Host Club in both the manga and the anime, though her backstory is a little different in the two media forms.

In both versions, she has a golden coat and wears a red collar with a pretty ribbon attached.

In the manga, Antoinette is the puppy of another Golden Retriever called Hachibei, and one of a litter of puppies that were born in France, belonging to Anne-Sophie de Grantaine, the mother of Tamaki Suoh who is one of the main characters of the series.

Antoinette was given to Tamaki as a gift when he had to leave his family in France and go to Japan. She was intended to keep him company and ensure that he wouldn’t be left alone, making her a cute and cuddly support animal.

The anime has a different story for Antoinette and Tamaki, with Tamaki buying her as a puppy as an impulse buy when he and some of the other characters are having a day out at the mall.

Tamaki is known as a princely host from the series- thanks to his regal French and Japanese background- so his choosing of Antoinette is no surprise due to the reputation that Golden Retrievers have for being a loyal and intelligent dog breed.

Antoinette is certainly a loving and loyal dog to Tamaki, as well as a pretty pup too.

27. Tobimaru- Sword Of The Stranger

Another Shiba Inu, Tobimaru is a significant character from the Sword of the Stranger anime film. Tobimaru is the loyal companion to one of the main characters of the movie, Kotaro.

His role in the film is substantial in terms of bringing the main characters- the orphan Kotaro and a ronin by the name of Nanashi- together to achieve their main goals.

Tobimaru becomes close to both Nanashi and Kotaro, being very protective of the two.

The dog even goes as far as to kill one of the soldiers that is threatening Kotaro. The pup gets hurt defending Nanashi as well, proving his loyalty and his dedication to them.

Tobimaru is the definition of a good boy, doing everything that he can to protect his masters and remaining loyal to them no matter what.

Thankfully, his loyalty is rewarded as Kotaro and Nanashi put their lives on the line to save him (which they do successfully!).

28. Yamper And Boltund- Pokémon

Yamper is a relatively new Pokémon, being revealed in 2019 before the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield. The puppy Pokémon has since made an appearance in the Pokémon anime series as well as the manga.

Yamper’s design is based on a corgi, with short, stubby legs, big ears and a fluffy neck ruffle.

It is an Electric-type Pokémon, with a yellow, light brown and light green color scheme which includes a small, thunderbolt shaped tail and yellow fur around the neck.

Much like actual dogs, Yamper is attracted to things that move fast and will chase them, be it vehicles, people or other Pokémon. It is also a gluttonous Pokémon, just like its canine counterparts.

Boltund is the Pokémon that Yamper can evolve into. Boltund no longer resembles a corgi, instead looking like two other English dog breeds: a cross between an English Foxhound and a greyhound.

Boltund has appeared in the manga, but has only had a minor appearances in the anime so far.

It is a tall and strong dog-like Pokémon, adopting Yamper’s yellow color palette, but incorporating more dark colors than its first evolution.

Both Yamper and Boltund are perfect puppy Pokémon that are cute and creative dog type creatures. Just don’t give them a bath when they are using their electric powers!

29. Kedama- Given

Source: Fandom

When it comes to cute anime dogs, Kedama from Given is one of the most adorable out there thanks to having a similar look to a white ball of fluff.

Kedama is a nine-month-old Pomeranian who is owned by one of the main characters of the anime, Mafuyu Sato. The puppy was gifted by Mafuyu’s mother, and he would go on to become a good friend and companion to Mafuyu.

He is very round and super fluffy, with small, triangular ears, a large black nose and big blue eyes that only emphasize his cuteness.

Kedama is full of energy, often seen wagging his tail, spinning in circles and panting with excitement.

The Pom’s energy combined with his adorable, round nature and fluffy exterior makes him one of the most adorable dogs that you are sure to find in anime.

30. Growlithe And Arcanine- Pokémon

The love of many 90s babies around the world, Growlithe, and its evolutionary form Arcanine, are part of the original line up of 150 Pokémon as well as one of the first dog-like Pokémon to hit the scene.

Growithe and Arcanine are Fire types and both Pokémon had considerable appearances in the anime shows and the mangas as well as the video games.

They even popped up in the 2019 live action film Detective Pikachu, seen hanging around with officers of the Ryme City Police Department.

Growlithe and Arcanine both have various traits associated with dogs, such as fierce loyalty, friendliness and powerful senses, such as their sense of smell.

They also tend to be used as police dogs in their appearances outside the video game, such as in the aforementioned Detective Pikachu film or the anime series, where Officer Jenny would frequently be seen with a Growlithe as her partner.

Arcanine’s have even been known to be a part of police SWAT teams, as seen in Pokémon Generations, emphasizing their nature as trustworthy allies and loyal companions as well as just general good boys and girls.

31. Guts: Kill La Kill

Guts is a pug belonging to the Mankanshoku family in the anime and manga series Kill la Kill, named for his excessive eating and for “eating with gusto”.

Guts is a pug, but he has a style that is more cartoony in comparison to some of the other dogs we have talked about.

This style emphasizes his role as a more comedic character in general, whilst still making him recognizable as a pug.

The unique look that Guts has is made all the more apparent from the outfit that he regularly wears, consisting of a light blue hoodie that cover up his ears. Guts also tends to have his tongue protruding from his mouth most of the time and has adorably huge eyes too.

Guts is not only a very cute anime dog, he is also a memorable character in his own right due to his humorous antics and his addiction to food!

Japanese Voice: Katsuyuki Konishi.
English Dub: Derek Stephen Prince.

32. Maru “Pedro Martinez”- Kimi Ni Todoke

You’d be forgiven for thinking we were talking about an actual person with a name like this, but Pedro Martinez is the nickname of the cute, white dog from the anime series Kimi ni Todoke.

The dog’s real name is Maru, but he adopts the nickname of Pedro Martinez when he is adopted as a stray and taken off of the streets by Shouta Kazehaya, the deuteragonist of the series.

Pedro is a sweet and lively dog, with fluffy white fur, whiskers and red cheeks. He is pretty generic in terms of anime dogs, but that doesn’t make him any less adorable or any less memorable as an anime pup.

33. Menchi- Excel Saga

Menchi is a cross between a tragic dog and a comedic dog, thanks to her role as “The Emergency Food Supply” for the main character Excel in the show Excel Saga.

It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if you were to mistake Menchi for a cat, as her design certainly has similarities to those of an anime cat.

She is definitely a dog though, a stray who was taken in by the heroine of Excel Saga, Excel. Excel’s intentions for Menchi aren’t entirely positive, though, as she refers to her as her “Emergency Food Supply”.

Thankfully, Excel doesn’t eat her, but each episode ends with Menchi singing a sad song about her fears of being killed and cooked to be eaten. She even has a translator so that the audience can understand her sorrowful, singing howls.

The only episode where she doesn’t sing is the last one, where it is the translator who is singing and Menchi who is translating. Hopefully this means that Menchi did indeed escape from her fear of being cooked and eaten.

We’re not sure if the same can be said about her translator, but this seems like one of those situations where ignorance is bliss.

34. Snubbull And Granbull- Pokémon

Another dog-like Pokémon, Snubbull and its evolution Granbull have a look that is akin to that of an English Bulldog thanks to their under bite, their flat nose, squat body and droopy muzzle.

They have both made appearances in the Pokémon mangas and anime shows as well as the video games, with Snubbull making an appearance in the Detective Pikachu movie as well.

Whilst both Snubbull and Granbull are Fairy-type Pokémon- and particularly colorful thanks to their pink, light blue and light purple color palette- it is their contradicting grumpy exteriors that make them so charming.

They also tend to have the same sorts of skills that normal dogs have, such as keener senses.

Granbull is a little more intimidating in comparison to Snubull in terms of appearance.

This is mostly due to the prominent, fang like growths that grow from its lower jaw and the smaller fangs that come from its upper jaw. Despite this, Granbull has a very timid nature, which makes it all the more loveable.

Honestly, we just want to give both Snubbull and Granbull a hug and tell them what beautiful and perfect pups they are.

35. Zeke- High School Of The Dead

When it comes to tough puppies in anime, Zeke is probably one of the toughest that you will find.

Zeke appears in the High School of the Dead anime and manga which- as the name suggests- revolves around a zombie apolcalypse. He has a white coat and black flappy ears.

Zeke is just a puppy, but he has been through a lot in his short life!

He was the pet of a young woman whose fate is left unknown (though it is likely that she is dead or became one of the undead). He is then taken in by the charcater Alice Maresato where he becomes part of Takashi Komuro’s group of survivors.

Zeke is the only pet that we see in High School of the Dead and he is incredibly brave, actively trying to protect those around him when the undead attack.

Not only that, but Zeke also has enhanced senses, making him able to hear if the undead are approaching and saving the group by warning them.

Zeke is the very definition of the best boy who can protect you from zombies and look adorable whilst doing it.

36. Cherry – Lucky Star

Cherry is an interesting dog as their gender changes across the various forms of the series Lucky Star. In the anime, Cherry is a girl, whilst in the manga, the gender is unspecified.

In the OVA, Cherry is a male dog. No matter what gender Cherry is, what is certain is that they are an adorable pup!

We’re going to be referring to Cherry as she here though, as her most notable appearance is in the anime where she is known as a girl.

Another big, white fluffy pup, Cherry is the family pet of the Iwasaki family who lives in Tokyo.

She is another example of a gentle giant, looking large and somewhat intimidating at times but have a very relaxed and placid nature.

37. Cezar – Castlevania

Source: ultraspacealpacas

There are so many pugs on this list and the next installment is another of the flat-faced cuties, but with a slight twist. Cezar is a pug from the anime series Castlevania, but he is a little different in that is a reanimated corpse.

You might think that this would make him look somewhat zombified and maybe a little rotten, but this is far from the case.

Cezar is adorable, with black fur and glowing blue eyes that he gained from becoming an undead pup. He is missing his left eye and ear and the flesh around that area, leaving the bone exposed.

He is also missing the flesh from his right leg and paw. Again, this could be considered off-putting, but it only makes Cezar all the more charming and unique, cementing his place as one of the cutest dogs in anime.

38. Tadakichi-San/ Mr Tadakichi – Azumanga Daioh

The mild mannered Great Pyrenees belonging to child prodigy Chiyo- chan, Tadakichi-San is a gentle boy who is very close to his young owner.

Tadakichi- San has a very cute, calm and collected look thanks to his black button eyes, his warm smile, his white fluffy fur and his droopy ears. He is relatively well sized, big enough for Chiyo to ride.

Whilst he is is not so accomodating to others, his close relationship with Chiyo means that he is more lenient towards her.

The relationship between Tadakichi-San and Chiyo is incredibly sweet and makes him one of the most memorable anime dogs.

39. Houndour, Houndoom and Mega Houdoom- Pokemon

Houndour, Houndoom and Mega Houndoom all make appearances in the Pokemon anime, manga and the video games. These pups are all dual type Pokemon, being both Fire and Dark types.

Houndour is the puppy of the trio, being the smallest and the first evolutionary form.

It has a design that incorporates the “dark” nature of the Dark type, with a stylized skull on its forehead, white, bony bands around its ankles and rib like ridges on its back.

Houndour and its evolutionary staes are very intelligent Pokemon and act in a way that is similar to wild dogs in the way that they form packs to hunt, work together as a team and refuse to abandon any pack members.

They also communicate via barks and howling, much like wolves and wild dogs.

Houndoom is taller and has a look similar to that of a greyhound but with a more muscular build and Dark-type features such as horns, a band with a skull pendant around the neck and a thin tail with a triangular tip.

Mega Houndoom has thicker ridges on its back, thicker horns and a generally more intimidating look, looking like a straight up hell hound.

Despite their dark nature and appearance, all of the evolutions of this particular Pokemon make for one badass anime pup!

40. Holy- One Piece

Source: Fandom

Holy is a very big boy from the One Piece manga and anime who is owned by Ohm, a high ranking member of God’s Army and one of the four priests of the former God Enel.

Holy is Ohm’s companion whose massive size makes it possible for Ohm to ride him whilst both fighting and traveling. Holy’s breed isn’t confirmed, but he looks a bit like an oversized Golden Retriever or a Great Pyrenees.

As well as being a big boy, Holy is also a skilled fighter with knowledge of martial arts, able to perform various moves such as spinning jumps.

He can be very vicious and is incredibly loyal to Ohm, willingly biting or hunting enemies at his master’s commands. He is fiercely strong- thanks to that substantial size-, able to swing around full-grown adults in his jaws.

Holy is the perfect example of a loyal dog and companion, but whose martial arts skills make him a uniquely awesome anime dog.

Japanese Voice: Osamu Ryutani.
English Dub: Jason Grundy and Ben Bryant (Episode of Skypiea).

41. Tanuki- Super Lovers

Tanuki’s breed is unknown, but he has a look similar to that of a few different dog breeds, including a Pomeranian and a Japanese Spitz.

He got his name due to his resemblance to a Tanuki, otherwise known as a Japanese Raccoon Dog.

Tanuki is taken care of by one of the main characters of the series- Ren- and even though it wasn’t intended to be a long term arrangement, Tanuki bonds with Ren and ends up staying with them.

Unlike a lot of the dogs in anime that can be quite energetic, Tanuki is quieter due to his past owner being an elderley man.

He lived a normal, quiet life, leading to Tanuki being a quiet pup in comparison to some of his other anime counterparts.

Tanuki might not be a over the top as some of the other dogs on this list- nor does he have any special powers-, but that doesn’t make him any less of an awesome anime dog.

42. Lilpup, Herdier And Stoutland – Pokemon

Lilpup and its evolutionary forms- Herdier and Stoutland- are all based off of the Yorkshire Terrier dog breed, with the same tan, cream and black color scheme that these breeds tend to have and a similar, fluffy look.

Lilipup has a unique look due to the tuft of cream fur on its face, making for an adorable style that can soften any hardened heart! Lilipup has various canine traits, such as intelligence, courage, and obedience.

Herdier is also based on a Yorkshire Terrier, but it shares some similarities with breeds such as the Australian Silky Terrier and Scottish Terriers, notably its fluffy muzzle.

Much like Lilipup, Herdier is smart and loyal as well as friendly, but will only be obedient to kind and respectful trainers.

Stoutland is the final form of Lilipup, and its design incorporates the Yorkshire Terrier and Scottish Terrier elements and blends it with the look of breeds such as the Maltese and the Shih Tzu.

Stoutland is the biggest evolution and has long fur on its muzzle that looks like a lengthy moustache! Stoutland maintains the traits that it has in previosu evolutions, such as intelligence and courage.

All three evolutions have appeared in the anime and the manga for Pokemon and they are all very cute, loving and loyal anime dogs.

43. Hakubi And Madaro- Kekkaishi

Source: Fandom

Hakubi and Madaro may not be dogs in the traditional sense, but even demon dogs still counts as dogs! Hakubi belongs to Tokine Yukimara- the deuteragonist of the Kekkaishi anime and manga.

He has served the Yukimara family for many centuries, leading to a rivalry between him and Madarao, who serves the rival Sumimura family and belongs to Tokine’s childhood friend Yoshimori Sumimura.

Hakubi has black and white fur and glowing blue eyes, wherease Madarao has white fur with purple accents and green eyes.

They might have their differences, but their dedication to their respective clans and their powerful natures make these demon dogs two particualy good boys.

Hakubi Japanese Voice: Masanori Ishii.
Hakubi English Dub: Wally Wingert.
Madarao Japanese Voice: Takeharu Onishi.
Madarao English Dub: Troy Baker.

44. Chouchou- One Piece

Chouchou is another anime dog that takes inspiration from the moving story of Hachiko the Shiba Inu, as well as the story of Greyfriars Bobby from England.

Chouchou is an incredibly loyal dog in both the anime and the manga One Piece, standing guard in front of his owners shop long after his master passed away.

Even when the town is taken over by pirates, Chouchou refuses to move from his spot and continues to protect the shop.

Sadly, the shop is lost in a fire, but the ones responsible for the loss of the shop do not get away with their crime thanks to the One Piece protagonist, Luffy, defeating them as retrubution for Chouchou.

Eventually, despite being a dog, Chouchou is able to open up his own dog food shop and keep his owners legacy alive. We love an entrepreneurial good boy.

Japanese Voice: Chieko Aratashi.
English Dub: Christopher Bevins (Funimation).

45. Eevee And All The Eeveeloutions- Pokémon

Eevee is a Pokémon whose popularity has been increasing dramatically over the past few years, with the cute, pup like Pokémon sharing the spotlight with Pikachu in various games as well as the anime and the manga.

Eevee is known for being able to evolve into eight different Pokémon types, all of which have dog-like designs.

Eevee arguably bares the closest resemblance to a canine though, with large brown ears and eyes, a puffy tail and a fluffy neck ruffle. It also has a look akin to a fox, as well as a small dog breed or a puppy.

Eevee was one of the original 150 Pokémon- as were three of its evolution forms, Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon-, making it a dog-like creature that was, and still is, beloved by kids and adults all over the world.

That certainly makes the pup like Pokémon- and its various evolutions- a worthy addition to the list of the best anime dogs.

46. Lucy’s Puppy: Elfen Lied

This entry is an incredibly tear-jerking one, but this little pup deserves a place on this list for all the joy he brought in his short life.

The unnamed puppy from Elfen Lied is found by the protagonist Lucy, who had run away from the orphanage she lives in due to being bullied and abused.

The two quickly become best friends, with the pup becoming Lucy’s refuge from her tormentors and bringing her comfort and joy when nothing else could. Lucy’s bullies find out about her puppy, and they sickeningly decide to beat the pup to death in front of Lucy.

This event is the catalyst that causes Lucy to tip over the edge and into the darkness, as she rips the children apart with her vector powers after witnessing the death of her only friend.

Despite the tragedy of Lucy’s puppy, the happiness that he brought to a lonely orphan- even if only for a little while- makes him more than worthy of his list. Now, if you will excuse us, we are going to go and cry for a while.

47. Mike- Hunter X Hunter

Mike is the biggest boy that we have included on this list, standing at 12 feet and 4 inches tall and weighing around 892 pounds.

He is the guard dog of the Zoldyck Estate in the anime and manga Hunter x ,Hunter, and he has a similar look to that of a werewolf due to his fore paws having long, curved claws that are more human than canine.

In the 1999 anime, Mike has white fur, but it becomes a Tyrian purple color in the 2011 adaptation. Despite not actually have a specific breed, he has the look of an oversized Borzoi, otherwise known as a Russian wolfhound.

Mike is incredibly loyal, having gone through years of training to become the fierce and gigantic guard dog that he is.

His strict obedience can make him seem more like a machine than an actual dog at times, but he will sometimes stray from his orders and act on his own inhibitions. Let’s be honest, we all want our own guard Mike.

48. Furfrou- Pokémon

When it comes to an elegant, dog-like Pokémon, you don’t get any more fancy than Furfrou. Furfrou is designed to look like a poodle, but it also takes inspiration from breeds such as the Afghan Hound.

Furfrou does not evolve into another Pokémon, and it doesn’t have a previous form either, making it very much a one of a kind creature.

Furfrou is often considered a Pokémon suited for aristocrats, with many choosing to style and trim their fur in a wide range of colors and looks to emphasize its classiness.

A Furfrou lives up to its regal look too, as in ancient times they were entrusted with guarding the king of Kalos.

They also have the traditional dog traits, such as loyalty to their owner. Furfrou has shown up in various Pokémon media, such as the anime and the manga, and it is certainly one of the most sophisticated and chic anime dogs!

49. Tatsumaki And Homura – Dog Days

Dog Days is an anime and manga about two students who are transported to another world called Flonyard. The people of Flonyard are very much like humans, except they have the characteristics, ears and tails of animals.

One area of Flonyard is known as the Biscotti Republic, where the people are quite dog-like. There are two dogs who live and work within the Biscotti Republic: Tastsumaki and Homaru.

Both of them are loyal to the Biscotti Republic, but they are also super cute pups in general who deserve a mention.

Tatsumaki is responsible for bringing the hero back to Flonyard. He is also a member of the Secret Squad within the Knights of Biscotti regiment.

He has pointed ears with a dark brown muzzle, paws and a tail and light brown fur. He is a very loyal dog, hence why he was given such an important task.

Homura is also a member of the Secret Squad, but she is a small white dog with a cream muzzle who wears a pink neckerchief. This good boy and girl duo are an excellent team as well as being adorable anime doggos.

50. Hiroyuki- Kemono Michi

The anime and manga Kemono Michi focuses on a famous pro wrestler called Genzo Shibata who has a passion for animals, with the goal of one day opening up a pet shop.

Hiroyuki is his tiny mongrel dog, who is painfully cute. He is a cream color, with light cream fur on his muzzle, chest, the end of his tail and inside his ears.

Hiroyuki also has black, button eyes and a black nose, as well as a blue collar. He has that clichéd cute one ear up and one ear down look, just to double down on his adorableness.

Hiroyuki goes everywhere with Genzo, even when he is fighting.

The contrast of Hiroyuki’s petite cuteness with Genzo’s large, masculine physique-and his occupation as a pro wrestler- makes for an amusing yet adorable man and dog duo.

So, there you have 50 of the best anime dogs!

There are so many good boys and girls across anime and manga that it is impossible to name them all, and these are just some of the noteworthy pups to be found within the genre.

Whether they make you laugh, cry, smile or all of the above, these dogs prove that there truly is no better companion than man’s best friend, in the real world or in anime!

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