Top 30 Best Wolf Anime Of All Time

A wolf is defined as a wild mammal that is native to Eurasia and North America. They are part of the dog family, by being the largest member, who enjoy hunting in packs.

Lots of animals including wolves can be seen throughout anime, as they can take on and portray human emotions well. 

Wolves have their own characteristics, as they are aggressive and cunning, which is why some characters may be likened to a wolf. In the anime world, they have created a vast range of stories using wolves or revolving around them. 

As we know, anime take a spin on the stories and the characters they use. Therefore, they use the idea of the wolf in different ways than you would expect.

Thus, we have put together this article, to let you know what the best wolf anime of all time is. Hence, if you love wolves and anime, you need to keep on reading to see what is in the number 1 spot. 

30. Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf

We start our list with Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf. This is a TV series that is aimed at children who are under 10 years old. It first aired in 2005 and went on to produce 530 episodes, until it finished its run in 2016 on TV Tokyo. 

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, was originally produced by Alpha Group Co. Ltd and Creative Power Entertaining. The plot of this show is that a group of goats are living at Green Grass Grassland. Yet a clumsy wolf is lurking around, who constantly wants to eat them. 

The goats are just trying to have a fun life, but the wolf won’t allow this to happen. A humorous battle between the goats and wolf occurs, as both try to achieve their goals that they have set out to do. 

A simple show, for children younger than 10 years old, that can read along with the show. While the anime is interesting to look at, parents won’t get bored with this show either. 

29. Vampire

Vampire is known as a lost series that is nowhere to be found, yet it had an amazing wolf related story. This anime show had 26 episodes that originally aired in 1968. This show was an adaptation of the manga. The adaptation was created by Osamu Tezuka and animated by Mushi Productions. 

As the title suggests, the main concept of this show is centered around vampires. These vampires are leaving their homes, due to humans. The story follows Toppei, who is discovered to be a vampire. These are your typical vampires that you may be used to.

They aren’t immortal, and you won’t see them drinking any blood. Vampires are seen as a species that can transform from their human shape into a range of animals.

When the characters are exposed to certain triggers, they will turn into wolves. Toppei can be seen to turn into a wolf when he is scared or nervous under the moonlight.  While other characters will trigger their transformation from smelling onions.

At the end of the day, the vampires are just looking to live their own lives, without being made to fear what they are. Unfortunately, this show is unavailable for the majority of us to see. However, it has a strong wolf story, that is why it is on this list!

28. Unbreakable Machine-Doll

Unbreakable Machine-Doll is a 12 episode TV series that originally aired in 2013. It is based off the light novel that was illustrated by LLO, and written by Kaitou Reiji. 

The TV series is set in a world where a particular kind of magic has increased in popularity. This magic is used by magicians known as Machinart. The magic allows the user to control machines, which are referred to as Automation. These machines are to be used in war. 

To learn about this kind of magic you must attend Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart. In this series, we follow the character,  Rashin Akabane, who actually fails the test to get into this school. 

During a duel between Raishin and one of the top 100 students, his opponent is attacked. Rashin uses his automation called Yaya to save him and his opponent. Raishin’s aim is to keep winning duels so that he can move up into first place and be given the title of Wiseman. 

The reason that this show is on the list, is that there is in fact a wolf character within the story. The character Frey has an automation that has the form of a wolf, called Rabbi. When the automation goes into berserk mode, its body increases in size and looks even more wolf-like. 

A mixture of science fiction and magic, where the main character is seen as an underdog. What isn’t there to love about this show?

27. To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts

If you enjoy the mixture of lots of action and drama, and a story revolving around wolves and based on the military, then this anime is for you. To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts originally aired in 2019, with 12 episodes.

Again this anime is another adaptation of a manga that was written and illustrated by Maybe. The manga was released between 2015 and 2017.

This show centered around a war that took place. However, troops began developing a special breed of humans known as Incarnates.

Incarnates are seen like beast-like creatures, who are extremely strong, and no human can match their strength. This strength is what put an end to the war. 

Unfortunately, some Incarnates go through terrible experiences within themselves and the beast that they possess. Thus, to end the pain they are going through, a group known as the Beast Hunters are formed.

It is the job of the Beast Hunters to put an end to the lives of those Incarnates that are suffering. 

A beast hunter, known as Hank Henriette, kills Nancy Bancroft’s father, to end his pain. However, Nancy doesn’t see it this way and goes after her father’s killer.

Yet, once she meets her killer and starts to understand why it was done. She then points her anger at the issues that Incarnates now have to face.

There is a lot going on in this anime, however, a lot of Incarnates become wolves. These not only look great but add to the overall theme and vibe that this show is going for. 

26. Sengoku Night Blood

Sengoku Night Blood first aired in 2017, with 12 episodes. If you love action and a bit of history, with a lot of combat, this is the show for you.

Now, unlike other shows we have already mentioned, this anime is an adaptation of a game. The anime adaptation was directed by Kiuchi Katsuya and animated by Typhoon Graphics. 

This show is set in a peaceful world known as Jinga. However, this peaceful work is soon invaded by monsters and demons.

Thus, the female protagonist attempts to bring peace back to Jinga. She will attempt to stop inhuman beings that have infiltrated the military and caused chaos to her home. 

These troops are known as Getsugazoku, which translates to Moonlight Tribe. These troops can easily turn into wolves or vampires. They will fight to keep and expand their territory, and will give up everything for it. 

Then one day, the character known as Himemiko, explains that the female protagonist has special powers herself. Her blood has healing properties that can be used in a way to bring peace back to the world.

Thus, she then tries to keep this new peace that she has found and becomes the new leader of Jinga.

The intense action scenes between the wolves and the other creatures are definitely worth a watch. However, this show isn’t just action, there is a bit of romance too, but that is more of a subplot. As the focus is on bringing and keeping peace in Jinga.

25. Wolf Guy

Another classic anime for this list. This anime is a mixture of sci-fi and military, a strange combination that works well. Wolf Guy originally aired 1992 and was a  6 part OVA series.

This was an adaptation of the manga of the same name, written by Hirai Kazumasa and illustrated by Sakaguchi Hisashi. 

This is Akira Inugami’s story, who sadly comes into contact with a deadly poison. However, luckily there is an antidote available. Yet, this antidote has some strange side effects, the main being that it can turn the drinker into a werewolf. 

This then changes Akira Inugami’s life forever, especially as the military then tries to use Akira for their own good. To find out how Akira’s life changes forever, you should watch the 6 part OVA series.

It is a great entry into wolf anime. It is really focused on wolf elements, which fans will enjoy a lot. 

24. Okamikakushi

If you enjoy mystery, supernatural, and horror anime, then Okamikakushi should be on your list of great anime shows to watch.

This show first premiered in 2010 with 12 episodes and is an adaptation of the light novel of the same name. It was directed by Takamoto Norihiro and the animation was by Studio AIC. 

Okamikakushi is centered around 16 year old Hiroshi Kuzumi, who has recently moved to the attractive town known as Jogamchi. This town is split in two by the river that flows through it.

While at her new school, everyone seems to be really happy to meet Hiroshi, except for Nemuru, the class president. He warns her to stay away from the old part of Jogamchi.

Mysteries begin to show themselves and Hiroshi learns about the town’s local traditions and legends. This includes the ones about the wolf spirits.

Therefore, even though there is no direct mention of wolves in the plot, there are hints of wolves throughout the episodes. 

23. Noblesse: Pamyeol-Ui Sijak

Noblesse is the solo episode that is the base for the Noblesse anime. This solo episode first appeared in 2015. It is an adaptation of manhwa, which is a very popular Korean comic franchise, which was written by Son Jae-Ho and illustrated by Lee Gwang-Su.

The premise of this story follows a girl known as Ashleen. She has found herself in the middle of a war that is taking place among humans.

Ashleen doesn’t know how she got to this world, and has no idea about her own abilities or her past. This war is humans vs vampires. 

Luckily, Aslheen is rescued by the Lord of the Werewolves, Muzaka. He wants to give her the best life possible. This is because he has also given up all of his wolf lord duties to do this.

Yet, Muzaka has grown concerned over how many wars the humans were producing, so the werewolves plan their own war against the humans.

If you enjoy this OVA, then you will definitely enjoy the Noblesse anime. A very strong wolf base story, where the werewolves plan to rage wars on the humans.  

22. Okami Wa Okami Da

Okami Wa Okami Da makes its way onto the list of lost anime. We are sure that many of you may not have even heard about this anime, but it is undoubtedly worth a watch. This is an 11 minutes long movie, which aired in 1931. 

As it is such an old anime, it can’t be surprising that so little information is available about it. Thus, we don’t know much about this movie, except that it was an original fantasy idea.

It revolves around a wolf that is having issues with the other animals in the forest. He needs to eat to survive, yet the other animals in the first want to survive from him. Therefore, they make a plan to try and save themselves.

A monkey comes up with a plan that ends in disaster for the wolf but works for the village. The wolf doesn’t go down without a fight. This is a simple and interesting story centered around a wolf. 

It is one of the oldest anime that you will find, and it is a shame there is no record of it left. If you ever get the chance to watch this anime, you definitely should. 

21. White Fang

Best Wolf Anime

Yet again another anime that has been lost throughout the years.  Again, there isn’t a lot of information on this anime.

All we have found out about White Fang is that it is a 1 hours and 25 minutes long movie. It was originally aired in 1990 and is believed to be created by Ellis Mel. 

This is a drama type of film, which follows a boy called Lasset. He decides to walk 300 miles to the North so that he can save the pet gray wolf that he raised himself.

However, Lasset’s gray wolf is responsible for the death of a dog. The trek then results in changing Lesset’s life forever. 

It is strange that this movie isn’t more well recognized, considering it won the 1990 Mainichi Film Award for animation.

Therefore, a wolf-centered story that everyone at the time loved to watch. So, if you love wolves and want to watch an inspiring wolf anime, White Fang is for you.

20. White Fang Mongatari

Best Wolf Anime

White Fang Mongatari is an alternative version of White Fang that we have previously mentioned. This alternative anime is 1 hour 10 minutes long and was released in 1982.

It is an adaptation of the novel of the same name. Directed by Yoshikawa Souji and animation was completed by Studio Sunrise. 

This movie starts with the birth of White Fang. White Fang is the child of a wolf father and a half-wolf and half-dog mother called Kiche. One day, Kiche and White Fang come across Mit-sah, an Alaskan boy.

Mit-sah has always wanted to have a pet dog. The wolf father takes Mit-sah in, after the untimely death of his parents this little family enjoys spending time with one another, but winter is on its way.

Alaska during winter is a difficult place to be. Therefore, the wolves and Mit-sah would struggle to stay here.

However, as the temperatures start to drop, life begins to get much more difficult. Thus, the outcome of this unique family is unknown.

This is an alternative White Fang story, so the ending will most likely be different. It is much more focused on drama and wolves. However, there is still a great wolf anime story that asks if this unique family can make it work.

19. Kanokon

Kanokon is something a bit different from what we have seen on our list so far. Kanokon first aired in 2018 with 12 episodes, this show comes under the Ecchi sub-genre for anime.

This anime show was also an adaptation of the light novel, illustrated by Koin and written by Nishino Katsumi. 

The main plot of this show revolves around county boy Kouta, who has had quite an unlucky life so far. One day, Kouta discovers that he can attract animal spirits, thus he then moves and goes to a new school.

All he wants to do is make a good impression and keep his head down, yet that doesn’t go completely to plan. 

The wolf element of this anime involves a wolf spirit that manages to find salvation due to Kouta. This then leads Kouta on a journey of trying to lead a normal life as possible, and yet so many abnormal things keep happening around him. 

The wolf element might not be as strong as we have seen in some of the other anime on the list, but it is still there. Also, this is a much more comedic and light-hearted story than what we have looked through so far. 

18. The Hakkenden

The Hakkenden is an adaptation of a novel of the same name. It is a 6 part OVA series that was released in 1990. These 6 episodes were animated by Studio Artmic and directed by Annou Takashi. 

Set in a warring world, the Awa clan has recently been defeated. This is due to their enemy having evil powers aiding them, which helped them in their victory.

The Lord is then killed by the head dog and asks for the lord’s daughter’s hand in marriage. The marriage goes ahead, and she gives birth to 8 dogs. These dogs have two names, either the Hakkenden or the 8 dog warriors. 

Each dog has their own aggression and violence, yet when they come together they are a force to be reckoned with. The dogs decide that they wish to take revenge on the demons that have been the cause of all their pain and misery. 

Now, we will admit that there are no wolves in this anime. Yet dogs are like wolves and how these dogs act is very wolf-like. You will still enjoy this anime. 

17. Monster Rancher

Monster Rancher is made up of 48 episodes that first aired in 1999. This is another anime adaptation of a game, which is animated by TMS Entertainment and directed by Yano Hiroyuki.

The main premise of this show centered around Genki. He is a young boy who enjoys playing games. However, one day, he is transported into a game known as Monster Rancher.

Whilst in the game, Genki meets various monsters, all of who take on the appearance of different animals, such as a wolf. Together they all go on a quest to find the phoenix who has the ability to defeat the evil Moo.

Altogether a simple yet enjoyable anime show. 

16. Wolf Girl and The Black Prince

Perhaps you want to enjoy a romance? The Wolf Girl and The Black Prince is a forbidden romance anime that has 12 episodes. This is a manga adaptation that was initially released in 2014.

The story is about Erika Shinohara, who pretends to have a boyfriend. Eventually, she confronts the stranger and asks to pretend to be her boyfriend.

He is known as Kyouya, he says he will pretend if she acts like a dog. Erika ends up falling in love with Kyouya, and you’ll have to watch for yourself if Kyouya and Erika.

There are no wolves in this anime, except Erika takes on the wolf characteristics. Yet, this is one id for all your romance lovers out there.

15. Okami San and Her Seven Companions

Here is another romance anime series to get your teeth into. Okami San and Her Seven Companions, first aired in 2010. It is made up of 12 episodes and an adaptation of a light novel written by Okita Masashi.

This is Ryouko Ookami’s story of a brilliant boxer. The love interest comes from Ryoushi Morino, a shy boy who attempts to confess his love for Ryouko.

This show parodies various fairy tales, such as Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White. Again, there are no actual wolves in this series, but the characteristics and stories being told are very wolf-like in areas. 

14. Luger Code 1951

If you are new to the anime world, then Luger Code 1951 is a great starting point. Luger Code 1951, originally aired in 2016 and is a single episode ONA (Original Network Animation).

Which is an adaptation of the manga, written by Haneki Haruto. This single episode is just 25 minutes long. 

We watch the highly intelligent Professor Helvetica, who has a special gift. She can learn any language instantly and has a great memory. Therefore, Professor Helvetica is asked to decipher a code language that is used by werewolves.

In this world, humans and werewolves don’t get along that well. There have been many wars between the two species. Thus, she is asked to decipher the code, so the humans can know what their enemy is up to.

Unfortunately, the professor can’t do this alone and needs someone to help her. This ends up being a hunt for a werewolf that would help her in her task. 

13. BNA

BNA is a much more recent anime that was originally released in 2020. This is a 12 part TV anime, which is an original anime. Directed by Imaishi Hiroyuki and animated by Studio Trigger.

In this series, we look at a world where two species exist together. These species are humans and Beastmen. You may wonder what a beastman is, well beastmen are creatures that can shape-shift.

For Beastmen, Anima City is the ideal place to live and not have to worry about humans. 

During these 12 episodes, we follow Michiru Kagemori, a young teenage girl who has suddenly turned into a beastman.

She has run away to seek refuge in Anima City, she meets a wolf beastman known as Shirou Ogami. The pair work together to understand Michiru’s sudden transformation and try to keep peace in Anima City. 

We learn that Shirou is immortal and known as the Silver Wolf. He has dedicated himself to protecting all of beastman kind. While Michiru isn’t any normal beastman. Michiru could be the thing that connects both beastmen and humans. 

Studio Trigger is fantastic at original anime, and BNA doesn’t disappoint. Shirou really embraces all the characteristics of the wolf. Alongside that, this anime really does give you some great animal-themed stories. 

12. Renkin San

Renkin San first aired in 2016 with 12 episodes. This is an original anime which is directed by Yatagai Kenichi and animated by Studio Remic.

We follow the lives of 4 girls. One is a witch, another is a werewolf, one is a vampire and the other is an android.

A unique group of friends, who also happen to be princesses from the Netherworld. They have come to the human world to find a new home.

However, they know so little about this world that puts them into all sorts of trouble. They draw the attention of Dr K-Ko, who believes the girls are up to no good. A comedic series that any wolf lover needs to watch.

11. Sirius The Jaeger

We will admit that this is another vampire anime with some wolf elements thrown in. However, this one is so much better than the ones we have already mentioned. Sirius The Jaeger is a 12 part anime that was first released in 2018. 

In this series, vampires have taken over Tokyo. Thus, a group of vampire hunters has been asked to kill the vampires by the government.

The vampire hunters are known as Jaegers. The Jaegers’ are like a wolf pack who are working together to get to the evil weapon before the vampires do. This is quite a dark and mature anime show. 

10. Cuticle Tantei Inaba

Cuticle Tantei Inaba is a TV series that was first broadcast in 2013, with 12 episodes. Based on a manga that was written and illustrated by Mochi. 

This series is set in a world, where human and half-human half-animals live together in harmony. However, there are still criminals.

Detective Hiroshi Inaba is half-human half-wolf, who can find anyone using their hair. However, after consuming so much hair, Inaba has a bit of a hair fetish. 

A major criminal known as Don Valentino wants Inaba dead, so both go up against one another. However, who will win? This is an enjoyable show, with a lot of mysteries and a bit of humor. 

9. Kemono Friends

Kemono Friends is a comical show that comprises 12 episodes, which first aired in 2017. This show was directed by Tatsuki and is an adaptation of a game. 

These episodes take place in Japari Park, where humanoid animals live. One day, Serval watches someone new and asks for their name.

They say that their name is Kanban, but their species is unknown. Serval is determined to find out Kanban’s species but helps her other friends along the way. 

Yet over time, the true nature of Japari Park is revealed. This show will give you slight The Promised Neverland vibes, but it isn’t as dark, and the animation is a joy to watch. 

8. Hakkenden

We have mentioned Hakkendend previously, but this is a different story. This is a new story made up of 13 episodes that was released in 2013. It is an adaptation of a manga written and illustrated by Abe Miyuki.

Hamaji, Shino Inuzuka, and Sousuke Inukawa have watched their village burn, due to a virus. They weren’t supposed to survive, so they are given a choice, if they take it then they will survive.

All they had to do was take hold of a sword. Years later, all three of these characters are living the happiest of lives. 

Until one day when Hamaji is kidnapped. The sword they were told to take has given them special abilities, and Sousuke can turn into a dog.

The boys work together to try and save Hamaji. This is very much an adventure story with a mythical setting that works well together. 

7. Wolf’s Rain

If you love wolf anime, then there is no way you can skip over this series. This is an original anime with 26 episodes that was created in 2003. 

In this world, a legend is spread among the creatures. This legend says that when the end of the world comes, there will be summoning to Utopia.

However, only wolves are able to find their way to Utopia. Many people believe that wolves are extinct, but they are still alive. They have just disguised themselves as humans. 

The wolf we follow in this story is Kiba, she keeps smelling a certain scene, which could be due to Utopia. Kiba follows the scent to the place and notices that there are others there as well.

Evil forces are on their way to try and gain energy to Utopia. 

Wolf’s Rain is very heavily wolf-based, which is thoroughly entertaining.

6. Inuyasha

Inuyasha is seen as a classic anime show. It first aired in 2000, with a run of 167 episodes. The show is an adaptation of the manga series by Takahashi Rumiko. 

During these episodes, we follow 15-year-old Kagome Higurashi. Her life is changed once she meets a demon who drags her into a well.

She ends up being transported to the Sengoku Period and is reincarnated with the Shikon jewel inside her. This jewel grants wishes, thus the demon wants to take the jewel from Kagome. 

To stop the demon she breaks herself into shards, but she must ask the demon dog hybrid, Inuyasha to help her collect all her shards. This then starts a journey to put the jewel back together. 

An anime that has a dog demon, magic, love, loss, action, and adventure. What more could you want?

5. Beastars

Beastars is the anime version of Zootropolis. Animals are just as advanced as humans and have their own societies. Beastars first broadcast in 2019, with 12 episodes, as an adaptation of Itagaki Paru’s manga series. 

This world is made up of just human-like animals. Yet, they still discriminate between carnivores and herbivores. You can see this division the most in Cherryton Academy. We follow a gray wolf named Legooshi, who has lost his friend. 

He meets Haru, a rabbit, and instantly falls in love with her. However, he is a wolf and that clashes with his feelings. Before anything, he has to accept who he is, or he could ruin everything.

This show has beautiful animation and does a great job at showing us our own society differently. Which then has led to wider discussions. 

4. Spice and Wolf

Spice and Wolf is a mixture of romance and economics. We know it sounds like a strange mixture, but it does work! This anime show is made up of 13 episodes that were first shown in 2008. It is based on the light novel by Hasekura Isuna.

In this show, we follow a wolf god known as Holo. She has incredible abilities and powers. To begin with, the residents of Paslode worship Holo for sufficient crops, but as time passes she isn’t needed as much. 

One day Kraft Lawrence, a merchant, passes through Pasloe. Holo asks to join him, and they set off on a journey together. Kraft just wants to open his own shop one day, but nothing is that simple.  

A unique story that will keep you hooked until the very end. 

3. To Your Eternity

To Your Eternity starts airing in 2021, and has been shocking viewers right from its first episode. This show is an adaptation of the manga that is written and illustrated by Ooima Yoshitoki. 

The story is based around an orb that was sent to Earth. What is so special about this orb is that it can transform into whatever it eats. It first transforms into a rock, then moss, and then a wolf that was on the verge of death.

Once it has taken the wolf from, the orb begins to develop consciousness. He meets the wolf’s owner, a young boy that is waiting for his tribe. Yet his tribe doesn’t return, so the boy goes looking for them. 

The boy travels to new places with the wolf in hope of finding his tribe once again. It is a heartwarming story to watch, that will give you a new outlook on life. 

2. Wolf Children

This one almost made it to number 1, however, it has to settle for second place this time. Wolf Children was first released in 2012 and is a 2-hour movie, directed by Hosoda Mamoru. 

We watch a young girl called Hana fall in love. This guy would attend one of Hana’a classes, but he wasn’t part of the class.

What makes this guy so special is that he is a werewolf.  He is in fact, the last werewolf alive, but Hana doesn’t care and the pair end up getting married. 

A couple of years later, Hana had two children named Yuki and Ame, but Hana’s husband had to leave the world. He wasn’t allowed to live his life with his family.

Thus, Hana now has to try and survive the world by herself, but it turns out her children can also turn into wolves.

Hana fears for her children’s safety, so moves them all to the country. We then watch Hana try and survive as a single mother.

This is an emotional film, and we aren’t surprised that it has won so many awards like Animation of the Year. Therefore, there is no excuse not to watch this wolf anime film.

1. Princess Mononoke

It had to come up somewhere on this list, and can we be surprised that it’s number 1. Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke film came out in 1997 and is around 2 hours and 10 mins long. It’s an original anime that was directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

Princess Mononoke is based in the very early days of mankind. A demon boar attacks the Emishi village. Prince Ashitaka fights the boar and ends up killing the boar but pays the price for it.

He is cursed for his deed with incredible power that will start to consume him.

The prince goes to find a cure. On his quest, he ends up at Tatara, the Iron Town. He meets two strong women who have conflicting opinions.

Lady Eboshi is forcing deforestation, while Princess San is against what Lady Eboshi is doing. San has a wolf-like appearance.  The prince tries to resolve the issue and find a cure. 

This film is all about the ongoing debate between technology and nature. It is seen as one of the best Studio Ghibli films being made, as it has won vast amounts of awards. This is all due to the film’s message and criticisms of deforestation. 


There you go, our list of the top 30 best wolf anime of all time. 

There are lots of shows and films to watch when you want to watch some wolf-based anime. We are sure that there is at least one anime on that list that you now want to watch or needs to be added to your to-be-watched list. 

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