Top 13 Hottest Demon Slayer Female Characters Ranked

In today’s article, we are bringing you the 10 hottest female characters from the Demon Slayer anime. For all of our younger viewers, we have included age-appropriate characters for this listing so that all of you guys can take part.

This anime has been popular ever since the first season was released in 2019. Since then, we have had a movie for this anime and there is a second season for the anime in production right now.

There are many reasons why fans have been attracted to this anime. The art style is interesting, clean, and beautiful, giving anyone that watches a real feast for the eyes.

On top of that, the series is full of great comedic moments, intriguing characters, and a story that literally grips you from episode 1.

We have Akira Matsushima to thank for the amazing character design and for the amazing story that surrounds them.

But, that is enough waffling, we are sure that you are excited to find out which female characters
from this anime are the hottest. So, without further ado, let us take a look.

1. Hinatsuru – The Third Wife Of Tengen

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This character is the third wife of Tengen Uzui and is the most level-headed of his three wives.

Hinatsuru is a dependable and intelligent person and can definitely be counted on when situations get dangerous. She is also a kunoichi and so has many skills associated with the female ninja groups.

She is a very beautiful woman and anyone that watches Demon Slayer would note that her appearance is eye-catching. On top of that, she is a very caring person, which only adds to her overall appeal.

It is little wonder that she made it onto this list.

2. Kotoha Hashibira

Kotoha is the mother of Inosuke, and she certainly deserves to be on the list for the hottest female characters in Demon Slayer.

She is extremely beautiful, so much so that the Upper Moon 2, Doma fell deeply in love with her and desired her hand in marriage.

But Kotoha is more than just a pretty face, she is also greatly talented in singing. That coupled with her loving nature really makes her stand out among the other hot female characters from Demon Slayer.

3. Makio – First Wife Of Tengen

This character is a headstrong Kunoichi, or female ninja. She is one of Tengen Uzui’s three wives.

She stands out from her peers because of her strangely colored hair. The blonde fringe and black hair are really striking and only add to her overall attractiveness.

Makio tends to be a little short-tempered, but underneath her facade, she is a very caring character.

Her skill in stealth and ninja arts really makes her all the more amazing. It is little wonder that she was a fan favorite for most attractive Demon Slayer characters.

4. Suma – The Second Wife Of Tengen

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This Demon Slayer character is one of the three wives of Tengen. She is a petite and beautiful woman. Her personality tends to be quite dramatic, and she is easily influenced by those around her.

As a Kunoichi, Suma is very skilled at what she does and gets her work done despite her personality and cute appearance.

She has a tendency to be quite childish and depends on those around her, which adds to her overall personality and physical appeal.

5. Mother Spider Demon

This character has an almost ethereal appearance, her long white hair and strange facial markings make her an interesting character to look at. But, despite all of that, she is actually an attractive character and that is why we have put her on this list.

While she appears ruthless and unfeeling in the series, we uncover her past and that she did not have the best life before, and even in her current situation, she has grown fearful of the father spider demon and Rui who have abused her.

What makes this character so attractive is not only her looks, but also the way she grows as a character. She becomes sympathetic toward humans. This revelation in her causes her to be abused further by her family.

Seeing her treated in such a way really makes you feel sorry for her, and that in tandem with her appearance is why she appears on this list.

6. Nakime

This demon became one of the members of the Upper Moon 4 after a character named Hantengu died. Her other name is the ‘Biwa Demon’ this comes from the instrument that she is often seen playing.

She is seen as a rather straightforward and yet calm character.

While her character was not as lovable as many of the other female characters on this list, Nakime is still a rather attractive character overall, which is why she made it onto this list.

7. Tamayo

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This female character used to be a doctor of great skill, she is also a demon that was converted by Muzan. She has a very serene and soothing appearance, which suits her calm and gentle demeanor.

In the anime, when we see her, she is portrayed as someone that has dedicated her life to research while still showing kindness toward humans.

As the first season unravels, we get to see her contribute toward the fall of the demon who changed her.

If her selfless nature and gentle beauty were not enough, Tamayo also loves to help out the main character. If that does not make her even more attractive, I do not know what does.

8. Ruko Rengoku

This character is the mother of Kyojuro Rengoku, a member of the elite Demon Slayer Corps.

She only appears briefly in the Mugen Train Arc but even that short time was enough for everyone to take note of this beautiful and unique woman.

Ruko is gentle, poised, and elegant in everything she does. She has strong values and tends to be quite proper. Her most striking physical feature has to be her deep red eyes.

Ruko is a strong encouraging force for her son, who is known as the Flame Hashira. Her strong morality and kindness are certainly a big part of what makes her so attractive as a Demon Slayer character.

9. Kanae Kocho

This character was killed several years prior to the anime and was the Flower Hashira. She is also the older sister of the current Insect Hashira. In the anime, she displayed great kindness and devotion in order to achieve her goals.

As a background character, Kanae did not receive much screen time. But, the few times we saw her, she made a big impression on the Demon Slayer fans.

Her adorable appearance and extreme kindness are just a few things that made her a fan favorite.

Her desire to live in harmony with demons was another thing that made her such an appealing and attractive character to the fans.

10. Shinobu Kocho

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Shinobu is a fun and playful character who loves to tease those she calls friend. Even though she is almost sadistic as far as characters go, many of the Demon Slayer fans would die to get some attention from her.

She is a truly stunning character to look at. But, other than this, she is also very skilled in the art of poison.

11. Daki

Daki is a member of the Twelve Kizuki, an organization made up of the 12 strongest demons. They will have fed on large quantities of Muzan’s blood, which made their power and strength increase.

This character is the second holder of the Upper Rank 6. This title was her brother’s at one point as well.

Since becoming a demon, she has maintained her attractive features, which is one reason she ranks so highly as an attractive female character from Demon Slayer.

As a demon, Daki’s appearance only gets better when you find out that she was a high-ranking oiran or courtesan in the Red-Light District.

On top of being stunningly beautiful, Daki is also a caring character deep down, and this is just the cherry on top for a character as hot as her.

12. Muzen Kibutsuji

This character is a demon who has the ability to shape-shift and use biokinesis.

Her ability to change from male to female While Muzan is technically the bad guy, everybody just loves the feminine form he chose when attending the Lower Rank Demon meeting.

But do not let this beautiful woman fool you. While she may appear beautiful and ethereal, she is a deadly force to be reckoned with when enraged.

We even get to see this when Muzen slaughters many demons at the Lower Rank Demon Meeting. But, who doesn’t love an attractive villain who can shape-shift into such a beautiful woman?

13. Mitsuri Kanroji

In first place is Mitsuri, she is without a doubt the most attractive character in Demon Slayer.

With so many fans of her, it is no wonder she ended up at the top of the list. She is a member of the Demon Slayer Corps and is known as the Love Hashira. Mitsuri has a friendly yet adorable demeanor

In addition to that, this character is supportive and always happy to show those around her that she loves and cares for them.

So, her attractive physical appearance and caring personality are what make her the hottest female character from Demon Slayer. #

Final Thoughts

That is all for this article. Did we miss anyone out that you thought should have been on this list? If so, feel free to tell us who should be on the hottest female character from Demon Slayer list and why.

We hope that you enjoyed reading about these amazing female characters, and hopefully, you enjoyed our list. With that, we wish you a fantastic day and bid you farewell.

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