The Top 20 Most Sensational Black Female Anime Characters!

Anime is a world completely dominated by white characters, with most female characters being described as beautiful thanks to their pale white skin. And, that’s completely fine, but some diversity is needed in order to better represent the wide variety of ethnicities that the world is home to.

Luckily, there are some non-white female characters within anime, even if they’re a bit rarer to come across.

It’s a shame that finding a black female character in anime is uncommon, but more and more anime are learning to diversify their characters, and there are some pretty amazing black females in anime that you will absolutely fall in love with!

To make sure that you can name at least a few black female characters within anime, we have put together a list that includes some of our favorite black female anime characters, who are incredibly sensational, and full of personality.

These ladies fulfill all sorts of roles within the story, and they are powerful and memorable in different unique ways.

Are you ready to meet them? Then let’s get right into it!

Most Sensational Black Female Anime Characters!

1. April (From Darker Than Black)

April (from Darker than Black)
Source: ACDB

April, from Darker than Black, is an agent that works very closely with November 11 and July. She has blue hair and golden eyes and often wears knee-high boots and a coat with fur linings.

Not much is known about her backstory, making her a bit of a mystery, but she is addicted to alcohol, which indicates she might have some tragic secrets in her past. Oh, and she is incredibly skilled as an agent, so she quickly gains the respect of those that encounter her!

2. Atsuko Jackson (From Michiko To Hatchin)

It is rare to come across a good female black character in anime and rarer still to come across one that rocks the natural afro hair like a queen. But, Atsuko Jackson does just that!

She is a police officer that grew up in the orphanage, with Michiko Milandro (one of the protagonists), and she now finds herself pursuing her friend!

The relationship between Atsuko and Michiko is complicated, to say the least, and Atsuko can’t bring herself to arrest her old friend. However, this is why this character is so amazing, she has depth!

3. Canary Hunter (From Hunter x Hunter)

Canary Hunter is an amazing black female character from Hunter x Hunter, with thick afro hair, gray eyes, and a cute round face.

She’s a teenager, but she has the very difficult job of being a bodyguard, and she takes that role pretty seriously. She wears the Zoldyck butler suit, and she will go to any lengths to protect the people she cares for.

And, despite being quite strict about her job, she knows when to bend the rules for the greater good, which is why we love her so much!

4. Casca (From Berserk)

Casca is a strong black female character from Berserk, who we absolutely love. She is cold-hearted and strong, with good judgment and the ability to wield a sword better than most men.

However, despite the rugged appearance and the bulky armor, she is a kind-hearted woman that simply wants to be accepted as a warrior and to be respected for her skills and strength.

She has an iconic pixie cut and is often described as having an angelic face with angry brows.

5. Choi Mochimazzi (From Tamako Market)

Black female characters in anime tend to be strong and powerful, but they can also be gentle and cute! Choi Mochimazzi, for example, is incredibly cute, with deep magenta eyes and a short bob of dark hair. She dresses in a traditional Japanese dress and always walks around barefoot.

Personality-wise, she is polite and soft-spoken, always striving for justice and kindness. However, she can sometimes become quite shy when she doesn’t quite know a person, and can easily become suspicious.

6. Coffee (From Cowboy Bebop)

Cowboy Bebop is one of the most iconic anime of all time. It features an equally iconic black female character that rocks the natural afro hair with confidence. She’s tall and slender, with brown eyes and her big beautiful hair.

She is a bounty hunter, like most characters in the anime, and she manages to go about her days with grace and elegance, dodging the dangers and overall just being amazing at what she does! Such an icon and role model!

7. Heles (From Dragon Ball Z God Of Destruction)

Heles is an absolutely stunning black female character that kind of looks like a combination of Cleopatra and Nefertiti, so you know, the epitome of beauty.

Within the universe of her anime, she is also considered to be extremely beautiful, although she is actually the Goddess of Destruction.

She wears traditional Egyptian clothes and she is known for standing up to the ruthless ways of the other Gods, as she would rather be kind.

8. Hild (From Ho My Goddess)

Hild is a stunning black female character from Ho My Goddess, who is actually a demon. She is stronger in power than the three Goddesses combined and is the mother of Urd. She has white hair and violet eyes, which beautifully contrast her skin. She also wears revealing clothes.

She also wears gold bands on her wrists, fingers, and ankles, which are designed to suppress her powers!

9. Hilda (From Eureka Seven)

Hilda, from Eureka Seven, is an amazing character that most fans love. She is a pilot, in a relationship with another pilot (although it is not confirmed whether they are actually married or not!).

She is a bit of a mother figure to the children of Eureka, and she is beloved for her calm and friendly disposition. But also, she works as the manager in a shop for mechanical parts, so she’s quite busy!

10. Hiryute Sisters (From Danmachi)

The Hiryute Sisters, called Tione and Tiona, are two black female sisters from Danmachi. Tione has long hair and green eyes, and Tiona has short hair and brown eyes, so that is how you can tell them apart!

They also have completely different personalities, despite being twins, although both of them walk barefoot, and tend to wear revealing clothes.

11. Karui (From Naruto Shippuden)

Karui (from Naruto Shippuden)
Source: Narutopedia

Naruto Shippuden is one of the best anime shows ever, so it is no wonder that it is full of amazing characters that many love. Karui, in particular, is a strong and outspoken black female character with long spiky hair and amber eyes.

She is competitive and impulsive, and sometimes her emotions can get the better out of her. But she’s pretty powerful and strong. Not to mention that she carries a long sword and is basically an Afro Samurai, pretty sensational if you ask us.

12. Michiko Milandro (From Michiko To Hatchin)

Michiko Milandro is by far one of the most iconic black female characters in anime and one of our favorite protagonists.

She is tall, sexy, and beautiful, and is not afraid to embrace her body and femininity. In fact, she knows how to use it to her advantage when needed, as she is full of cunning.

She’s a bit of a wild card, with an impressive temper, but she is full of kindness and impossible not to love.

She is a character with plenty of depth, with a stubborn and hard exterior that helps her survive, that surely hides a soul full of love and feelings on the inside.

13. Mila Rose (From Bleach)

Mila Rose, from Bleach, is an Arrancar. She is easily recognizable by her big boobs and sexy demeanor, as well as her incredibly long brown hair, and green eyes.

On the surface, she is sadistic and ruthless, incredibly skilled in battle, and rational in her decision-making. However, deep down she is really caring and would do anything for the comrades she loves.

14. Mira Naigus (From Soul Eater)

Mira Naigus is an impressive character from Soul Eater, with blue eyes, and beautiful dreadlocks that embody her ethnicity in a proud manner.

She is a teacher, within the series, and loves her students passionately. However, she is cynical and cold when needed and has fought her way up to a high rank, where she can put her skills to use as a great leader.

15. Miyuki Ayukawa (From Basquash)

Miyuki Ayukawa (from Basquash)
Source: Heroes Wiki

Miyuki Ayukawa is an impressive character who is an engineer, boasting of both beauty and brains.

She has striking violet eyes, and she grew up admiring her childhood friend Dan, in secret, which makes her really endearing right from the very beginning.

She isn’t a pilot, as most of the other important characters, but as an engineer, she’s in charge of repairing the Big Foot robots. Without her, the team simply wouldn’t be able to function!

16. S.A.M. (From Cannon Busters)

S.A.M. is a super interesting character from Cannon Busters that is actually an android with super intelligence. She has light blonde hair, blue eyes (that sometimes turn red), and beautiful black skin. She also wears a white leotard with gold, which makes her pretty iconic!

She is friendly and likable, but she can transform into a weapon of destruction, so you better be careful around her! That being said, S.A.M. would never hurt those she loves, and in fact, she would give her life for them!

17. Sister Krone (From The Promised Neverland)

A character doesn’t have to be good in order to be sensational, and Sister Krone, from The Promised Neverland, proves just that!

This character has an affectionate and warm exterior, that almost makes her likable if you let your guard down. But underneath the surface, she is aggressive and cunning, able to manipulate those around her with ease, which is what makes her such an impressive character and villain!

Appearance-wise, Sister Krone is pretty intimidating, with big muscles and a strong face. She tries to take over the orphanage, by cleverly planning to take Isabella down. But don’t worry, she doesn’t succeed in the end!

18. Umiko Ahagon (From New Game)

Umiko Ahagon, from New Game, is a strong black female character that works as a strict programmer. She comes across as mean and harsh, in the beginning, but soon becomes kind and friendly once you get to know her. She is also obsessed with her hobby, which is airsoft!

19. Ymir (From Attack On Titan)

Attack on Titan is full of amazing characters and Ymir is one of the fan favorites. She has brown hair and golden eyes, with beautiful black skin.

She is distant and cold, except for when she is with Christa, who she cares for above all else. However, this is due to a dark past.

She was regarded as a goddess before she joined the scout regiment but was then brutally betrayed, so Ymir decided that she should only ever live for herself, and never again for others (although this changes when she meets Christa).

She is also the Jaw Titan, and considered to be one of the most intelligent of the Titans, which is pretty impressive!

20. Yoruichi Shihoin (From Bleach)

Yoruichi Shihoin, from Bleach, is a beautiful black female character that can turn into a cat form, and she is the princess of the Shihoin clan, making her quite important!

Despite being a noble, she is down to earth and chill, and would rather be called by her name than by any silly titles. She is carefree, full of wit, and incredibly powerful. You would not want to bet against her, that’s for sure!

She has violet hair and hazel eyes, with a slender and agile body. And, she loves shifting into her cat form in front of Ichigo (the protagonist) just to tease him!

Final Thoughts

There are more black female characters in anime that you can discover, especially with anime becoming more and more diverse every day.

However, we hope that the ones we included on our list are a good stepping stone for you, as they truly are some of the most amazing and powerful who are loved by all fans!

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