The 30 Best Anime Girls With White Hair

Anime is no stranger when it comes to non-conventional hair colors for their characters. In fact, anime has become synonymous with characters that have some of the most outrageous hairstyles in animation! 

That eccentricity carries over to the color of the character’s hair, with every color of the rainbow represented somewhere across the expansive world of anime.

White isn’t a particularly daring choice of hair color for anime characters, but it is certainly striking and anime characters that don a head of white hair tend to catch the eye more often than not. 

White hair can be stunning for both male and female anime characters, but it is the ladies of anime that we are going to be looking at in this particular list.

We are going to be traversing the vast ocean of anime and looking at 30 of the best female anime characters – from across anime series and video games – that have those luscious white locks! Let’s get started. 

1. Kanna- Inuyasha

Kanna is an antagonist from the Inuyasha anime series, acting as the first incarnation of the show’s primary villain, Naraku.

Kanna is basically an empty shell that is used by Naruku to do his bidding, but she still has human-like emotions that she struggles to express and even has an artistic side, reciting poetry at certain times in the show. 

Kanna’s white hair and all-white outfit are a complete contradiction of her villainous nature, seeing as white is a color that suggests purity and innocence.

Her deep black eyes are more in line with her true nature, whilst her blank, almost lifeless expression is indicative of her role as a pawn in Naruka’s grander schemes. 

Japanese Voice- Yukana Nogami

English Dub- Janyse Jaud

2. Kaguya Otsutsuki- Naruto

Next up, we have another villain in a major anime series: Princess Kaguya Otsutsuki. Kaguya is the main antagonist in Naruto.

And she has a very imposing nature, with her statuesque form, her red lips, her pupil-less eyes, and – of course – that unnaturally long white hair giving her an incredibly ominous and inhuman look.

Japanese Voice: Mami Koyama

English Dub: Cissy Jones

3. Koko Hekamatyar- Jormungand

Koko is the protagonist of the anime series Jormungand, and whilst she isn’t exactly a villain, she is a somewhat eccentric character who is involved in the murky and morally bankrupt world of arms dealing. 

Koko is an interesting character, with an enigmatic personality. She can come across as immature at times, but can very quickly revert to a businesswoman who is in control of her surroundings.

Koko has long white hair, very pale skin, and light blue eyes, all of which come together to create a unique character whose eccentricities are suggested through her outward appearance. 

Japanese Voice: Shizuka Ito

English Dub: Anastasia Munoz

4. Mirajane Strauss- Fairy Tail

Mirajane is a magical character from the Fairy Tail series who takes on a mothering role within her guild.

She is incredibly kind and caring, treating everyone that she comes across in her adventures- including strangers- with kindness.  Mirajane wasn’t always a bundle of sunshine and joy, though.

In her younger years, she had a reputation for being fearsome, temperamental, and foul-mouthed, so much so that she was known throughout the different guilds for her bad attitude and worse behavior. 

Her personality changed significantly after an incident that involved the apparent death of her sister. This was ultimately not the case – as her sister is very much alive.

But she changed her ways and became the caring character that she is known as now. Mirajane has long white hair, and her younger sister-  Lisanna – also shares this trait with her.

Japanese Voice: Ryoko Ono

English Dub: Monica Rial

5. Lisanna Strauss- Fairy Tail

Whilst we are on the subject of Fairy Tail, Mirajane’s little sister has the same bright white locks that her sibling does, only hers is cut short whilst Mirajane’s is worn long. 

Lisanna was presumed dead by her peers and her sister after an incident, but she is alive and is a very important part of Mirajane’s life.

Much like Mirajane, she is also a kind and caring character whose white hair makes her stand out from the crowd.

Japanese Voice: Harumi Sakurai

English Dub: Carrie Savage

6. Sorana (Angel)- Fairy Tail

Sorana was once known by the code name “Angel” and is a practitioner of Angel Magic as well as a former Celestial Spirit Mage and a member of one of the most powerful Dark Guilds. 

Sorano was abducted by the followers of Zeref as a child- one of the main antagonists of the series- and was forced to become a slave to help with the construction of the Tower of Heaven, a taboo magical tower that can bring the dead back to life. 

Despite being initially kind and sweet as a child, her experience as a slave and a follower of Zeref soon turned her into a cruel and harsh individual, as well as becoming incredibly vain and arrogant.

Her long white hair is certainly eye-catching and only emphasizes her villainous nature.  

Japanese Voice: Fuyuka Oura

English Dub: Lindsay Seidel

7. Yukino Agria- Fairy Tail

It feels rude to mention Sorano without mentioning her sister, Yukino. Yukino is a member of the strongest Guild in the Fiore and has a similar look to that of Lisanna Strauss, who is also on this list thanks to her white hair.

Yukino’s white hair is a little different from her sister’s, as it is cut very short and has some tinges of silvery blue. 

Whilst her parents were killed and Sorano was captured by Zeref’s followers, Yukino managed to escape thanks to Sorano’s protection. As a character.

Yukino is confident in herself and her magical abilities. She may be a little overconfident and tenacious at times, but she is certainly more sensitive than her sister.

She is also polite and respectful towards her opponents, rather than spiteful like Sorano.

Japanese Voice: Fukyuka Oura

English Dub: Mallorie Rodak 

8. Elizabeth Liones- Seven Deadly Sins

Elizabeth is the deuteragonist of the light novel/anime/manga series The Seven Deadly Sins, with long white/silver hair that reaches her waist and bangs that cover her right eye.

She has a sophisticated look, which is no surprise seeing as she is the third adoptive princess of the Kingdom of Liones. She is also the lover of the Kingdom’s Captain of the Guard, Meliodas. 

Though initially appearing to be a relatively fragile and timid character, her bravery and selflessness soon become clear (even if she can be a little gullible at times!). Elizabeth is also a polite and caring woman but struggles with low self-esteem. 

Japanese Voice: Sora Amamiya

English Dub: Erika Harlacher

9. Meiko (Menma) Honma- Anohana

Meiko – whose nickname is Menma – is a tragic character in that whilst she is the protagonist of the series Anohana, she appears as a ghost as she passed away before the events of the show begin. 

We see her when she is five years old, before the accident that took her life, then we see how she might look if she had the chance to get older. She looks identical to her young design, only taller and with slightly longer hair.

Her hair is more akin to a silver color than completely white, but it works with her bright blue eyes and incredibly pale skin to give her a ghostly aura. 

Japanese Voice: Ai Kayano

English Dub: Xanthe Huynh

10. Kyoko Kirigiri- Danganronpa

Kyoko is a character from the visual novel/action-adventure game series Danganronpa.

She is a high school student at Hope’s Peak Academy and was introduced in the 2010 video game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. She has purple eyes and long, white hair with purple tinges and full bangs. 

Kyoko has amnesia, which gives her a somewhat mysterious vibe. She is also incredibly calm and collected despite the situations that she finds herself in (such as discovering a dead body!).

She can be quite cold, but she is not completely immune to her emotions, even if she is good at hiding them. 

Japanese Voice: Yoko Hikasa

English Dub: Erika Harlacher and Caitlin Glass

11. Sakura Ogami- Danganronpa

Sticking with the Danganronpa series, Sakura is a character who is a little different from the others that we have mentioned here in terms of design.

She is also a student at Hope’s Peak Academy, but is often mistaken for a man due to her tall and muscular physique. 

Sakura was the only daughter who was born into her clan, and so she decided that to prove her worth, she would become stronger than every single man in her family.

Sakura went above and beyond her duties, surpassing even her father in strength by the time that she was 14. 

After easily achieving her goal of becoming the strongest in her family, she developed a more ambitious goal of one day earning the title of the Strongest Human Alive.

Her long, white hair contrasts her dark skin and muscular body perfectly to create a character who has a different design to stereotypical female anime characters, but who is no less beautiful. 

Japanese Voice: Kujira

English Dub: Jessica-Gee George

12. Isla- Plastic Memories

Isla is the main female protagonist of the anime series Plastic Memories. She has long white hair (obviously!) – with some purple tinges – that is pulled back into twin pigtails, as well as red eyes and full bangs. 

Isla works at Terminal Service One, a unit that focuses on the well-being of Giftias (androids with synthetic souls in the Plastic Memories universe). Isla is a marksman for Terminal Service One and is a Giftia herself.

She displays very little emotion and is innocent in her ways, not having much understanding of social cues. Despite this, Isla feels strongly about the emotions of others and displays a caring and selfless attitude. 

Japanese Voice: Sora Amamiya

13. Noire (Black Heart)- Hyperdimension Neptunia

Hyper Dimension Neptunia is a video game series set in a world that is ruled over by four goddesses who are also the personifications of video game consoles.

Noire – also known as Black Heart – is the personification of the PlayStation console. 

Noire has several forms and – as her name suggests – some of these forms have black hair. However, her Black Heart form has striking white hair, long white bangs, and sparkling crystal blue eyes.

When in her Black Heart form, Noire’s kind and calm persona transforms into an aggressively competitive and tempered one.

Japanese Voice: Asami Imai

English Dub: Erin Fitzgerald and Erica Mendez

14. Uni- Hyperdimension Neptunia 

Uni is the younger sister of Noire and much like her sibling, she too has a different form that turns her black locks into white ones.

Uni’s appearance changes when she turns into her Black Sister persona, resembling Noire’s Black Heart look almost identically. 

She dons white, curly pigtails and has bright green eyes when in this form. In both her normal and her Black Sister forms, Uni still appears to be a lot friendlier than her older sister Noire. 

Japanese Voice: Eri Kitamura

English Dub: Sarah Anne Williams

15. Lysithea- Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Lysithea appears in the Nintendo Switch video game Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which is a part of the well-known Fire Emblem series of video games.

Lysithea is a student at the Officer’s Academy in the game, hailing from the Leicester Alliance and initially being a member of the Golden Deer House. 

Lysithea’s white hair and unusual pink eyes have a backstory to them. Lysithea was the victim of the war within Fodlan, as she and other children were experimented on by the Adrestian Empire to punish the Leicester Alliance.

The experiments were intended to see if a human could be implanted with two Crests (tokens of power granted to humans that give them special abilities). 

Lysithea was the only survivor, gaining two Crests but also changing her hair to white, her eyes to pink, and severely reducing the length of her life.

Three Houses is not the only anime franchise that offers an explanation for the unnatural coloring of a female character’s hair, but it integrates it excellently into Lysithea’s narrative in the game.  

Japanese Voice: Aoi Yuki

English Dub: Janice Kawaye

16. Edelgard- Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Edelgard is another character from the Fire Emblem: Three Houses video game, sporting platinum blonde/white hair and light purple eyes.

She is the princess and future emperor of the Adrestian Empire and is the leader of the Black Eagles House at the Officer’s Academy. 

Much like Lysithea, Edelgard was also experimented on – alongside her siblings – when a group of nobles conspired against her family.

She, too, was the only survivor of horrific experiments, with the intentions of her ones being to implant the Crest of Flames within a human. Her hair turned white as a side effect, whilst her eyes gained an unnatural purple hue. 

Japanese Voice: Ai Kakuma

English Dub: Tara Platt

17. Orphelia Landlufen- Gakusen Toshi Asterisk 

Though from a different franchise, Orphelia is another character whose abnormal hair color was gained through unethical experimentation.

In the dystopian world of the light novels turned anime series that is Gakusen Toshi Asterisk, Orphelia is used as collateral to pay off a debt and ends up being sold to a mega-corporation. 

They use her to try and artificially create a Genestella (a person with superhuman abilities). Orphelia’s hair turns white, and her eyes turn red due to the experiments. 

Japanese Voice: Sakamoto Maaya

English Dub: Ryan Bartley

18. Nerferpitou- Hunter x Hunter

Nefrerpitou hails from the Hunter x Hunter anime series and is a cat-humanoid creature with short, wavy white hair, cat ears, a cat tail, and bright red eyes.

Neferpitou is the most ambiguous character on this list – with suggestions of them being both male and female. 

Japanese Voice: Ayumi Fujimura

English Dub: Sarah Williams

19. Koneko Toujou- High School DxD

Koneko is initially withdrawn and cold when she first appeared in the anime High School DXD – due to witnessing a traumatic event – but she is also a caring person who looks out for her friends.

When she is in her Nekomata form, Koneko has white cat ears – much like the previously mentioned Nerferpitou – and two white cattails alongside her white hair. 

20. Librorum Prohibitoru Index- Magic Side; in Toaru Majutsu no Index

Known simply as Index, this white-haired character is the female protagonist in the Magic Side anime.

Her name is based on the Index Librorum Prohibitorum- or The List of Forbidden Books-, which is a list of prohibited publications as designated by the Roman Catholic Church. 

Index’s background is largely unknown due to her periodic memory loss, but she has the power of Perfect Memory and is unable to become poisoned by the effects of reading through grimoires, eventually becoming a vessel of the grimoires.

Her long white hair emphasizes the religious undertones of the anime that she stars in, thanks to the innocence and purity that the color symbolizes. 

Japanese Voice: Iguchi Yaka

English Dub: Monica Rial

21. Nao Tomori- Charlotte

Tomori is one of the main characters in the series Charlotte, and she has long, whitish-gray hair that is tied up into two pigtails. Nao manages to be intelligent and hardworking whilst also being self-righteous and narcissistic.

Despite this, she is still caring towards her friends and even manages to help one of them recover from severe depression after the loss of a friend. 

Japanese Voice Actor: Ayane Sakura

English Dub: Lauren Landa

22. Canaan- Canaan

Canaan is the protagonist of the self-titled anime -Canaan- that centers on three women and their connection to an anti-terrorism summit that is due to happen in Shanghai, China.

Canaan herself has short, white hair with full bangs, and she is a mercenary operating in Shanghai. 

Canaan is the definition of a badass female anime character, expertly skilled in various forms of combat and a skilled marksman.

Canaan also has an ability called synesthesia, letting her focus and bring her senses together to act as a radar of sorts, as well as aiding her with hacking and dodging bullets. 

Japanese Voice: Miyuki Sawashiro

English Dub: Shelley Calene- Black

23. Kanade Tachibana (Angel)- Angel Beats

Kanade – otherwise known by her nickname Angel – is another white-haired beauty who features in the Angel Beats anime.

She is the Student Council President, but rarely shows any outward emotion, despite her role as the council president revolving around helping students to deal with their own emotions. 

Japanese Voice: Kana Hanazawa

English Dub: Emily Neves

24. Togame- Katanagatari

Togame is one of the protagonists of the Katanagatari series and much like Sakura from Danganronpa, she has a unique look that sets her apart from some of the anime girls on this list.

This time though, it is due to the chosen art style for the series, adopting a very cartoon-like nature, even more so than regular anime. Togame has white hair and bright pink eyes that suit her cartoony style perfectly. 

Japanese Voice: Yukari Tamura

25. Tama- Selector Infected WIXOSS

Selector Infected Wixoss is an anime all about a card game of the same name, and Tama features as one of the card types who are eventually turned into a human.

She has bright white hair and silver eyes too, giving her a very pale and somewhat unusual appearance that emphasizes her initial position as an ethereal card rather than a human. 

Japanese Voice: Misaki Kuno

English Dub: Monica Rial

26. Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois- Dog Days

Leonmitchelli – or Leo – is the leader and princess of the Galette Lion Territory in the Dog Days anime series.

She is another character that has long, white hair with full bangs, but she also dons some braids woven into it as well as a pair of white cat ears. 

This look suits the rest of her feline appearance, with yellow eyes and one fang in her mouth. Though seemingly a ruthless and cold-hearted ruler, Leo later becomes a much more open and friendly character. 

Japanese Voice: Ami Koshimizu

27. Shiro- Deadman Wonderland 

Shiro is an interesting white-haired anime character, as she – like some of the other characters that we have mentioned – has a reason as to why her hair is that color.

Shiro is albino, so she has completely white hair as well as white eyebrows and eyelashes, along with red eyes. It is fascinating to see another anime character that has some reasoning behind the unusual hair color!

Japanese Voice: Kana Hanazawa

English Dub: Monica Rial

28. Illyasviel von Einzbern- Fate Series

An antagonist turned anti-hero, Illyasviel is a German aristocrat who appears in the Fate series anime.

Illyasviels Germanic roots are emphasized with her white hair, whilst her red eyes are a somewhat intimidating indicator that- at least for a little while- she was not a character to be trusted. 

Japanese Voice: Mai Kadowaki

English Dub: Stephanie Sheh

29. Seitenshi- Black Bullet

Black Bullet’s Seitenshi is a serious and strict young woman due to her role as the Governor of the Tokyo Area.

Her short, white hair and bright blue eyes make her stand out and give her an intimidating- yet still somewhat gentle and incredibly beautiful- aura.

Her hair color automatically lets us know that Seitenshi is someone to be remembered as well as someone to be reckoned with!

Japanese Voice: Aki Toyosake

English Dub: Carli Mosier

30. Najenda- Akame ga Kill!

Another total badass of an anime lady, Najenda is the head of the assassin group known as the Night Raid in the anime series Akame ga Kill! (or just Akame).

She is a level-headed soldier and a skilled fighter, but she still maintains her gentle nature when she needs to.

Najenda rocks the tomboyish white-haired look, with a white/silver pixie cut and dark purple eyes. She also has an eye patch, which honestly just makes her that much cooler. 

Japanese Voice: Risa Mizuno 

English Dub: Shelley Calene-Black

Final Thoughts

So there you have 30 lovely anime ladies (or 29 lovely anime ladies and one lovely non-gender specific anime character), all of whom are easily able to pull off the white-haired look with style and grace. 

It is interesting to see the different kinds of white-haired women in anime.

Some have backstories or medical conditions to explain the paleness of their hair, some have it as a special feature to emphasize their beauty or their innocence, whilst others use it to stand out so that you know they are the villain! 

No matter what reason it is for, there is no doubting that anime girls with white hair will always have something about them that makes them unique, and their white locks only add to this special nature.

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