No Game No Life Season 2: Everything You Need To Know

Fans of the famous Japanese anime series “No Game No Life,” which is now showing on Netflix, are wondering if the streaming juggernaut would extend the program for a second season after the completion of the show’s first season.

A fantastic venue for some of the best anime presently available on the market, Netflix has turned into a fantastic resource. Additionally, the episode may be seen on the well-known online video streaming service Crunchyroll, which offers a varied range of Japanese comics, anime, and dramas (classic as well as modern).

Hulu and Amazon Prime are two more streaming alternatives for the “No Game, No Life” series, both of which are available for purchase.

But is there a second season coming? Let’s find out today!

No Game No Life Season 2 Everything You Need To Know

Everything We Know About No Game No Life

The series, which is based on Y Kamiya’s Japanese novels, preserves a wealth of literary appeal and an extraordinary personality.

This anime series is a perfect match for the ‘Isekai’ subgenre. Since the series debuted in April 2014, Atsuko Ishizuka’s directorial talent has made it a fan favorite.

The performance lasted until June of the following year. It got so popular that a prequel film was released on 12th July 2017. Season one gave fans much to look forward to, from Disbord’s several races to a captivating overarching narrative.

The bulk of them are anticipating a confrontation between Shiro and Sora. That is one hell of a battle if ever there was one! While the literature has undoubtedly addressed these concerns, not every anime viewer is fluent in Japanese.

Fans cry out for more! They want to see more of this story, learn about its characters, and have their questions regarding the series’ first season addressed. Netflix has a track record of approving programs with a high viewership rating. 

This series meets every requirement, indicating the forthcoming release of a second season of “No Game, No Life.”

At this point, we are yet to have official confirmation of the second season, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate about what it could look like or when it will be! There is plenty to suggest that a second season is on its way!

The novels are still running, with the latest installment being released on 25th January 2018 by author Yū Kamiya. That year, as well as in 2016, he published just one book. The year 2021 has passed, and no more light novels have been released, leaving fans to speculate on the series’ likely end in 2022.

Video games, light novels, and, of course, manga adaptations are all part of anime. The first season of “No Game No Life” and the film version were both adapted from light novels by Yū Kamiya. Season two, it’s self-evident, will take a radically different approach.

Indeed, it is precisely for these reasons why millions of fans are clamoring for a second season of “No Game No Life”: unresolved story arcs and character journeys.

In Japan, eleven volumes of light novels have been published. Additionally, the books have a few manga adaptations.

The first is a sequel, but the second is a spin-off. Kamiya released the latest volume of this very popular anime on 25th January 2018.

The light novel volumes 1-3 were utilized to create the whole of season one, and we know that book 6 was substantially adapted for the cinema adaptation.

This implies that if and when season two is released, light novel volume 4 will serve as the series’ continuation.

Thousands of people worldwide appreciate the show without a doubt. This is even though the series’ official website was last updated in 2018.

The showrunners have remained quiet on season 2 of “No Game No Life” since they shared their thoughts on ‘Guidebook.’


Anyone who is a Twitter follower of the series can testify to its popularity. Season 1 will be replayed, according to a recent message from the show’s official Twitter account. This announcement was made on June 25, 2018.

So far, there have been no season 2 tweets. However, we should not give up hope and should continue looking for other indications.


When we look at the patterns from season 2, we notice that there are none. Rather than that, the tendency is downward. It reached a high in early 2020 and has since dropped.

The show’s popularity is certain to decline as a result of the producers’ failure to divulge a season 2 strategy. This is not a good indication, and we hope the studio and the individuals responsible recognize it.

Organic Google searches for a certain term indicate the number of individuals who are interested in learning more about that subject. The fact that these individuals bothered to do a Google search demonstrates their genuine interest.

As you can see, worldwide searches have topped 72K, more than double the previous record set only a few months ago. In recent months, search activity has continued to decline, which might be linked to a lack of information regarding season 2, which has disappointed fans.

Nevertheless, demand for demon slayer season 2 and one punch man season 3 remains rather strong. Several anime series that had been dormant for an extended period was resurrected this year.

According to speculations, the anime’s creator, Yū Kamiya, has been experiencing some minor health issues. Before the development of any script for a visual adaptation, light novels were always the first to hit the market.

Fans of “Noragami” had a similar issue, which ended in the show’s third season being canceled. With the release of the prequel film “No Game,” the series got a much-needed boost in popularity and finance.

Additionally, it fanned the flames of hope for a potential second season in the hearts of fans worldwide. By the way, they are still fueling the flames.

As we’re sure the author is well aware, the author is spoiled for choice in terms of the source material.

It is a matter of time, money, and creative vision that keeps this show on hiatus, awaiting its turn to offer viewers another chapter in its remarkable story.

On IMDB, 22.8 percent of users awarded the show a perfect 10/10, while around 25.6 percent gave it an equal 8/10. And with 19.4 percent of them getting a 9/10, it’s a clear conclusion that “No Game, No Life.”

Additionally, the program has garnered high ratings on Anidb. The site now has millions of users from all around the globe. Around 17.9 percent have shown an interest in seeing the show. Over 76% have seen it and given it an ideal rating.

The series debuted at the top of the ratings in its inaugural year, 2014. It has fallen to #37 in the most recent voting.

Often, it is a sequel, or in this instance, a second season, that monetarily gains or loses. The first season of “No Game No Life” held its own and achieved sufficient notoriety and popularity among anime fans.

How, on the other hand, would a second season fare? This may be assessed by looking at prior profit and sales data for this program.

Blu-Ray Sales

Japan released this series on six discs (not Blu-ray), with each disc selling more than 9,000 copies. In 2016, fans were gifted a magnificent Blu-ray Disc (BD) Box, dubbed BD-Box, containing “No Game No Life” (24th February).

Around 1,000 copies of this item were sold. As a general rule, anime that sells about 10,000 copies obtains a strong recommendation for a sequel, and it seems as if “No Game” lacked this element.

However, there are several exceptions to the rule. “Accel World” comes to mind as another anime that was never renewed for a second season despite tremendous BD-Box sales.

Movie Box Office

When “No Game No Life Zero” was released in 2017, fans were certain it would be a success. Atsuko Ishizuka’s film grossed 700 million yen, or around $6.5 million.

Not at all terrible. Add to that the film version of the popular manga has sold over 40,000 Blu-ray copies in Japan, and you’ve got yourself a winner worthy of a second season.

The film had an extraordinary profit margin, especially given its production cost of over $1,500,000. As fans of “Konosuba” are well aware, a successful anime film often influences the direction of its series counterparts.


When it comes to character-driven animation, action figures reign supreme. The characters Stephanie, Schwi, Jibril, Izuna, and Shiro have 45 distinct designs in “No Game No Life.”

Around 500 various products are based on the show, including tapestries, mugs, towels, and shirts. These are selling rather well, which may encourage the show’s creators to provide a second season to eager fans.

Though it has been three years since “No Game No Life Zero” (the film) premiered, the franchise’s sixth action figure was confirmed for 2020. This seems to have set the tone for the show’s future development.

Six new action figures based on popular characters from this series were introduced at WonFes 2020. Manufacturers would have undertaken their research to evaluate the suitability and current demand for fans.

This implies that fans of “No Game No Life” may continue to enjoy merchandise as they await an announcement on a potential season 2.

Light Novels

We must include sales figures for the franchise’s original material, notably the light novels that served as the basis for the anime. Volume 9 was published on 25 August 2016 and has now surpassed 160,000 copies in sales.

Volume 10, issued in 2018, did somewhat better, with over 170,000 copies sold. While these light novels are unlikely to generate cash for the “No Game No Life” brand, they are an integral part. This series has justifiably earned a slot among the top five anime volume best-sellers.

Several more money sources exist for “No Game No Life.” From the original soundtrack through global licensing agreements with Yen Press and Sentai, mobile games and online radio coverage, and streaming collaborations with Hulu, Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll, and Netflix.

The show has developed a considerable fan base. Now, the only issue is whether the series will still be popular in 2022.

What To Expect From No Game No Life Season 2

The storyline is going to be much lighter than that of season one. Obviously, the show’s primary heroes’ association with werebeasts will have to be investigated.

Team Blank may easily go on a new adventure, most likely aided by a male Dhampir and the character Izuna. Oceanado, the Sirens’ home, seems to be taking shape in season two.

It’ll be curious to see whether this is accurate, given our knowledge of the protagonists’ attempts to awaken the Siren Queen. Additionally, Team Blank must battle the Werebeast God in a no-win position.

For season 2, we looked at several different criteria. The bulk of them are positive, which leads us to believe that No Game No Life will almost probably return for a second season.

Have you, on the other hand, examined whether or not the designers left any clues? Taking a look at the season 1 finale and the difficulties surrounding it, we can make this determination.

There is a great deal of confusion surrounding the season 1 finale of No Game No Life, especially amongst the audience. It seems that the series’ creators included a conclusion that was much ahead of the then-current season 1 narrative to provide a cliffhanger.

The manga’s volume 6 narrative was converted into a prequel film that was released around the same time as the manga. The closing scene of the film correlates to the final storyline sequences of the final episode of the television series.

The last cinematic sequence of the series is shown before the final episode of the series. This is where a significant portion of the show’s flaws was manifested.

The application is involved in controversy as a result of a ‘visual design’ lawsuit filed against it, which is linked to allegations of plagiarism.

Madhouse must have been mad not to address the problem sooner since it may be the reason why a potential season 2 of “No Game No Life” has been delayed for this long, and it will continue to be delayed.

Nothing has been verified; this is merely an internet rumor that is being distributed as proof of its existence, not confirmation that the charges are accurate. No evidence has been provided.

The disagreement derives from the fact that the team is not presently subjected to any judicial proceedings. Several fans have expressed concern about why the show’s producers haven’t begun work on season 2 or, at the very least, declared that they would do so.


The series’ second season will include a return of the original summoner of several heroic favorites to the world of Disboard. In any event, we believe he ought to. The ‘One True God’ takes the form of a chess piece, namely the King.

He attained this status by defeating the ‘endless fight’ and seizing the ‘Suniaster’ before the other gods could. While the bulk of fans believed Tet was an ‘Immanity,’ Tet is not a member of any Disboard race.

Tet is the One True God, and he manifests as the king, a chess piece. He obtained the title after the conclusion of the eternal war, which he won by seizing the Suniaster before any of the other gods and outstripping their combined strength despite his absence from the combat.

Tet is not a member of any of the 16 races, but Immanity is the most connected to him. He brought the siblings to Disboard under the guise of saving Immanity from extinction after being defeated by Shiro and Sora in an Internet chess game.

To challenge Tet for the title of the One True God, one must obtain all of the chess pieces available in each of the 16 races. Thus, in accordance with the Ten Covenants’ tenth requirement, one must beat or unite all sixteen races before facing him in a competitive situation.


The werebeast girl famed for her excessive use of the word ‘please’ and a particular favorite of both Shiro and Sora will certainly make an outstanding comeback to the show.

She first saw the twins when they were coercing the Werebeast race into joining the ‘Elchea Federation.’ Miko then sent Izuna to learn more about the twins. Izuna has several similarities to the twins.

Izuna, like the other Werebeasts, is a hybrid of animal and human qualities, with fox-like ears and a fluffy tail to distinguish her from the others. Her eyes are chestnut, and her hair is a dark purple color (black hair and black eyes in the light novel). Her pupils are vertically slit, similar to those of a cat.


The strategist’s brilliance, a founder of ‘Blank,’ and an orphan who relies heavily on his step-sister, Shiro. He is as endearing as he is protective of his sister, earning him a great deal of admiration from fans.

A rough childhood drew him to gaming, which he pursues zealously. Sora will surely return for the second season as a caring brother and enthusiastic gamer.

While residing in his hut, Sora is very gregarious and confident, as well as gifted with unending vigor and virility. He is also fearless to engage in direct combat with others, even when they are attempting to swindle him.

He is a skilled manipulator, whom he defines as possessing “negotiation and diplomatic ability” in his own words.

Unlike Shiro’s playing style, which is focused on logic and calculation, his is founded on emotions, observations, deductions, behavioral patterns, and patterns of language as well as strategies and the ability to think like a person.

In his interactions with opponents, he has a propensity to be extremely arrogant and condescending, particularly when he has discovered a winning technique.


She is the other half of ‘Blank’ and the pea that completes the pod with two of the anime’s primary heroes.

Fans admired how well these two got along while they were together and how terrified they were when they were apart. Shiro, like her brother, is an inevitable character in this story.


Though she was a minor character, her story gave an in-depth look into Shiro and Sora’s fundamental characters and their collaboration as ‘Blank.’

She saw ability in her step-siblings much before anybody else. Within the story, Queen is the most powerful member of the guild ‘Night Opera,’ which has 1200-members. Her anticipated return for season 2 is well-deserved.


The ‘flügel’ is a fearsome heavenly creature famed for its strength. Jibril, a member of this race who is 6000 years old, will be an astonishing addition to season two.

Throughout the first season, fans saw her obtain Elkia’s collection from Stephanie Dola’s grandfather. Numerous stories (sirens, Dhampirs, and others) have benefited from Jibril’s presence in the show’s second season and will continue to do so.


Though she made a brief appearance in the season finale, the Werebeast High Priestess stole the show in season one, and fans are eager to see what she brings to the sequel.

Her character growth and transition have been remarkable throughout the series, earning her a season 2 continuation arc. Her ‘Blood Break’ ability may prove to be highly useful in the future.

Stephanie Dola

Stephanie is a pivotal character in this anime, being the granddaughter of Elkia’s (race of Immanity’s) former king. She comes from a tangled family and has a frown-inducing history.

Her interactions with Shiro and Sora are always fun to watch and will become much more so if she returns for season 2 to fulfill her obligations.

Chlammy Zell

From her attraction to her demeanor, it seems as if this character has amassed her fan base. Chlammy Zell, a human who has allied with the Elves, contributes some intriguing ideas to the show.

This has raised her to the level of a game-changer, worthy of inclusion in the season 2 ensemble of characters. Season 1 saw a series of significant events, with Chlammy Zell in the epicenter of it all.

Feel Nilvalen

Her followers have seen her play with Chlammy and used her abilities to help her buddy win games. Her sensitivity and adorability, just like they did in season one, will surely enhance season two.

Her age and physical appearance are drastically contrasted. Additionally, her past Elf-slave relationship with Chlammy Zell in season 1 was rather surprising. If she is reintroduced, her kindness to Chlammy will surely advance the season-2 storyline in several ways.

Final Thoughts

Keep your ears perked up and your eyes open for anything that doesn’t seem quite right with the world. An announcement about this performance may be made at any point. To discard or put on hold for the time being the phrase “No Game, No Life” is just unthinkable.

Always remember that anime companies do not develop material on the spur of the moment; it might take years before they are ready to produce high-quality work that is fit for distribution to viewers.

The rise in anime streaming as a result of the pandemic has allowed these studios to keep the torch of anime burning brightly all across the world, which means they are all much too busy to make promises they will not be able to meet if the epidemic continues.

It has been shown that public statements reach the broader public over a period of many years, rather than immediately. When it comes to the storyline of this series, patience is a virtue to possess.

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