Meliodas All Forms & Power Levels in Seven Deadly Sins Ranked

Seven Deadly Sins, also known as Nanatsu No Taizai, is an anime TV series that first appeared on screen in 2014, after the popularity of the original Manga series.

The plot revolves around the protagonist Meliodas and the personifications of the Biblical seven deadly sins. The story follows seven criminals who’s deadly crimes were so heinous that the symbol of the beasts were carved onto their bodies.

He starts out pretty unassuming but still has a lot of power, even at the very beginning of the series. Meliodas’ power only grows stronger as time goes on, especially as he acquires other forms.

This list will rank Meliodas’ various forms in terms of their official power levels and how this compares to the other characters.



Although he originally looks like a small child, Meliodas is actually a 3000 year old, and has fought countless battles, known for his fearlessness and ruthlessness. 

Meliodas himself is the captain of these Seven Deadly Sins and also the sin of wrath and having the Dragon’s mark upon him. He possesses the Demon Sword Lostvayne, which is his Sacred Treasure and is instrumental in raising his power level at the beginning of the story. 

His go-to move is Full Counter, which allows the wielder to completely reflect an attack back at their attacker, but with twice as much power behind it. This means that the stronger the opponent is, the stronger the wielder is gonna be able to be.

Meliodas is the Demon King’s eldest son, which makes Zeldris his younger brother, and connects him to these other characters on a much deeper level. 

As the sin of wrath, Meliodas comes across as surprisingly calm most of the time, however this is generally a facade. As soon as his companions or friends are threatened or hurt he is capable of extreme rage.

However, Meliodas is also merciful, and doesn’t like killing. He actually never kills anyone, even serious threats, even though he absolutely could. This leads some of his companions to consider him soft, and naive. 


Meliodas looks like a small child at the beginning, with messy blond hair and big, bright green eyes. However, as he gets more powerful, you can see his demonic power leaking out of him in wisps of purple, and he generally gets a crazed look in his eye – or goes completely blank if his form leaves him emotionless. 

As the series progresses, especially after his revival, he looks much older and no longer so child-like. 

Power Levels Ranked

11) Sealed Base Form 

As a fighter, before he reveals his full power, Meliodas is still very powerful, even more powerful than the majority of other characters. It really is a testament to how powerful Meliodas truly is that even in this form he is still capable of so much. 

His official power levels looks like this: 

  • Magic: 400
  • Strength: 960
  • Spirit: 2100

Which gives this form an official overall power level of 3370, and that’s just where he starts! 

10) Lostvanye Form

Lostvanye is Meliodas’ Sacred Treasure, something that all members of the Seven Deadly Sins possess. Lostvanye in particular is known as a “demon splitting sword” and gives Meliodas a small amount of extra power once he has it back. 

Although he initially sells it, Lostvanye is eventually returned to Meliodas by Merlin. This sword’s Jitsuzo Bunshin ability compliments Meliodas’ Full Counter attack, making it possible for him to cause more damage with it. 

With this sword, Meliodas’ power level rises to 4070.

9) Sealed Demon Mark Form 

Near the beginning of the series, Meliodas would occasionally raise his power level by using his sealed demon mark form. This was much easier to control as it was still sealed, and therefore did not have the full power output. 

First seen when his Dragon Handle was being snatched, we see Melidos use this ability from time to time when he’s getting overwhelmed, like in a battle with Ban, who was overwhelming Meliodas with his snatch ability. 

This form Meliodas has an official power level of 4400.

8) Sealed Wrath Form (Berserk Form)

Back when Meliodas couldn’t really control his demonic powers, this form grants him a lot of new power, but comes with the downside of being very unpredictable and difficult to control. 

In this form, Meliodas gets swallowed by all of the power and gets lost to the insane strength and abilities that it grants him.

Meliodas loses control over his mental self and even seems to be devoid of any emotions at all. This becomes less of an issue as he learns to control his abilities more. 

He does however get a significant boost in power, bringing him to 10300. Bear in mind we’re only at number 8 on this list. 

7) Power Restored Version

In this form, Meliodas is about 10 times as powerful as he was in his sealed form. Meliodas’ true demonic power had been stolen from him by Merlin, as he was afraid of the amount of destruction that it could cause – for fair reasons apparently. 

Meliodas would later go through a set of trials that would allow him to master his own emotions and be in charge of wrath. 

This is super powerful form (but not even half as powerful as Meliodas can get), his power level is 32500. 

This breaks down into:

  • Magic: 2700
  • Strength: 27700
  • Spirit: 2100

6) Unsealed Demon Mark Form

It was in this form that Meliodas fully came into all of his demonic powers and was able to break through the seal.

This breakthrough was a pretty significant turning point within the story as it meant that Meliodas was able to completely utilize his full potential all whilst keeping control over his mental self and power. 

In this form, Meliodas’ power level is 56000.

This power is comprised of

  • Magic: 3000
  • Strength: 50000
  • Spirit: 3000

5) Post Revival Form

We’ve made it past half way, and now we’re seeing some truly terrifying levels of power – but at least Meliodas is beginning to look a little less like a 10-year old child. 

At some point in the series, Meliodas is assassinated, but due to a curse that had been put on him by the Demon King, Meliodas is actually able to revive from any death, although with every revival he loses a sense of his emotions, which in tern draws him a little bit closer to his former self. 

After this particular revival, Meliodas returns with a crazy high base power level that lays the groundwork for him to become even stronger

At this point, Meliodas has a power level of 60000.

4) Post Revival Demon Mark Form

The demon mark already gives Meliodas an insane boost to his power, and it’s no different after this revival. Using his demonic powers make Meliodas a super powered fighter, as we see again when he uses his demonic form post revival. 

When Meliodas uses his powers here, he is very close to the power he held as his initial self, when he was the leader of The Ten Commandments. 

In post revival demon mark form, Meliodas has a power level of 90,000 (as a reference, this is 10 times as powerful as Super Saiyan Goku is when Vegeta screams about the impossibility of his power).

3) Assault Mode

Into the top 3 more powerful forms, starting off with a good one with assault mode, a form so powerful it even scared the Ten Commandments. 

This is the form that allows Meliodas to fully utilize all of his demonic powers and abilities, giving him a shocking rise to his power level. 

Although it does mean that he loses touch with his emotions, this form can tackle basically any threat no bother, due to its humongous power level. 

Assault mode form has a power level somewhere between 142,000 and 200,000

2) After Purgatory Form

Meliodas’ second most powerful form is the After Purgatory Form. At one point, Meliodas is forced to survive the extreme conditions of purgatory – the space between the living world and the afterlife where chaos and hell reign supreme. 

In order to survive purgatory, you need to be able to deal with the mutilated and tortured souls and monsters that inhabit the place. However, if you’re able to do so, you will find yourself crazy super powerful, which is what happens to Meliodas. 

After this, Meliodas is a different man, with a boosted power level of 600,000.

1) Demon King Form

By far, Meliodas’ most powerful form is the Demon King form, that is achieved when his father, the demon king, takes over his body, something that the Demon King had always known he could do.

Once Meliodas had successfully absorbed all of the commandments, the Demon King made Meliodas his vessel, and used his body. This increased Meliodas’ power to an insane level. 

In this form Meliodas has a power level that sits somewhere between 777,000 and 10,00,000. 

Bottom Line

Meliodas is a shockingly powerful character, right from the get-go. But as the series continues and Meliodas Gains more control over his body, powers, and mental state, he only grows stronger and more undefeatable.

Even with the body of a small child standing no more than 5 foot tall, nobody comes away from a fight with Meliodas unscathed.

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