Dororo Season 2 : Everything You Need To Know

Dororo isn’t your typical anime, with an interesting storyline that will hook you in after the first episode.

From the first episode, you are thrown into this world and straight into the action. Thus, you are engaged with the story and characters right from the beginning, wanting to know what will happen next.

We follow the story of Dororo and Hyakkimaru. Season 1 has recently just ended, yet fans are eager to know what will happen in the second season.

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The fan base for this anime is growing constantly, but everyone wants to know when this second season will be released.

In this article, we have got all the answers covered to your questions about the second season. Keep reading to find out more!

Everything You Need To Know About Dororo


Dororo is centered around a young orphan who has turned into a thief named Dororo. She meets the 16-year-old boy, Hyakkimaru, one day.

What is most noticeable about Hyakkimaru is that he was born without any limbs such as arms, legs, eyes, nose etc. This was due to his father making a deal with 48 sealed demons, so that he could rule the land.

Thus, this pact meant that the demons could have whatever they wanted, and they each chose one of Hyakkumaru’s limbs.

After this, Hyakkimaru was abandoned by his parents for his own safety. He was then raised by a medicine man, who gave him prosthetic limbs from the remains of dead children from the war.

Hyakkimaru becomes almost invincible due to his new limbs and the healing magic that has been used on him. Eventually, Hyakkimaru had to leave as he was attracting demons.

Hyakkimaru learns about the curse his father has placed upon him, and why demons keep coming after him. As a result, Hyakkimaru goes on a quest to kill the demons that are responsible for his curse and regain his limbs back.

While on his journey, Hyakkimaru meets Dororo, and together they travel around Japan killing demons and getting Hyakkimaru’s body parts back.

At the end of the first season, Hyakkimaru wants to carry on his journey of regaining his humanity alone. While also following the path of Buddha. Meanwhile, Dororo promises to wait for him, and that they will meet again.

Dororo And Hyakkimaru’s Bond

You may think that this series is an action thriller as there is lots of action. However, Dororo is classed as a dark fantasy due to the constant gore and violent scenes.

As Hyakkimaru is killing demons, it is these demons that provide all the violence and gore. We see a lot of blood from these demons once they have been slain.

Yet this may be quite a bloody show, and it also portrays relationships well. In particular, this anime showcases the bond made between love and trust, which is more powerful than blood.

Dororo and Hyakkimaru have a close bond, as both of them know and understand the pain of losing their family.

As these two characters become so close, a comedic side is shown in the anime. This is shown through rare comedic scenes. However, these characters are really well written and fully thought through.

As a result, this is what makes Dororo stand out from any other anime series.

Dororo Season 2 Release Date

The first season of Dororo consisted of 24 episodes and premiered from January 7th 2019 to June 24 2019. The first season was loved for its unique plot and story and beautiful and detailed animation.

However, it has been a full two years since the first season ended.

Thus, it is no surprise that fans are now wondering where the second season is. Unfortunately, at this time, we still don’t know when we will be graced with the second season.

Dororo is produced by both Tezuka Productions and MAPPA. No news from either production company has yet to be revealed. Even across all social media relating to Dororo there have been no mentions or clues regarding the second season.

As we have been waiting for so long for news, it can be annoying that we aren’t being given anything.

However, there may be a reason why we haven’t heard anything about season 2. It could all be to do with how much story is left to tell, and is there enough for a second season.

How Much Source Material Is Left For Season 2 Of Dororo

Originally Dororo was a manga series by the same name by Osamu Tezuka.

Four volumes of the manga have been published with volume 1 being published on April 29th 2008; volume 2 published on June 24th 2008; volume 3 published on August 26th 2008; and volume 4 published on January 1st 2012.

Dororo was first shown on our screens thanks to the Shogakukan Weekly Shōnen Sunday. 26 episodes were released between August 1967 to July 1968. Unfortunately, it was then canceled.

Then in 2004, a video game that was based on the manga was released. This video game was called Blood Will Tell.

In 2007 a live-action film was released, which was directed by Akihiko Shiota. Then a remake of the manga was released.

This remake was illustrated by Satoshi Shiki, and this remake was known as The Legend of Dororo and Hyakkimaru. Then finally, the anime series we are talking about started production in March 2018.

The series aired between January to June 2019 through Amazon and Tokyo MX. The first episode received great reviews and the response of the overall season was positive.

The final episode of the first season aired on June 24th, 2019. As we know, the manga consists of volumes that included 48 demons.

All of these demons, Hyakkimaru had to defeat to regain his humanity. Yet in this first season, we are only shown 12 demons, therefore there are more we need to see if we are following the manga.

However, the main story of Dororo is for Hyakkimaru, and at the end of the season, he has gained everything back. Thus, the anime has covered pretty much all the manga, even if not everything was shown that we would have liked.

As a result, for there to be a second season, either a new story needs to be created or more volumes of the manga need to be created and released.

Popularity Of Dororo

Dororo is a very beloved anime and could be considered as one of the most loved. There have been so many remakes and adaptations due to the interesting and engaging story. Its popularity never seems to falter.

We aren’t joking when we say that Dororo is a very popular anime. Thus, it can’t be a surprise that fans want a second season. Obviously, trends move up and down, and they are hard to predict.

However, there has always been a constant trend and love for Dororo.

If you still aren’t sure whether Dororo is popular or not, then you only have to look at its Twitter following.

The Dororo official Twitter page has 61K followers, now compared to other anime like Demon Slayer or Punch Man, this isn’t too impressive.

However, there is still a loyal fan base there, but this may not be seen as enough of a motivation to carry the series on and for a second season to be produced.

Yet when we look at the monthly google searches for Dororo, it is around 707K. This includes 63K from Mexico, 205K from the United States, which is then followed by the UK, France, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, and Indonesia.

Therefore, we can’t deny that there isn’t a worldwide fan base and popularity for Dororo.

When we look at the search volumes for Dororo Season 2, we see that it has been searched around 18K times. Now, this may seem like a lot, but really it isn’t impressive compared to other anime that get a lot more.

Thus, if not enough people are searching for it, then this doesn’t give the producers enough encouragement or motivation to create a second season.

Theory Of The Season 2 Plot

As we have mentioned above, in the first season, the manga story has all been told. Therefore, there isn’t much material left for the producers to use from the manga volumes that have already been published.

Thus, either a new story needs to be created or more manga volumes need to be created. Either way, more stories need to be created.

If we had to guess what the plot would be for the second season if it were to happen. We think it would be something to do with the adult lives of Dororo and Hyakkimaru.

This is because season one ended where Hyakkimaru has parted from Dororo. He is off to find his human self, now that he has got all of his body parts back.

While Dororo promises to wait for him. In the final moments of episode 24 in the first season, we see grown-up Dororo running towards Hyakkimaru.

Consequently, if we had to make a guess, we would say that it is likely that the season 2 plot would revolve around Dororo and Hyakkimaru’s adult lives.

However, season 1 had a very satisfying and pleasing ending, thus it will be difficult for season 2 to have such an engaging storyline.

However, this won’t stop the fans of the anime to remain quiet. As the first season was so good, fans want to see if this can be matched in the second season.

Season 2 Of Dororo Online Response

The online reception to Dororo has been strong. The anime has been around for over 50 years and yet the popularity of this anime is just slowly growing.

Once the last episode of season 1 had aired, fans wanted to know when the second season would come out.

Alongside that, we have discovered that fans will ask MAPPA daily about the possibility of a second season.

The longer fans are being made to wait for any news of a possible season 2, the more eager they are to hear anything about Dororo at all.

Some fans are confused why there is so much demand for a second season when the first season concluded the story up nicely.

We are aware that the first season is very loved, yet the producers are very limited with the material that is left to use. There may be enough material for a short OVA, but not for the entire season.

Fans are divided over whether there should be a second season. Hyakkimaru completed the mission that he set out to do. Thus, this gives us and fans the perfect ending, with nothing left open-ended.

Do We Really Need A Second Season of Dororo

After everything we have spoken about, you may wonder if we really need a second season. However, for many fans, they want to see what Dororo did with all her money.

Whilst also, some fans are convinced that Hyakkimaru’s brother and mother died in the fire at the castle. Some fans believe that there is a chance they could have survived and if they did, what did they get up to.

Alongside that, what happened to our talent and sweet priest. Has he gone on another journey?

Also, the major thing that most Dororo fans want the answer to, is if Dororo and Hyakkimaru relationship will turn into anything more.

We are well aware that they have a strong friendship, but that hasn’t stopped fans from shipping these characters together.

Therefore, a second season would be able to satisfy fans if anything could happen between these two beloved characters.

Possible Ratings For Dororo Season 2

ororo is a popular anime for various different reasons. It is a very action-based anime that also has moments that will pull on your heartstrings. The animation is pleasing to the eyes and everything is very well written.

All the characters have been thought about and the plot makes sense. Dororo has everything you want in a great anime.

This then explains how Dororo season 1 has such great ratings.

It was rated 8.4 out of 10 by IMDB and 8.2 out of 10 by MyAnimeList. The ratings for the first season are very good for an action anime where a samurai fights demons.

As a result, you can expect that the second season of Dororo would be received just as well.

The only area where the rating may drop is if the story that is chosen is not strong and doesn’t flow. When it comes to a second season, fans will compare it to the first season.

Sales Made From Dororo

Here we are talking about the possible sales and profit that a second season could bring. When the live-action film was released in 2017, it had a budget of around ¥2 billion and collected around ¥3.45 billion.

In 2019, around 3884 DVD/Blu-ray sales were made, which isn’t very impressive.

However, that number may not be great, but we are in an era where people stream a lot more than they do by DVDs, especially in certain generations.

When you go to watch anime, Netflix has been one of the places to watch it. Alongside Amazon and other streaming services. Also, the Dororo manga has been around for a while, and it is still very popular today.

The manga at one point was so popular that it won the Eisner Award in 2009. Also, the anime itself has been nominated for various awards in the 2020 Crunchyroll Anime Awards.

They were nominated for best design, the best protagonist, the best boy, and best ending.

From all of these sales and awards, there is no doubt that Dororo continues to make money. Even when it returned after 50 years, the popularity and sales of Dororo didn’t waver.

Some figures could be better, but from what we have shown you, Dororo always makes money and is always popular.

Characters That Could Come Back In Season 2 Of Dororo

Below is a list of the possible characters we could see returning if a second season was made.


Considering it is her name on the title, it would be strange not to see Dororo to reappear in a second season.

She is one of the main characters of this anime. In season 1, Door was the sweet young girl who was disguised and told to act like a boy, until the very end of the series.

Dororo was brought up by her parents to be a boy. She then went on to lose both her parents one after the other, which then left Dororo as an orphan and defenseless in a world full of demons.

Then one day, after being beaten up for stealing, Dororo comes across Hyakkimaru and everything about Dororo’s life changes forever.

It is clear that Dororo is a very brave character, and she is the person that supports Hyakkimaru throughout his journey. She is the one who helps him regain all of his body parts.

In the anime, Dororo was voiced by Rio Suzuki, who was 14 years old at the time.


Well, you can’t have one without the other. In season 1, we met Hyakkimaru, a 16-year-old boy who was very different from any other human.

This is due to his father, who made a deal with demons to eat his child away apart from his head. This was in exchange for his village to stay safe.

As a result, Hyakkimaru was abandoned, but luckily a healer helped him to survive. Hyakkimaru then grew up to have a special power that allows him to look into the souls of any demon or human.

A white soul means that you are pure and a human. While a red soul meant you were dangerous and a demon.

Hyakkimaru is then sent away and goes on a quest to regain all of his body parts and to become human again. Along the way, he meets Dororo and a friendship is formed.

During season 1, Hyakkimaru was voiced by Hiroki Suzuki.


Tahomaru is the second son and heir of Daigo. He is the younger brother of Hyakkimaru and is seen as a very handsome character.

To begin with, he was a kind and honest character, but during the first season, this character has a personality change. This made watching Tahomaru very enjoyable.

Tahomaru was voiced by Shoya Chiba.

Kagemitsu Daigo

A memorable character and father, who was willing to feed his own son to demons to protect himself and his village. After the deal was made, he left his child to die.

Alongside that, when these characters face each other, Daigo has the cheek to call Hyakkimaru a half-demon child. Yet he is the reason behind what his son has become.

A truly hated character, that was voiced by Naoya Uchida. Fans love how well Uchida did in this role, as we felt the character’s anger through the screen.

Nui No Kata

Nui No Kata, who is also known as Daigo’s wife and Hyakkimaru and Tahomaru’s mother. She is a kind and caring character who was heartbroken over the events that had happened to her firstborn.

She spent her life crying and regretting her actions. She prayed for forgiveness and felt ashamed that she didn’t save her son, Hyakkimaru, from the demons.

Kata spent so long crying and grieving over her first son that she neglected Tahomaru. All Tahomaru wanted was his mother to look at him and love him.

Nothing was more important than finding a way to seek forgiveness. She searches for Hyakkimaru and gives away all the luxuries that she has. In the end, she tries to end her life with Tahomaru in her arms, yet did they really die?

Nui No Kata was voiced by Chie Nakamura.


The man that saved Hyakkimaru’s life. Jukai was a doctor that once worked for Lord Shiba.

However, he didn’t part on the best of terms. He has then carried guilt on his person. Thus, he went to help treat and cure the needy for free.

Jukai comes across Hyakkimaru and decides that he will make artificial limbs for him. He then goes on to bring Hyakkimaru up until he is 16 years old and is of age.

Then, he decides to send Hyakkimaru away to go and find his purpose in life. He has made it up to 16 years of age, now he needs to discover his own purpose in life.

Once Hyakkimaru leaves, Jukai starts a new life for himself.


Biwamaru was an old, blind priest who had a simple ability like Hyakkimaru. He could see the color of your soul. Overall, Biwamaur was a great character that helped our duo on their quest.

We first meet him while Dororo and Hyakkimaru are trying to find a demon. He appears throughout the first season, with help from our duo.

Voiced by Mutsumi Sasaki.


We can’t forget about Dororo’s parents. Hibukuro was Dororo’s father and leader that fought against the torture of samurais. Unfortunately, one of Hibukuro’s closest friends betrays him.

He originally escapes, but then he faces losing his wife and does what he can to save her.


Ojiya was Doror’s mother. She was brave and did everything to protect her daughter.

She cared so much about her daughter, that she would feed her and without. Eventually, she dies from cold and hunger, yet she made sure that she gave Dororo the details of the treasure that was meant to be hers.


Now, we know that there are a lot of Dororo and Hyakkimaru shippers out there. However, Mio was the pretty girl who appeared in a couple of episodes and Hyakkimaru was keen on her.

She was an honorable character who took in children who had lost their parents because of the war.

Mio sold her body to put good food on the table, so the children wouldn’t go without. Hyakkimaru enjoyed listening to the melody of Mio’s voice, but her actual voice irritated him.

Eventually, Mio was killed and Hyakkimaru watched her die. As she was his first love, this is the first time that we watch Hyakkimaru kill a human. This then taints the pure white color of his soul.

Mio was voiced by Nana Mizuki.


Itachi was the man that betrayed Dororo’s parents. He was greedy as he wanted status and money. He never regretted his actions, as he only thought about himself.

Not only that, but he never regretted being the cause of Hibukuro’s death and never regretted digging up Ojiya’s grave. Itachi didn’t care, he was only out for himself and making himself powerful.

Itachi never got the treasure, but made a lot of enemies along the way.

Hyogo And Mustsu

These two characters are Tahomaru’s childhood friends that lived and served him. They also lost their parents due to enemies of the Daigo. These three had a very special bond and were incredibly close.

Hyogo loses his left arm due to a battle with Hyakkimaru, but is replaced by the 12th demon. This then results in Hyogo going mad. While Mustsu becomes ill and due to another fight with Hyakkimaru, she also loses an arm.

After watching her brother get attacked afterward, she goes after him, only to face death herself. However, she is also given one of Hyakkimaru’s arms that causes her to become a demon as well.

Final Thoughts

The season 1 ending was very pleasing to watch and wrapped up the story much quicker than expected. Hyakkimaru was supposed to fight 48 demons and yet only fought 12 and somehow managed to regain all of his limbs.

Along the way, he meets and befriends Dororo, and they go on a journey together to help Hyakkimaru become human again.

Dororo is a beloved anime that has been around for years. Yet the remake, which ended in 2019 with its first season, felt quite final.

The story has ended, and there isn’t really anywhere else the production company can go with the story, unless new material is created.

If we are to follow the source material, then there is no more of the Dororo or Hyakkimaru story left to be told. As fans love this show, it’s not surprising they want to see more of these characters.

Fans want to know what happens once Dororo and Hyakkimaru reunite, will anything happen between them. Yet the official story has been told and what happens next is left up to interpretation.

Season 1 ended in a way that there are no stories left to tell, as everything has been wrapped up quite nicely.

Fans can hope that there will be a second season, but at the time of writing, no such news has been made yet. We can be hopeful, but we believe that it is quite unlikely there will be a second season.

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