Chivalry Of A Failed Knight Season 2: Everything You Need To Know

Have you just finished the first season of Chivalry of a Failed Knight and do you want to know more? Perhaps you are curious about the release of the second season and when we can expect it?

Or maybe you just want to read a little more about your favorite anime series? Whatever your reason might be, we have the answer for you! 

We all know that the first season left us with lots of unanswered questions, with Ikki Kurogane struggling to prove himself and be victorious. Covering the first three novels in the light novel series, season 1 did fairly well for itself. But it’s been six years now since its release, and there are no signs of a new season. 

What is happening? How will the characters continue on their journeys? These thoughts plague your head and keep you awake at night. You want to know more, you need to know more, but you just can’t get the answers that you need. 

Well, no more! Today we are here to give you the answers that you crave. Keep reading to find out everything we know about the second season of Chivalry of a Failed Knight, plus lots more about the characters and season one’s ending! 

Chivalry Of A Failed Knight Season 2 Everything You Need To Know

Everything We Know So Far

Let’s dive straight into it! Season one ended with a twist that shocked viewers. Ikki, known as a weaker person, was able to defeat his stronger opponent, Toka Todo. It was the perfect ending for Ikki, who we had seen deal with lots of teasing for being an F Rank Blazer at Hagun academy, their lowest rank there. 

One day he finds a beautiful girl changing in his room. The girl, Stella Vermillion is part of a powerful family and ranks as an A-Rank Blazer. Blazer is the term used for people with special powers. Here at the Hagun academy, they train these powers, learning to manifest weapons at their will. 

Of course, there are lots of challenges here to find the most powerful apprentice and reward them. Festivals are a way for the academy to assess and reward those victorious. The Director of the academy, Kurono Shinguuji sees potential in Ikki but is concerned about his reputation if he remains at an F rank. 

And that is where Stella comes in. She soon notices that Ikki is not using the correct techniques and helps him to improve. Ikki then defeats her in a battle to decide who controls their apartment at the Academy. 

Ikki’s sister later arrives and we learn more about his emotional baggage. This revelation helps us understand Ikki more and learn about why he kept failing, gaining sympathy from characters and viewers alike. 

Ikki goes on to defeat some of the most powerful and high-ranking warriors in fights. He can beat Toka Todo, Krihara, Ayase, and Bisho in his next fights. 

Now that we have recapped what we know so far, let’s move on and take a closer look at season 2. 

Season 2 Announcements And Release Date 

Here we have some bad news for fans. No formal announcement has been made about Season 2 and when we can expect it to be released.

We have heard nothing from the director Oonuma Shin or the studio that produces the show. We know, it’s not the news that you wanted, and are sorry to bring it to you. 

What’s more, as it has been over six years since the release of season one, it seems unlikely that we will be getting a second season at all! There usually isn’t this much of a gap between the seasons unless there have been issues with production (like we have seen due to covid in some cases). 

So why haven’t we had a second season? Well, it could be down to staff being busy with other projects, or that the first season wasn’t as popular as they had hoped.

These are the most common reasons why a series does not get renewed, and with little information from the studio, it is safe to assume one of these options. 

While this isn’t the news we hoped for, all hope is not lost. The first season of Chivalry of a Failed Knight covered the first three volumes of the light novel series, but there are 18 volumes in total.

This means that there is plenty of material to work with should the studio, or a different studio, wish to pick it up and continue the journey. 

Now that we have established there is no release date, let’s take a look at everything else related to this wonderful series! 

Source Material For Chivalry Of A Failed Knight 

As we mentioned earlier, Chivalry of a Failed Knight was originally a series of light novels by Riku Misora and illustrated by Won. Currently, there are 18 volumes in this series, with the last one being released in June 2020. 

There are also 11 Tankobon volumes of Manga following the same series, with illustrations from Soramichi. Five of these volumes have also been translated into English manga, and we hope to see the rest of them being translated too.

The manga ran from 2014 to 2017 in the monthly manga publication, Shonen Gangan. Let’s take a quick look at the release history of the light novel series now.

Light Series Release Dates 

  • Volume One – July 2013
  • Volume Two- October 2013
  • Volume Three – January 2014
  • Volume Four  – April 2014
  • Volume Five – August 2014
  • Volume Six – December 2014 
  • Volume Seven – May 2015 
  • Volume Eight – October 2015
  • Volume Nine – December 2015
  • Volume Ten – April 2016
  • Volume Eleven – January 2017
  • Volume Twelve – April 2017
  • Volume Thirteen – October 2017 
  • Volume Fourteen – April 2018
  • Volume Fifteen – October 2018 
  • Volume Sixteen – April 2019
  • Volume Seventeen – November 2019
  • Volume Eighteen – June 2020 

As you can see, there are plenty of volumes that a TV series could use if they wanted to make a second season! There are also a few English light novels that have been released, as listed below. 

  • Volume One – November 2019
  • Volume Two – November 2019
  • Volume Three – November 2019 
  • Volume Four – July 2020 

There is also another volume, Chivalry of a Failed Knight Zero that was released in March 2015. The volume sits between Volume 6 and 7 in terms of its context. It’s viewed as an optional volume to the series, providing some additional context and information. 

We can expect the story to be completed in just a few more volumes. The light novel series has already concluded and it is anticipated that it will be wrapped up quickly rather than dragged out. 

When studios and producers consider renewing a series for a second season, they look to the popularity of the series to see if there would be an audience to watch the next series.

Chivalry of a Failed Knight was fairly popular and drew in watchers from across the globe. It’s fair to say that there is still plenty of demand from the fans for a second series. 

Why was it so popular? Well, the plot selection and narration was a huge factor that got people to watch the show. There is also fantastic continuity in the light novels, which has only increased the demand for another series.

Fans are desperate to see how the producers and director will interpret the next installment of the story and turn it into anime. 

It’s also worth noting that after the release of season one, there was a sharp increase in the sales of the manga comics. Fans were desperate to know more and went scouring for answers and more information about this wonderful world. Don’t worry, we will go into more detail about this later on. 

For now, let’s take a look at some online search trends to better understand the popularity of Chivalry of a Failed Knight. 

Google Trends shows us how many people are searching for the same content. It’s an excellent way to determine the popularity of something like a series, where we can see the fans looking for more answers.

Looking at the Google trend for Chivalry of a Failed Knight, we can see that the show is popular, even years after its premiere. 

Over the last six years, there have been some dips here, where searches for the show seem non-existent, and then peaks where it has been incredibly high. It is best to not draw any conclusions here, as there is no clear trend for us to follow.

Instead, it would be better to take a look at monthly searches for Chivalry of a Failed Knight season 2. Let’s do that now. 

Google Search For Chivalry Of A Failed Knight Season 2 

Not only can we use Google searches to determine the popularity of a show, but it’s a great way to learn more about the fans. For instance, these searches show us that the most searches for season 2 come from the US and Philippines. 

Part of this success comes from the film crew creating Chivalry of a Failed Knight with a global audience in mind. Making sure that the show could be enjoyed across the world has been vital in its success. 

Studies have revealed that the Japanese anime market was flat, but the growth outside of Japan has been huge. Since 2015, the demand for anime has jumped by 10%, which is why we see an increase in searches after the release of Season 1. 

Across the globe, there have been 20,000 searches for the second season of Chivalry of a Failed Knight. 17,000 of those searches came from the US alone, proving just how strong the fan base is there.

While it is popular, when compared to other anime searches like Goblin Slayer season 2 or Noragami season 3, then its searches and popularity are quite low. 

Expected Plot Of Chivalry Of A Failed Knight Season 2

Before we get into it, it’s worth noting that this is merely an assumption of the second series and what it would contain. This is based on the light novels that have already been published and the assumption that the creators will follow this plot in any future series. 

Based on this assumption, season 2 of Chivalry of a Failed Knight could show the next 3 or 4 volumes of the series. We might even see the zero episodes Chivalry of a Failed Knight Zero as a single season, where its entire storyline could be explored in detail. 

We can expect the second season to focus on Ikki’s rise to power and the challenges that come along with it. We could see a conflict between Ikki, Stella, and Shizuku, her sister.

Ikki’s nature is bound to cause some confusion for the other characters and make for an interesting season. 

We would see lots of changes at Hagun academy too as Ikki’s great-grandfather, Ryoma Kurogane takes up the role of shaping him.

This will provide an interesting tug of war between Ikki and his family and see Kurono, the director in trouble. He has offered Ikki a lot of help in returning to success. 

Stella’s father, the Emperor, will also try to help Ikki and Stella in their journey, which will be interesting to see. We would also see Shizuku and her plans unfold, which are sure to add some drama and tension to the series. 

We can expect the season to end with clarity about Ikki’s fate in the first season, along with plenty of twists that are sure to be interesting. 

Reactions To Season 2 

These days, online reactions are an important part of assessing the demand for the show and its acceptance. Based on estimates, three in five anime viewers are outside Japan. 


Looking at Twitter, it seems there is a fair demand for the second season. We can see from the use of tweets, GIFs, and memes that this is an organic market too.

Just type in Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season 2 and take a look at the tweets yourself. 

And while there are no official updates of a second season yet, there is no announcement stating that there won’t be a second season. We can hold on to hope that no news could very well be good news! 


There is also lots of discussion about the series on Quora, where users are discussing anime and the creativity used in the series. There are fans of Chivalry of a Failed Knight across the internet that want a second season. 


Along with Twitter and Quora, Reddit is also filled with discussions about the seasons. We can see plenty of discussion about a second season back in 2019 when speculation was rife online for a second season. 

There were mixed feelings from users where they enjoyed season 1 so much but felt that the chance of a second season was slowly slipping away. 

Ratings And Popularity

Another way to measure the success of a series is to look at its ratings and popularity scores. IMDB rated the series a 7.4 out of 10 after reviews were submitted from 2206 users.

Most of these votes were an 8 out of 10 or 10 out of 10, showing how popular the series was! It also highlights how well received the series was with fans and has helped give it the high ranking it deserves. 

The score itself shows the demand for a second season and that it would be viewed and well received by fans. It’s also worth mentioning the feedback and comments on Crunchyroll.

Here the fans explore why the series didn’t do as well as expected. They are worth reading if you are interested in hearing other voices. 

Let’s take a quick look now at the ratings the show received from different sites: 

  • Anidb – 6.86/10 
  • Crunchyroll – 4.8/5
  • IMDB – 7.4/10 
  • MyAnimeList – 7.53/10

These ratings are all good and show us that the series was enjoyed by the fans. They are on par with other successful series too. We have even seen series get sequels that have lower ratings than this, so there is certainly scope for a second season! 

Sales And Profits For Chivalry Of A Failed Knight 

Sales are vital to anime, determining its performance and if there is room for growth (which means more series and sequels).

If a series does not perform well and make a profit, then it is likely to be abandoned by producers and future series won’t be made. 

So let’s take a look at the sales and profits that Chivalry of a Failed Knight had to see if there is scope for another series. As we know, the source material for this series was 18 volumes of a light novel series, and there are also 11 Tankobon volumes. Let’s look at their success now. 

Manga Sales 

Below we have the sales for the last two light novels to show you how well they have performed since the first series hit our screens. 

  • Volume 18 (2020) – 10,000 sales 
  • Volume 17 (2019) – 15,000 sales 

It was expected that sales would be better for the light novel series, and that is probably why it will now be wrapped up in a few more volumes rather than extended. 

Blu-Ray Or DVD Sales 

These days, sales of Blu-Ray and DVDs are lower than before due to the rise of popularity in streaming sites. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take a look at them to learn more about the popularity of the series. 

They sold roughly 3,000 discs for the first season back in 2015 when the season first launched. This suggests that the producers were able to recoup their money and make a profit, but the margin would be too low to make a sequel. 

Now, had the series cleared 10,000 copies, then there would be more scope to make a second season. This would have given them a higher profit percentage and more grounds for a second season. 

Merchandise Sales 

Merchandise is again another important aspect of anime sales. Unfortunately, the merchandise sales were very poor. This is down to only 2 characters, Stella and Ikki being highlighted, and there were only 20 products available.

Usually, we see a far wider range of characters and products that helps to boost merchandise sales. 

Another reason sales were low was that the wrong marketing strategy was used. The creators focused on the wrong audience, meaning their sales were limited. Plus the use of only a few characters did not help the situation! 

Production Cost And Success Of Season One 

It’s no secret that the producers didn’t make much money on the first season of Chivalry of a Failed Knight. Sure they didn’t lose any money, but they didn’t make much money either. This lack of profit has certainly contributed to the reluctance to create a second season. 

It’s common knowledge that sequels make less money than their first season. When deciding if they should make a second season, studios will assess the performance of the first season and the potential drop in sales. This will tell them whether it is worth creating a second season or not. 

Why Should There Be A Second Season?

So what is with all the fuss? Should we have a second season of Chivalry of a Failed Knight? Well, as we have seen, there is plenty of source material and demand for a second season.

The cliffhanger in episode 12 certainly caused a lot of anxiety for fans that they will be keen to resolve. 

Although there is plenty of demand from fans, that doesn’t always translate to a high profit. The low sales volume is certainly standing in the way of a second season gracing our screens in the future.

In terms of the story, season 2 is needed to see Ikki manage his success and climb the ranks. We would also see more about Stella and Shizuku’s situations, which would certainly be interesting!

We would also see his great-grandfather’s powers come into play and pressure be applied to the Director of the Academy. It would certainly be a good season!

Characters In Chivalry Of A Failed Knight 

So, if there was to be a second season, who could we expect to see in it? Let’s take a look at who we can expect to see now. 

Ikki Kurogane 

The protagonist of our show, Ikki, is an F Rank Blazer at the Academy. A member of the famous Kurogane family, he was disowned during childhood, before being cared for by his great-grandfather Ryoma Kurogane.

He gets him enrolled in the Academy as a chance to help Ikki improve his skills. 

The Blade Steel is his secret weapon and his devices are intense. During a fight with Stella, he wins and she becomes his new roommate. Later in the series, they get engaged, despite their family’s anger at this. 

Stella Vermillion 

Stella is an A-Rank Blazer at the same academy as Ikki. She is caught by him changing in his room. They later fight and lose the battle to him. Stella is considered a rare intellectual and focuses on getting Ikki on track. 

They later become engaged and she becomes friends with Ikki’s sister, Shizuku. Stella possesses the Laevateinn device and has had bad experiences with it and the noble art Katharterio Salamandra.

When she was a child this device and art caused a lot of damage, making her paranoid and anxious about using it again. 

Her father was the ruler of Vermilion, a European kingdom. Stella decided to move to Japan to grow and develop her skill. 

Shizuku Kurogane 

She is Ikki’s sister and Stella’s close friend. Shizuku is an A-B Rank Blazer at the academy and possesses the Yoishgure device. Shizuku is also proficient in the Noble Aris like Shouja Suiren which helps give her an advantage over her opponents. 

She was eliminated in the qualifying round of the Seven Star tournament. This was a devastating loss, but she can accept it and move on. Unlike her family, she accepts Stella as Ikki’s bride.

Ryoma Kurogane 

Ryoma is Ikki’s great-grandfather and a respected member of his family. He saves Ikki and enrolls him at the Academy where he slowly guides him to success.

Ayase Ayatsuji 

Ayase is a third-year student at the academy that tries to become Ikki’s mentee in an attempt to learn his moves. She does not have good intentions, to begin with, and Ikki is unaware that her father is Kaito Ayatsuji. 

During a qualifying match with Ikki, her true colors are resolved and he can defeat her. Later, Ayase is published and banned from the match. She becomes an important part of the subplot, concerning her father Katio. 

He lost to Kuraudo, a Blazer who later took over the dojo he possessed. Ayase attempts to take over the dojo and cheats to do so. 


Here is the list of the cast below that starred in the show. 

  • Ikki Kurogane – Ryota Osaka 
  • Stella Vermillion – Ishigami Shizuka 
  • Shuzuku Kurogane – Nao Toyama 
  • Touka – Hisako Kanemoto 
  • Ayase – You Kobayashi


Let’s take a quick look at the crew responsible for the first season now. 

  • Directors – Oonuma Shin and Tamamura Jin
  • Producer – Nexus and Silver Link
  • Animation – Nexus and Silver Link 
  • Sound Director and Music – Aketagawa Kin and Nakagawa Koutarou 
  • Series Composition – Yaskawa Shougo

Season 1 Ending 

The season finished with Ikki climbing to normalcy and getting engaged to Stella. The cliffhanger ending suggests that there is more to come, hinting at the need for a second season.

The devices used in the fight and faults mean that a second season would have had lots to explore, and an interesting future to grapple with. 

The ending along with the reasons we touched on earlier offers a convincing argument for the second season of Chivalry of a Failed Knight. 

Season 2 Trailer 

Sadly, as there is no official announcement there is no trailer or teaser at the moment. Some fans have made their own videos speculating about the themes of season 2 and its release, but this is purely speculation. 

Chivalry Of A Failed Knight Controversy 

There is always controversy in any series, and Chivalry of a Failed Knight had some surrounding its obscene content which was later changed. The violence and its similarity to nuclear weapons were also questioned by viewers and have shaped many discussions online. 

Another part of the controversy was Stella’s role and Shizuku’s actions, as some of their traits were considered to be too graphic. Violence in anime is always discussed, but in this case, some viewers found it too graphic and at times, unnecessary. 

Final Thoughts 

And there we have it, there is currently no information or official updates about the second season of Chivalry of a Failed Knight.

The first season did well, but not well enough to warrant a second season, especially with the last volume of the light novel not selling as well as the previous novels. 

The fate of Chivalry of a Failed Knight rests in the producer’s hands, and as it has been six years, we can expect an announcement at some point in 2022. Be sure to check back for some more updates and hopefully an official announcement soon!

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