33 Anime Boys With Long Hair

For some Asian traditions, having long hair brings with it lots of meanings and acts as a status symbol. For example, Samurai were seen to wear their long hair tied back, in a topknot.

This was to show that they were noble warriors. Hence, you may come to realize that the majority of male anime characters who have particularly long hair are either strong/powerful or very wise.

In this article, we have put together a list of 33 anime boys who have long hair. In terms of long hair, we are talking about shoulder-length and longer, no matter their hair color. 

Here is our list of incredible anime boys with long hair:

In no particular order.

Light Yagami (Death Note)

Light Yagami is the main protagonist in the Death Note anime series. After he discovers a very powerful book, he decides to use it to get rid of those who he believes are evil.

All he wants to do is rid the world of any injustice, and only those who, he believes, to be honest, can stay. This then gives Light a God complex, he knows he is committing murder, but he believes he is doing it for the better good. 

Light is a very hardworking and talented character. He is very good at problem-solving and is seen as a genius by his peers. On the outside, Light comes across as a young man, who is just above average height.

He has brown eyes and hair, thus he is seen as very attractive. As Light is praised so much for his intelligence, this leads to this character having a lot of confidence and gives this character a slight ego. 

Cadis Etrama Di Raizel (Noblesse)

Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, typically goes by Raizel. He is a protagonist in the Noblesse series. He is a noble who holds the title of Noblesses.

This means he is superior to other nobles and can act as their protector, judge, and even executioner. Raizel is Frankenstein’s master, who attends Ye Ran High School to learn more about the human world. 

He has very little knowledge of the 21st Century. Thus, he can become confused when he has to interact with modern technology. Overall, Raizel is considered to be very attractive by humans and Nobles.

As he is a pure-blood Noble, Raizel is seen to have scarlet red eyes and shoulder-length jet black hair. This hair is quite unusual, as other Noble’s are seen to have gold or silver hair. 

Ukyo (Amnesia)

Ukyo from Amnesia is a famous photographer, but he suffers from a split personality. Ukyo is a very young-looking man, who is quite tall.

His hair is his most noticeable feature, which is bright green and goes darker at the end of his hair. Alongside his extremely long hair, Ukyo has long bangs that fall onto his face and past his cheeks.

On the right side of Ukyo’s hair, you will notice a braid that is always held in place with a white hairband. Ukyo has green eyes to compliment his green hair. 

As Ukyo has a split personality, due to witnessing his girlfriend’s death multiple times, he tries to keep her alive. One side to him is very loving and caring, yet his other personality is cruel and villainous. 

Byakuya Kuchiki (Bleach)

Byakuya Kuchiki is the 28th head of one of the four great noble clans, known as the Kuckiki clan. As he is the 28th head, Byakuya can be very aristocratic in the way that he behaves.

He is very easily offended if his name isn’t used the correct way. Byakuya is always calm, even when he is facing a battle, but is very perceptive.

This can make him come across as arrogant, but he cares for those who are important to him.

This character has long black hair that is always kept in a very striking silver headpiece known as a Kenseikan. The headpiece symbolizes Byakuya as noble and part of the nobility.

Alongside this, he is seen to be wearing the traditional captain’s uniform and a scarf that only the highest-ranked nobles are allowed to wear.  

Arthur Rimbaud (Bungo Stray Dogs)

Arthur Rimbaud was a European spy that was sent to investigate a mysterious project by the Japanese military. He had a very down and gloomy personality and didn’t like the cold.

Whilst, he knew very well how the criminal world worked and didn’t allow anyone, including his enemies, to suffer any more than they had to. 

Arthur was a very pale and tall man, who had a very slim physique. He had long black hair that flowed down behind his back.

Thick strands of this long hair fell at the front of his face, to the right, to help shape it. With a thinner strand on the left side of his face.

Yu Kanda (D. Gray-man)

Yu Kanda is a tough character, who doesn’t care about the surrounding lives. He will gladly leave anyone behind who is slowing him down, which typically means killing them.

Grudgingly, he will save other people and put his own life at risk but will complain about doing it. 

There is no escaping that Kanda is a handsome man, who has long blackish blue hair, which is commonly tied up into a ponytail. His bangs cover his entire forehead and frame his eyes.

Also, two strands of hair are left out of the ponytail on either side of Kanda’s face. He doesn’t like anyone touching his hair, and will become annoyed if anyone tries to do anything, like when Lavi tried to braid it. 

Grelle Sutcliff (Black Butler)

Grelle Sutcliff is seen as a Grim Reaper, whose main color you will see on his is red. Grelle has long flowing dark red hair, with red-framed glasses that are finished off with a chain and skulls. Apart from his deep red hair, are his shark-like teeth. 

What you will notice about Grelle is that he is very outspoken and believes that the color red will make him look beautiful. His patience is very thin, and he will quickly turn to violence without a second thought.

He can be ruthless, but nothing will stop him from hunting for souls on Earth, so he can achieve his beauty with a red dream.

Sesshōmaru (Inuyasha)

Sesshōmaru is a very powerful demon who is greatly feared throughout the Feudal Era. He is the firstborn and seen as the most attractive out of all of Tyga’s children.

For his own personal reasons, he wishes to end Naraku’s life. He has always had a very calm and calculated personality. As a result, he can come across as quite emotionless at times. 

Sesshōmaru is presented as a very pleasing young man to look at. What makes him different from his half-brother is his very pale complexion and pointed ears. Sesshōmaru is known for his long white bangs and hair.

His bangs just touch the tops of eyelids, but they sometimes part in the middle. In the middle of his forehead, a crescent moon can occasionally be seen, which is a sign that he isn’t normal.

The magenta-colored stripes on either side of his face are there to cause fear to those he comes in contact with. 

Tomoe (Kamisama Kiss)

Tomoe is a fox spirit, who is quite attractive. As a result, he has a group of admirers wherever he goes. He is very unaware of how attractive he is, yet he knows when to use his charms for his own needs.

Alongside this, he is very sly and cunning and has huge trust issues. Tomoe will mock others, but that is because he can’t trust anyone. Yet, once he does trust you, he is very caring and protective. 

Thus, Tomoe is an attractive character. Although he may look quite young, he is actually hundreds of years old, he just ages really slowly. He has ears similar to a fox and very long silver hair and bangs that fall past his eyes. 

Gajeel Redfox (Fairy Tail)

Gajeel Redfox is an Iron Dragon Slayer from over four hundred years ago, who is sent to the future. He may come across as cold, but he is fully committed to whichever guild he is a member of.

He has a short temper but believes he is very musically talented, even though other characters may disagree. 

Gajeel is a muscular and tall man, with tattoos and piercings all over his face and body. He has spiky, yet long black hair. Overall, this character has a very punk aesthetic and style.

The clothes that he wears all look like an ensemble of rags put together, alongside some black boots. Everything about his appearance is to intimidate any enemies he meets. 

Kars (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Kars is the main antagonist during Part 2. He is the leader of the Pillar Men, while also being the designer creator of the Stone Mask and Vampires.

While his main aim is to evolve to become immune to the sun’s rays, in order to do this he must gain possession of the Red Stone of Aja. 

It should be noted that Kars is highly intelligent, yet ruthless, and he wants to achieve his goals.

You could go as far as saying that Kars is almost obsessed with getting his hands on the Red Stone, which then affects his decisions and moves towards other characters.

Appearance-wise, Kars is a very tall and muscular man. Compared to other Pillar Men, her features are slightly more feminine with a lighter complexion. His hair is very long and wavy, in a deep and vibrant purple color.

Typically, his long hair is kept tied up, under a black head wrap. However, he will take this head wrap off in moments of anger or honor. 

Kanzaki Hideri (Blend-S)

Kanzaki Hideri dreams of being an idol, yet he comes from a family of farmers and doesn’t like working on the farm. He has a very selective personality, in what he will and won’t do or wear.

When you look at this character, you will notice that he has a very feminine look to him. He will even try to be feminine, yet he still has a masculine side in certain situations, like the killing of a cockroach.

When you look at this character, you will notice that he looks very cute. That is his whole aesthetic.

His style is very feminine, therefore, you will see him wearing more clothing that is associated with girls than boys, as he feels that he looks cuter in them.

Hideri also has long silver hair with uneven bangs that shape his face. Commonly, a blackhead band is worn on his head to finish off his signature look. 

Undertaker (Black Butler)

Undertaker was once a Grim Reaper and a former Aristocrat of Evil. He is a strange and mysterious man, who enjoys giggling.

Undertaker likes to frighten people and tries to encourage a reaction from his odd behavior. You will notice that he spends a lot of his time in coffins. 

As Undertaker is a former Grim Reaper, he has a very solid appearance, as he deals with death. He is a slim man, with long silver to gray hair.

The front of his hair covers a large proportion of his face, with a section on the side braided. To accompany his luscious locks, are black fingernails and scars on his face and hands.

Most Grim Reapers like to keep their eyes hidden by their hair, yet Undertaker enjoys showing his eyes off. This way, his victims can look into his eyes and know that they cannot escape him.

Ren Suzugamori (Cardfight!! Vanguard)

Ren Suzugamori is the main antagonist in season 1 and becomes a recurring main character in seasons 2 to 4 of the manga and anime.

He is always presented to be wearing some form of trench coat in his first few appearances. He always wears a black choker around his neck. Ren has long red hair that has been slightly layered. 

When consumed by the PSYQualia addiction. Ren was quite relaxed yet controlling. Yet his real personality is very friendly and cheerful.

Like any teenage boy, he can be quite obvious at times and can get caught up in the moment, especially during card matches and fights.

Astolfo (Fate)

Astolfo is one of the Twelve Paladins of Charlemagne. As he was an adventurer, he created many legends, as he flew all around the world and even went to the moon.

Overall, Astolfo is seen as exceptionally optimistic but lacks a lot of common sense. He is also the most handsome out of all twelve Paladins. As he is so attractive, women fall head over heels in love with him easily. 

There is no denying that Astolfo dresses well and takes care of his appearance. He dresses quite femininely, as he likes cute things. His long hair is tied back into a long braid.

Alongside this, he has choppy bangs that frame his face. Also in his hair, you will find black bows, that are a sign of his friendship and to restore peace to Roland.

Twenty-Fifth Bam/Jyu Viole Grace (Tower of God)

Bam is the main protagonist of the anime series Tower of God, who is seen as an Irregular. The reason Bam enters the tower is that he is in search of Rachel, his best friend, who went in search of the stars at the top of the tower.

However, Bam must pass the testing floors before progressing up the tower. 

Once he takes on the name Jyu Viole Grace, he is seen to have quite long brown hair that is tied into a ponytail. This makes it easier when fighting and during battles. 

Madara Uchiha (Naruto)

Madara was the leader of the Uchiha clan. Overall, Madara was a perfectionist, who wanted to perfect everything until he was satisfied with it. As he was great on the battlefield, he gained a lot of confidence with his own abilities.

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If anything about Madara was challenged, then a competitive nature would emerge from Madara. While Izuna was alive, Madara was kind and understanding, yet after his death, he didn’t want to forgive and became bitter. 

When you look at Madara, he was fair-skinned with black hair that had a slightly blue hue to it. His hair was shoulder-length and spiky, which parted in the middle to help frame his face.

As Madara got older, he let his hair grow until he went past his waist and had shoulder-length bangs. These bangs would cover the majority of his right eye. Then, as he reached old age, his hair turned white.  

Izumi Miyamura (Horimiya)

During the Horimiya series, Izumi Miyamura is one of the main characters. He is a typical school student, who is quite quiet and looks a bit gloomy.

His peers see him as a smart guy, who works hard, yet he is difficult to have a conversation with. 

As a child, Izumi was extremely shy and struggled to interact with other people. Thus, he then began to feel a bit of an outsider and was bullied quite a bit. When school was difficult, Izumi would give himself a piercing. 

On the outside, Izumi is an average height guy, who has a slim physique. Alongside his pale complexion, he is naturally very handsome. Some of his features are quite feminine, as other characters point out. 

However, Izumi has shoulder-length black hair, which always looks quite messy. He also has bangs that part on one side, with a couple of strands of this jet black hair that frame his face.

Overall, he has nine piercings, with four in each ear and one on his face. 

Hyakkimaru (Dororo)

Hyakkimaru is the main character and protagonist of the Dororo anime series. He is searching for parts of his body that were stolen from him by demons.

His body parts were taken, due to a pact made by his father. After Hyakkimaru learns the truth, he vows to kiss his father, alongside finding all his body parts. 

When we first meet Hyakkimaru, he is very sensitive and naive to the world. Yet, he is a very determined character that will do anything to get all of his body parts back.

There is a darker side to this character, that is driven by this determination also and revenge for what has happened to him. Hyakkimaru goes on a tough journey, he opens his heart and understands the pain of betrayal as well. 

Appearance-wise, Hyakkimaru is slim and pale, with dark brown prosthetic eyes. He looks very similar to his mother. He has long dark hair, which is always tired back once it is dark.

His bangs reach his chin and cover parts of his face. When his hair is down, his hair looks almost identical to his mother’s. Yet as the story progresses, his hair ends up becoming much longer than his mother’s. 

Inuyasha (InuYasha)

anime boys with long hair

Inuyasha is the main character in this anime series, and their name translates to dog demon. Inuyasha is a half-demon, as he has a demon father and a human mother. Therefore, he goes in search of a jewel that would turn him into a full demon. 

Even when things were tough, Inuyasha would never back down, he was determined to get the Jewel. His driving force was his determination to win and achieve his goals.

However, he was a very emotional person, who struggled to control how he was feeling. His impatience and stubbornness caused issues with his friends, as he wouldn’t admit when he was wrong. 

Just like his brother, Inuyasha sports thick and waist-length silver hair. Alongside that, he has short bangs which help to frame his face. His skin is quite tanned, which makes his hair stand out even more. 

Kurama Yoko (YuYu Hakusho)

Kurama Yoko is a protagonist in the YuYu Hakusho series. His name literally translates to demon fox in Japanese, this then explains the fox ears that you see on this character.

Like a fox, Kurama is very cunning, he can put his feelings to one side to understand what is really happening in a situation. 

This goes hand in hand with his perceptiveness, as he can quickly learn the patterns and mistakes of his enemies in battle, which helps him to beat them. The reason he does this is to protect his friends and family.

When Kurama is a human, he has bright long red hair, which drapes down his back. Two thick strands of hair fall on either side of his shoulders, and he has a long fridge that touches the top of his eyes.

When he is in this form, other characters mistake him for a female due to his long red hair and feminine facial features. 

However, when Kurama is in his fox form, he has long flowing silver hair instead. With the same fringe, that falls just past his eyes. His hair is the same color as his ears and tail. As a side note, in the manga, Kurama has long black hair.

Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenskin)

Kenshin Himura spent ten years traveling Japan, as he sought out redemption and vowed to never kill anyone ever again. Kenshin is very softly spoken and humble.

He will be seen to put everyone else above himself, as he is brave. He regrets his past actions, and thus struggles to shut himself off emotionally from the people around him.

Kenshin is quite slim, with an androgynous face. He looks much younger than he really is. His red hair is about waist length, yet it is generally tied back into a ponytail.

With shorter hair left free at the front of his face, with a short fringe. He has a cross-shaped scar on his left cheek and is known in the anime world as an amazing sword fighter. 

Gai Tsutsugami (Guilty Crown)

Gai Tsutsugami is a charismatic character who can be quite mysterious. He is the leader of the Funeral Parlor group.

He started off as the main character, but later became the antagonist after he was resurrected. Overall, he is a very manipulative character, so it is difficult to know when he is telling you the truth.

Gai is known for his long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He has a well-built physique and is commonly seen in all-black clothes.

People believe that he may be of European descent due to his facial features, yet that has never been mentioned. His hair remained its vibrant blonde color, until his resurrection, where the pigment has faded slightly. 

Atsushi Murasakibara (Kuroko’s Basketball)

Atsushi is very tall for his age, and yet he acts very sluggishly. He can be seen to try to be comedic during serious moments.

Thus, he can be quite childish and enjoys humiliating others. He is often heard saying that the only reason he plays basketball is that he is good at it. When really he doesn’t really care about the sport at all. 

He has shoulder-length lavender-colored hair that matches his eyes. This hair also falls in front of his face to frame his features. Normally his hair is loose, but during a match, his hair is seen tied back, with a few stray hairs covering his face. 

Katsura Kotarou (Gintama)

Katsura Kotarou is great at escaping and knows how to use explosives well. It has to be said that Katsura doesn’t possess much common sense, yet you can’t call him stupid.

As a child, he was considered a genius who was able to attend a prestigious school, even though his family couldn’t afford it.

He may come across as dumb, in certain scenarios he is smart. He is a characteristic leader, who is persistent and serious. 

His black, long hair can be seen all the way down his back. Depending on the situation, he may leave his silky hair loose or tie it back. Overall, he looks very delicate, yet he knows how to disguise himself as he is wanted by the police.

When he was a child, his bangs would fall just below his chin, to frame his face, and the rest of his hair would be put into a high ponytail.

Neji Hyuga (Naruto)

Neji Huuga was seen as a prodigy of the Hyuuga clan, yet he felt as if his life was predetermined.

However, he soon realized that his fate was whatever he deemed it to be, and decided to make the future that he wanted. Which then led to him sacrificing his own life. 

After his father’s death, Neji became very stern and cold, and much more mature for his young age. When he believed that his fate was fixed, he was quite arrogant, yet he was an excellent fighter. 

Neji has quite pale skin and long black-brown hair. A headpiece can be seen around the front of his hand, which pushes his long hair back.

Too long strands of hair are left out of his band and fall on either side of his face. These strands help him to slightly frame his face. 

Kuroh Yatogami (K)

Kuroh Yatogami, was the former vessel of the dead Colorless King. He is a very serious-looking young man who has a short temper and is stubborn.

Like other characters we have mentioned on this list, he is determined to accomplish his aims. He may look serious, but he also has a soft heart, which means at times you can be gullible. 

Kurouh is considered to be good-looking, with his thin and long black hair, which is tied back into a low ponytail.

The majority of his bangs are pushed to the left side of his face, with a couple to the right side. A couple of stray hairs fall onto his deep blue eyes. 

Alto Saotome (Macross Frontier)

Alto Saotome, is a high school student that is enrolled in the Mihoshi Academy pilot training course, and then later becomes a pilot.

He has slightly feminine features, which occasionally gets him mistaken for a girl. His dreams of being a pilot created a wedge between Alto and his father. Alto is seen as somewhat rebellious and sarcastic. 

His feminine features are complemented by his long blue-tinted dark hair. His hair is commonly tied back with a red ribbon, with short bangs that slightly frame his face. 

Soubi Agatsuma (Loveless)

To begin with, Soubi is a very mysterious character, who doesn’t reveal much about himself. He keeps everything close to his chest, thus this confuses Ritsuka and leads to a misunderstanding.

Soubi is superb at hiding how he is feeling, although sometimes weakness will break through the tough mask that he puts on.

He has been educated to put importance only on his master, thus he originally had very limited relationships. Yet with time, Soubi slowly opened his heart to other characters who weren’t his master. 

Soubi has quite thin blonde hair that falls just past his shoulders. He has a side parting, thus his fridge sweeps across his face. His hair is quite light in color, which goes well with his deep purple eyes and slender appearance. 

Edward Elric (FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Edward Elric is the protagonist of the FullMetal Alchemist series. Edward became obsessed with finding the Philosopher’s Stone, which he hoped would restore his little brother.

On the surface, it appears that Edward is quite immature, as he is strong-willed yet stubborn, and needs to be restrained at times.

He can be quite selfish and thinks more about himself than others. Yet, on the other hand, Edward is extremely loyal and very compassionate. 

For his age, Edward is quite short, even though he tries to appear taller it doesn’t work.

He has golden blonde hair, which is braided and tied back. His hair falls just past his shoulders. His fringe pairs in the center of his face, and falls past his cheeks. 

Karou Saionji (Gakuen Heaven)

Another character with pink hair! Karou Saionji has long pale pink hair that just reaches past his shoulders. He has a very distinctive center parting, and this causes his fringe to part in the middle of his forehead.

Only small sections of Karou’s forehead are viable. Yet his pale pink hair works well with his bright green eyes and his white suit with golden trimmings. 

We cannot deny that Karous isn’t extremely attractive, and students at his school think very highly of him. This is due to him being not only attractive but also intelligent.

As he is so much smarter than the other students, this can cause him to be seen as a slight outcast. 

Ryo Shishido (Prince Of Tennis)

Ryo Shishido is a very confident character, who doesn’t like to lose. He attends Hyotei Academy and works really hard and everything he has achieved due to his determination to achieve.

Ryo was willing to sacrifice anything so that he could achieve his ambitions, which at one point also included his long hair that he loved.

Ryo used to have long brown hair, but when he was kicked off the regulars team, he cut off almost all of his hair. 

Fujiwara no Sai (Hikaru No Go)

Fujiwara no Sai is the spirit of a deceased prodigy from the Heian period. Sai is a very emotional character, who is known for their drastic mood swings and childish behavior.

When he is playing a game, he will control his emotions so that he can play as well as he can.

Thus, Sai’s spirit is represented as a tall and beautiful man, who has long purple-black hair. This hair is typically tied back by using a white ribbon.

Everything about this character screams purple because to go with his purple hair is purple eyeshadow and lipstick.

A lot of people mistake Sai due to his appearance. He wears traditional clothes from the Heian period and clothes of samurai nobility. 


There you go, we have given you 33 anime boys with long hair. Obviously, there are a lot more characters we could have included, but these are the best ones that you need to know about. 

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