26 Brown-Haired Anime Girls With Awesome Personalities!

Anime girls with brown hair are super common in the anime world, much like in the real world!

26 Brown-Haired Anime Girls With Awesome Personalities!

It’s believed that around 20% of the world’s population has brown hair or a variation of brown hair, so it’s not hard to understand why so many anime characters have this color.

Brown hair is one of the more subtle hair colors in anime, as within many animes we’re used to seeing purple, red, gray, pink etc to reinforce the fantasy element of the animes.

Unlike the characters who have these bright colors that stand out, brown haired characters have no defining styles or cliches, which sort of makes them unique. 

Brown-Haired Anime Girls We Love!

Brown hair doesn’t usually signify anything out of the ordinary for our beloved characters , but a lot of them can be defined as approachable, sincere and charming.

It’s no wonder a lot of the entries on this list are seen as fan favorites! 

Luckily for you whatever hair color you like the best on an anime girl, you’ll have no trouble finding your favorite as there’s a range to explore from many different types of anime.

However, this article will focus on brown-haired anime girls with unique hairstyles and amazing personalities. Let’s get right into it. 

1. Cana Alberona – Fairy Tail

First up on this list we have Cana Alberona from Fairy Tail, she is part of the Fairy Tail Guild and one of the more serious members at that.

She is always focused on the situation at hand, except for when she is drinking her weight in alcohol!

She drinks so much throughout the series that she is ever seen sober but luckily for her she hardly ever gets drunk, no matter how much she drinks (we’re a bit jealous!) 

Cana is a struggling S class mage, but still she definitely has some badass fighting skills with her fighting style being described as “all round” and takes leadership when in dire situations.

She definitely has an awesome and intriguing personality!

2. Sakura Kinomoto-Card Captor

Sakura is the heroine and main protagonist of Cardcaptor Sakura. She’s a super bubbly and cheerful ten-year old girl and she’s a member of her school’s cheer squad.

She’s often seen in the series to be a bit clumsy and naive, which makes perfect sense when she accidentally releases the magic cards and reveals her own magic abilities. 

Regardless of her naivety, she has a huge responsibility as a captor to seal the magic cards away as the spirits within them are dangerous.

Despite her sweet and bubbly nature, she also has a vicious temper, this is often seen when Touya teases her.

3. Taiga Aisaka-Toradora!

Taiga is the main female protagonist of the Toradora! series. She’s given the nickname ‘Palmtop Tiger’ because of her small stature and her aggressive nature to brutally snap at people. 

She’s super competitive and will often resort to underhanded tactics to win, such as carrying a wooden sword that got her handed a two-week suspension!

It turns out that this was for the best, after this suspension her behavior changes for the better and by the end of the series she focuses on her relationship with Ryuuji, who brings out her loyal and kind personality. 

4. Shimura Otae-Gintama

Shimura Otae is the older sister of Shinpachi. She’s a beautiful woman and her beauty attracts numerous men, that being said you should never underestimate her combat skills as many people often do. 

She’s very proud about her good qualities but not so much about her bad qualities. She may seem sweet and good-natured but she can be quick to temper and often has a violent disposition.

Despite this, she is generally very sweet and kind but has a no nonsense attitude, which is perfect for a girl like her in her world. 

5. Isuzu Sento-Amagi Brilliant Park

Isuzu Sento is the main female protagonist of the Amagi Brilliant Pack series. She’s quite emotionless and quiet and has a stoic personality.

Isuzu finds it hard to understand and laugh at jokes, and because of the lack of social skills she possesses she comes across as very violent, but it’s only because she is unaware of the right way to approach other people and ask for help. 

She has a magical gun with a number of different magical bullets that can inflict different types of pain and she doesn’t hesitate to use it.

6. Sasha Braus- Attack On Titan 

Sasha is a fun loving and friendly girl who also has a voracious appetite. Nicknamed ‘potato girl’, Sasha often eats when she’s stressed as it provides her with gratification and relief and will steal food from infantry stores. 

As well as being a foodie, she is also a member of the scout regiment in which she specializes in archery, tracking and horseback riding.

Her life is full of hardships, so she’s definitely one to root for when watching Attack on Titan.

7. Mirai Kuriyama- Beyond The Boundary

This anime girl is extremely introverted, and will only speak when spoken to. She’s clumsy and has an awkward personality. In spite of this she is immensely powerful, she can manipulate blood and kill with a flick of her hand. 

Although she was part of a prestigious clan, she was the lone survivor of her family and thus was adopted by the Inami family who isolated her because of her powers and in the end tried to kill her but never got the chance to.

People like to ridicule her but she’s a fighter, which makes her popular amongst fans.

8. Izumi Akazawa- Another 

Izumi Akazawa has long brown hair and was the class officer of Class 3-3 of 1998 at Yomiyama Middle School.

She’s straightforward and a strong leader of the countermeasures in her 3rd- year class and later becomes the class officer of her class.

She puts on a tough front but in actual fact she is quite fragile and is seen to have a tender side to her. She is self-confident and can take responsibility for her actions and knows when to accept her mistakes.

9. Ringo-Chan- Daily Lives Of High School Boys

Ringo is typically known for being haughty, yet air headed and thinks boys can’t match up to girls at all, this quickly turns into an inferiority complex whenever the boys do match up to the girls.

She’s super competitive and full of pride and wants to surpass all the boys in her class. 

She’s also well known for her appetite, and can be easily distracted when there’s a mention of food. Ringo is popular at her school and gets hit on a lot for her looks, though she fails to see it. 

Her real name is also never revealed in the series, she was nicknamed Ringo-chan by the North High council president.

10. Sun Seto- My Bride Is A Mermaid

Sun Seto is a bride-to-be, who’s also a mermaid with a Yakuza family background. She’s the main female protagonist of the series with waist length tan hair.

Sun is a calm and smart girl for her age and despite her fragile appearance, she’s an amazingly skilled fighter and demonstrates a great deal of inner strength.

She has amazing swordsmanship which was taught to her by Masa.

11. Megumi Noda- Nodame Cantabile

Megiumi Noda exhibits short brown hair and at first glance can be regarded as attractive, but usually her weirdness instantly throws people off.

She’s an awkward girl who has trouble communicating her emotions, but she loves to play the piano. 

Due to her having trouble communicating her emotions, she can be quite unpredictable and often has a way of showing her anger in a very scary way, which is why no one wants to cross her.

But if she cares about you, then you’re in luck as she’s very loyal to the people she cares about. 

12. Mikoto Misaka- A Certain Magical Index

In A Certain Magical Index characters are categorized by their abilities, and Mikoto is the strongest esper in her school due to her hard work.

She’s regarded as sweet and humble by the people around her, but if you don’t know her she can come across as a bit of a snob. 

She’s nicknamed ‘railgun’ due to her signature move, and Kamaijou Touma coined the nickname ‘Biri-Biri’ for her as it is onomatopoeia for the sound electricity makes.

Badass, powerful and humble. What more could you want from an anime girl?

13. Revy- Black Lagoon

Now this is definitely one of the more badass entries of the list. Revy is the main female protagonist of the Black Lagoon series.

She’s rude, competitive and short-tempered whilst also being a nihilist, so you definitely don’t want to wind up on her bad side.

Merciless and sadistic, Revy believes in the use of brute force and coercion to get her way.

She’s a heavy smoker and drinker and is more than capable of killing anyone, even unarmed civilians (yikes!).

She’s not all bad though, when she’s not being angry and sadistic she can be quite witty and humorous.

brown hair anime

14. Momozono Nanami- Kamisama Kiss

Momozono Namani is definitely different to most of the girls mentioned on this list, because well, she’s a candidate for becoming a god.

She definitely has the right personality to be one, she’s kind, gentle and has a caring heart for those around her. 

She has an idealistic belief that yokai and humans can live together in peace, which is a constant source of contention between her and Tomoe (her sidekick yokai).

Since she’s human she often possesses feelings that yokai and gods alike cannot understand, making her the most powerful character in the show. 

15. Haruhi Suzumiya- Melancholy Of Haruhi

Haruhi is an eccentric and headstrong school girl, obsessed with aliens, time travelers and other supernatural things.

She’s super intelligent, athletic and naturally talented at everything she does, this paired with her bossy nature often leads her to expect others to obey her. 

She also, unbeknownst to her, possesses unconscious god-like abilities to change, destroy and reshape reality to her desires.  

16. Lain Iwakura- Serial Experiments Lain

This anime girl is a complete computer geek and doesn’t talk much, which leads her to be a bit of a social outcast in comparison to the rest of her classmates.

In Serial Experiments Lain she is transported to an alternate world after receiving an email from a classmate who had committed suicide and she must solve the mystery of it. 

Later in the series it is revealed that she often hallucinates and sees things that aren’t really there, like seeing steam coming from her hands.

The director of the series Chiaki J. Konaka has revealed that this is because she is mentally ill.

17. Yui Hirasawa- K ON!

Yui is one of the five main characters in K ON! and the main protagonist of the series. She’s fearless and always looking for fun and anxiety and stage fright aren’t in her vocabulary.

She loves everything sweet and always makes physical contact with people like hugging or holding hands. 

She’s a bit of an airhead, determined and competitive, but her laid back personality means that she often neglects her schoolwork. 

18. Belldandy- Ah My Goddess 

Belldandy is one of the three goddesses who come to Earth, she’s depicted as sweet and kind hearted with very old-fashioned sensibilities.

She’s very open-minded and willing to forgive just about anyone, even if they do harm to her. 

Despite her kind nature, she is one of the most powerful goddesses in the anime, but she is also quite naive and is often ignorant of the intentions of those around her that would cause her harm. 

19. Yuuki Asuna- Sword Art Online

Yuuki is the main heroine of the Sword Art Online series, she’s a kind and helpful young woman with a cute, typical face and long brown hair.

Yuuki will not abandon another person in trouble and takes the game very seriously, she’s determined to clear it. 

She may seem fragile, but she won’t hesitate to get physical with those who challenge her authority.

20. Megumi Kato- How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend

The name of this anime might confuse you a bit, and as the name suggests it’s about the protagonist being a boring girlfriend.

As you progress through the series, you come to find out that she’s not boring at all, she’s kind, soft spoken and wants the best for others.

She has so much fire within her soul and she’ll often go out of her way to help in any way she can. 

21. Raphtalia- The Rising Of The Shield Hero

As we meet Raphtalia she is very shy and fearful because of her status as a slave, she’s also dealing with the trauma from the memories of the destruction of her village. 

This half-human girl has some amazing abilities, and ends up becoming much bolder, opinionated and protective of Naofumi, who is essentially her master who saved her from a merciless life.

She’s very innocent about issues related to love or intimacy and even thought if Naofumi kissed her then they would have children. 

22. Ochako Uraraka- My Hero Academia 

Her friends have described her as “the most laid back girl” among her class, and it’s clear to see why.

She’s bubbly and a bit of an airhead at times, often not being able to contain her laughter at certain times. She is generally friendly to all that she meets and will try to help anyone that needs assistance. 

Anti-gravity is her main battle tactic and at one point she thought her abilities were unuseful and she was a weak combatant, but over time she became a very capable combatant.  

23. Ryouko Ookami- Okami San And Her Seven Companions

Ryouko can be quite a mean girl, she often punches people with no word of warning and justifies her actions quite humorously. Despite her aggressive personality, she’s actually a very kind and gentle girl. 

She loves animals, more specifically dogs and will pet them despite not knowing the owner, which she does when she sees Elizabeth and Francoise, and the owner later turns out to be Ryoshi.

This intense girl definitely qualifies as a strong entry. 

24. Holo- Spice And Wolf

Holo is a nonhuman, wolf spirit that lives in the wheat; she adorns cute ears and a bushy tail with a beautiful mane of brown hair. She’s smart and confident and knows how to defend herself. 

Holo has a fear of being alone and has a strong affection for Lawrence, though he doesn’t notice it for a while. 

25. Diane- Seven Deadly Sins

Diane is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins, and is larger than life literally. This giant is sweet natured and a very friendly woman, and is often very confident about her abilities. 

Despite her brave and strong appearance, she is quite a fragile person, she hates being alone and often wishes to be smaller so she can date her crush Meliodas.

But she can also get quite jealous and angry when Meliodas shows affection to other girls. 

26. Haruhi Fujioka- Ouran High School Host Club

Haruhi identifies as a biological female, but thinks gender is irrelevant to how a person should be perceived. She pretends to be a boy within the series to pay off a debt. See here in Ouran Highschool Host Club Season 2.

She’s 100% blunt in her communication and sees no reason why she should beat around the bush. 

Most circumstances don’t phase her, except if there’s thunder or lightning, she suffers from brontophobia to the point it terrifies her.

Despite this she is very peaceful and has an obsession with gourmet food. She’s a very different entry on this list but a welcome one at that.  

Brown-Haired Anime Girls

That’s all 26 of the best brown-haired anime girls, all these girls are unique and strong in their own way and are a great addition to their respective anime. 

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