20+ Anime Characters With Blue Hair And Their Uniqueness

Let’s admit it, blue hair looks awesome! In the anime world, characters with blue hair are unique. You’ll find a range of male and female characters with blue hair, who also have special abilities in the world that they are in.

In this article, we will be talking about some of the most popular anime characters that have blue hair. Also, while looking at what makes them unique.

Blue Haired Anime Boys

Typically, boys with blue-colored hair are supposed to be cool, calm, and collected kind of character.

1. Tetsuya Kuroko (Kuroko No Basket)

Source: Fandom

Tetsuya Kuroko is a friend of Aomine Daiki, who is the best player on their basketball team.

To begin with, Kuroko doesn’t really know how to shoot properly, yet his skills lie somewhere else when it comes to basketball. His specialties are in passing and misdirection.

You’ll find that his coach will bring Kuroko onto the court as his last card. However, as Kuroko grows as a player, he becomes a lot more skilled overall and his shooting improves as well.

As a character, Kuroko is quite noticeable, this helps him when it comes to playing and misdirection.

He takes basketball very seriously, and while he is a kind character, he doesn’t agree with dirty play. Kuroko is a true team player.

2. Cú Chulainn/Lancer (Fate)

Cú Chulainn, also goes by the name Lancer. You will notice that Lancer has very short and spiky blue hair. It is typically short at the front, but he also has a long blue ponytail.

Lancer is a very good warrior, who believes in injustice. He has a very carefree approach to life but is a very likable and brave young man.

In the first few episodes of the Fate series, Lancer was seen as a villain who possesses powers of a demigod. However, as the anime series progresses, Lancer becomes more of an ally to the protagonist.

He got the nickname Lancer, due to his continued use of a lance as a weapon. This lance was a long red spear, around the same height as he was.

3. Grimmjow Jagger (Bleach)

Grimmjow Jagger was the 6th Espada in the Aizen army. He is a tall and muscular character, with medium-length light blue spiky hair.

He may come across as a very laid-back and calm individual, but deep down he has an impulsive and brutal personality. Alongside having a very short temper.

His skills lie in close combat, and he has a bloodlust while in battle. He can easily exploit any weakness in his opponent that he is facing so that he can win.

Generally, Grimmjow isn’t someone you want to mess with. He can be quite unpredictable and does not need weapons to cause pain to his victims.

4. Rin Okumura (Blue Exorcist)

Rin Okumura is the son of Saton and twin brother Yukio Okumura. He is the protagonist of Blue Exorcist.

Rin wants to become a Knight Meister, and then defeat his father. He has messy dark blue hair that sweeps down and over his face and eyes.

Rin thinks a lot about his brother and wants to earn his brother’s approval. Typically, he is a really caring and supportive character that has a big heart.

He tries to support his friends in any way that he can. He is still young and does make rash decisions at times, but for the son of Satan, he is a very calm and laid-back character.

5. Tamaki Amajiki (My Hero Academia)

Source: Fandom

Tamaki Amajiki also goes by his hero name of Suneater. This is because he has the special ability that allows him to take on elements of the form he has eaten.

When you look at Tamaki you will notice his messy deep blue hair. This hair sticks out quite a bit and long bangs cover his eyes.

Even though he is a very good fighter, brave, and possesses a great gift, Tamaki is a very shy character. Tamaki is an introvert and gets nervous really easily when talking to other people.

If his anxiety gets the better of him, then he is known to turn away and lean against a wall. He feels he has pressure to be perfect, which has caused his self-esteem issues.

6. Kamina (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

Kamina is from the Jeeha Village. He is a tall and well-built character, who is often heard praising himself for being tough and manly.

He has short, spiky, blue hair that is regularly seen alongside his red sunglasses that cover his eyes.

Kamina is a passionate character, who originally comes across as hotheaded and arrogant. Yet he is a very determined character, who can move on from situations very quickly.

He has devoted his life to supporting and defending those he cares about, including his friends.

Overall, his personality is quite complex, yet he is a fabulous fighter. With his dream of breaking humanity free of the underground prison and gaining entrance to the surface world.

7. Nagisa Shiota (Assassination Classroom)

Nagisa Shiota is a young boy that may come across as passive. Yet he has a natural talent for assassinations. His mother wanted a daughter, therefore he is forced to grow his hair past his shoulders.

Therefore, his shoulder-length bright blue hair can either be seen in one long ponytail or into two pigtails. Unfortunately, his appearance is mocked by many of his peers.

Nigisa is a very calm character, who is friendly and observant. Compared to the other students in his class, he is more reserved. However, he is the best student in his class.

He excels in all assassin techniques, which results in him becoming a teacher during the day and an assassin at night.

8. Jellal Fernandes (Fairy Tail)

Jellal Fernandes was the childhood friend of Erza Scarlet.

As a young boy, he was a caring boy, who watched out for his friends. Yet, later in life was manipulated and became a powerful wizard, who is successful in the dark arts that cause havoc.

Jellal also has a stern-looking expression on his face. He looks like an evil man, due to the constant frown that was shown on his face. It is rare to see the nice side to this character.

He has medium-length blue hair and bangs that fall onto his face.

9. Hideki Hinata (Angel Beats)

Hideki Hinta is the co-founder of the SSS with Yuri Nakamura. He is seen as one of the strongest males in the group, thus he will put himself in dangerous situations. He will do this to protect everyone else.

Furthermore, he has royal blue hair that sticks out past behind his neck. Alongside his messy and slightly uneven bangs. Hideki may be a courageous character, but he also brings humor throughout the series.

In real life, Hideki was a baseball player and ended up being one of the last three to fulfill what he needed to do in the afterlife.

10. Marx Francois (Black Clover)

Source: Matoroshika

Marx Francois is a nobleman and adviser to the 28th Magic Emperor. He may be a nobleman, yet he treated those who have a lower class status than him with respect.

Yet, overall, he is a very serious character who follows his duty to the letter.

Marx is a young man, with a light blue bowl cut hairstyle. He has very powerful magical abilities that specialize in communication and memory.

These powers are used when Marx needs to speak with the emperor and search into those people who are suspected of treason.

11. Shinichi Okazaki (Nana)

Shinichi Okazaki, also went by the nickname Shin. He is also the bass player in the band Blast. Shin ran away from home at the age of 15 years old, so he has dealt with the harsh reality of the world from a young age.

Shin’s hair is naturally brown, but he dyes it to his trademark light blue hair, which is always very spiky. When he washes his hair, his hair will lay down flat. For his age, Shin is very smart and cunning.

Due to his past, he doesn’t let anyone get too close to him, however, he is a caring character that will be seen in hugging characters.

12. Tomoya Okazaki (Clannad)

Tomoya Okazaki, has dark blue and spiky hair that falls over his face. After a car accident in which his mother died, Tomoya went to live with his alcoholic father. They would fight constantly.

Then, once he injured his arm due to his father, he had to quit basketball. This led to Tomoya having a cynical view of life and becoming a delinquent at school.

He feels lost until he meets Nagisa who he falls in love with and learns lessons of love and the importance that family has. He is a caring friend but goes around the school trying to be as quiet as possible.

13. Tokiya Ichinose (Uta No Prince-Sama)

Depending on the lighting, Tokiya Ichinose’s hair can either look black or midnight blue. His hair is always parted on the right and reaches the tips of his ears. With a strand of hair reaching his nose.

Tokiya is seen as a perfectionist, who appears to be a cool person. To begin with, he comes across as very cold, due to his past actions.

However, as the show progresses, we see that Tokiya is a very gentle character that has a sweet side. Across all the anime characters in this series, he has the biggest character growth.

Blue Haired Anime Girls

Anime girls that have blue hair are naturally a more common sight. However, the blue hair for girls normally symbolizes these characters being either charming or mysterious.

14. Yuzuha (The One Being Sung Anime)

Yuzuha is a sweet but caring girl who is bedridden due to an unknown illness.

Even though she cannot leave her bed, she always has a positive and cheerful attitude. She doesn’t want her health to make her a burden on those around her.

Yuzuha has glossy navy blue hair that falls down to her waist. She is blind but can recognize anyone due to their scent or the sounds of their footsteps.

15. Ami Mizuno (Sailor Moon)

Source: Fandom

Ami Mizuno is one of the original five members of the Inner Sailor Guardians of the Solar System.

Her guardian name is Sailor Mercury, and her powers are related to water and ice. She is also very intelligent and good with computers.

She has short blue hair that just reaches her neck in length. Not only that, she may be wise, but she is also a shy person at the same time.

Ami is a type of tsundere character that often switches from being sweet and nice to her love interest to cold and tough towards them.

16. Princess Lenessia (Log Horizon)

Princess Lenessia looks like the perfect princess. She is soft-spoken and well-mannered, whilst always being aware of her appearance.

She tries her best to uphold the family name, and yet she is really a very carefree and lazy character. Thus, he dislikes making decisions and taking on more responsibilities.

Her hair reaches down to her knees and looks different colors at different angles.

In some angles, her hair looks almost silver, while in others it looks like a very light blue color. Her hair is always braided on the left side of her head, with her bangs swept to the right side of her face.

17. Sayaka Miki (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Sayaka Miki is a good friend and wants to help her as much as possible.

It is clear that her friends mean a lot to her, but this means she will sometimes be impulsive to help anyone. Appearance-wise, she has a tomboy side and a girly side

Sayaka has very short hair that could be considered a pixie cut style, in a deep metallic blue color. Alongside this, she has bangs that sweep past her eyes.

18. Shino Asada (Sword Art Online 2)

In the real world, Shino Asada has brown hair, yet in the virtual world she has pale blue hair. This hair is tied to by small ribbons at the front of her face. All of Shino’s avatars continue with her signature blue hair throughout.

During battle, Shino is very calm and collected. In the game, she looks like a difficult person to approach, but really she is really friendly and enjoys helping other people.

Yet, in the real world, Shino is a very fragile character that is still trying to understand what happened to her parents. The trauma she went through is something at the beginning held her back and people took advantage of it.

19. Nagahide Niwa (Oda Nobuna)

Source: Danbooru

Nagahide Niwa is a loyal soldier to Princess Nobuna Oda. She is the perfect combination of beautiful, elegant, and calm, and yet a fierce and aggressive fighter.

She is a very friendly character and is often seen smiling at her opponent. Yet for the enemies, this comes across as a bit weird and creepy as they are about to fight one another.

She is a smart woman who is very observant and insightful. She is prone to anger outbursts and enjoys playfully teasing those around her. Her long dark blue hair is normally accompanied by two pink bows in her hair.

Alongside this, she has choppy bangs that hang on her face to help frame her face.

20. Nayuki Minase (Kanon)

Nayuki Minase has light blue to purple-tinted hair that has a fringe that completely covers her forehead.

She lets the sides of her fair fall over her face, which stops around her neck. The rest of her hair fell to waist level. A braid used to be seen in her hair, but that was before the events of Kaonon.

Nayuki is a very calm character, who tries her best to stay positive, though she may not always feel it.

As a result of this, Nayuki is known to overwork herself, which leads to her constantly being tired. Nayuki still holds feelings for Yuichi, and is hurt that he has moved on.

Once her mother is hospitalized, the positive girl goes away, and she becomes very depressed Yet Nayuki works hard to overcome the emotions she is suffering with.

21. Suzuno Kamazuki (The Devil Is A Part-Timer)

Suzuno Kamazuki also goes by the name Cresta Bella. Her long navy blue hair is gathered to one side of her head and held into place with a red clip. However, this clip is actually a weapon that has been disguised as a clip.

She may look sweet and innocent, and yet she is a killer. She is a very good actress and is very welcoming to Sadao, her neighbor.

Sadao is actually the Demon King who has disguised himself as a human. Her aim is to get rid of him, without him being suspicious of her.

22. Konata Izumi (Lucky Star)

Konata Izumi is the leader of the Lucky Star group. She has long bright blue hair, with chippy blue bangs that frame her face. Overall, Konata is a sarcastic but good-natured girl, who is actually quite smart but just lazy.

Konata lives in her own little world at times. She is a manga and anime fan, who is quite athletic. However, she doesn’t partake in any clubs out of fear of missing one of her afternoon anime shows.


We have given you our list of the 20+ anime characters that have blue hair and what makes them unique. Blue hair always looks wonderful in anime and has different meanings for different characters.

Obviously, there were lots more characters we could have mentioned. However, hopefully you saw some you knew and others that you now want to watch.

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