12+ Of The Most Popular Brown-Haired Anime Boys

Who is your favorite anime boy? It is quite a tough question for me to answer. Now, if you have to narrow down the selection by picking a hair color like brown and then ask me the same question, you have a wonderful portion of potential candidates to pick from.

So, if I had to pick a favorite brown-haired anime boy, it would probably be Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan or even Toshio Ozaki from Shiki.

The list I have made for you today is a selection of some of the most popular brown-haired anime boys based on the ‘My Anime List’ database.

This is essentially a database that anime or manga lovers use to keep track of what they have seen, read, what their progress is, what they want to see or read, and of course their ratings for the content they have consumed.

It is a really great platform. If you have not already checked it out, you should.

Anyway, our list of the most popular brown-haired anime boy is based on the most popular picks on ‘My Anime List’ While many of my personal favorites are not actually on the list (Boo) it is a great way to check out some new and interesting character or even inspire you to watch something you never considered before.

So, without further rambling from me, let us take a look at some of the most popular brown-haired anime boys based on the ‘My Anime List’ database.

12+ Of The Most Popular Brown-Haired Anime Boys

Tooru Oikawa

Series Name: Haikyuu!!

Number of Episodes: 25

Ranking on My Anime List: 8.5/10

This character is a womanizer, but despite this flaw, he is a truly talented volleyball player. Tooru has an amazing skill to be able to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of those around him, and he puts this skill to good use for his teammates and opponents alike.

He is an intelligent and cunning guy, and we have seen this many times throughout the series. 

This 2014 quickly became popular. With the attractive cast and pretty animation, it is little wonder that it rates an 8.5 / 10 on my anime list. It is a really fun and exciting anime that you should check out, especially if you are a fan of sports anime. 

Conan Edogawa

Series Name: Detective Conan

Number of Episodes: 988

Ranking on My Anime List: 8/10

There is little wonder why Conan Edogawa from Detective Conan is on the list. He is an iconic character that many of us have grown up watching. While he looks like a child, it is wise not to underestimate him.

He was exposed to a poison that altered his appearance. This 17-year-old teenager has amazing deductive skills and has proven useful in solving many mysterious cases.

As you might have guessed, this anime is about Conan Edogawa and how he solves cases. It is a highly popular anime which you simply have to watch if you have not already. 

Sakuta Azusagawa

Series Name: Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Number of Episodes: 13

Ranking on My Anime List: 8.29/10

Sakuta has a perfectly impassive face and manner to match. In fact, everything about this character is poker-faced and impassive. Despite this, he is a fantastic character that is loved by many.

Through his mannerisms and what we see in the anime, he does not care what others think of him. Sakuta also has a tendency to make lewd comments toward the surrounding women. 

This is a really fun anime and the cast is a blast. It is little wonder why it received such a high score. I highly recommend this anime if you enjoy a good romantic comedy. 

Keima Katsuragi

Series Name: The World God Only Knows

Number of Episodes: 12

Ranking on My Anime List: 7.69/10

This character is a hardcore gamer and nerd who prefers his own company. He isolates himself to better focus on his hobbies. He is the kind of character that is more attracted to 2D waifus than 3D girls.

Keima is always playing games, even when he is in class. Despite this, he is always at the top of his class in all of his subjects. While his attitude toward real-life girls eventually changes, he remains a hardcore gamer and prefers his 2D waifus to the bitter end. 

Shinji Ikari 

Series Name: Evangelion

Number of Episodes: 26

Ranking on My Anime List: 8.34/10

This character is a pilot for Evangelion Unit-01 and is the main character of this anime. His character is introverted and easy-going. Shinji can be a sensitive and emotional person, especially when his past is concerned. Fans of the series often describe him as nuanced and relatable. 

Shinji is by no means a perfect character and that is why he is so popular. He is even considered realistic in representing adolescent boys in the year this anime was released. 

Kyon Or John Smith

Series Name: Haruhi

Number of Episodes: 14

Ranking on My Anime List: 7.22/10

This character is a member of the SOS Brigade Club, in this club supernatural phenomena are commonplace, and something everyone experiences at one point or another. Kyon is the only person in this club that is a normal human with no special abilities or powers. 

Instead, uses his intelligence and perceptive talents to help those in his club. Kyon is a rather cynical character that is not good at speaking about his feelings to even his friends. 

Osamu Dazai

Series Name: Bungo Stray Dogs 

Number of Episodes: 12

Ranking on My Anime List: 7.81/10

This 2016 anime is a fantastic place to start if you want to watch a great supernatural, mystery anime. Osamu is one of the main characters in Bungo Stray Dogs and is a member of the Armed Detective Agency.

He is a super mysterious character but also serves as the comic relief of this anime. He is a suicide maniac, and this serves as a vehicle for much of the humor he offers. 

Osamu is an extremely likable character and most often see him slacking off, joking around, and just being himself. 

Kazuma Satou 

Series Name: KonoSuba

Number of Episodes: 10

Ranking on My Anime List: 8.13/10

This character used to be a hardcore gamer until he was reborn in the fantasy world of one of his games. He was the kind of person that iced in complete isolation and enjoyed all things nerdy. 

Since he arrived in this fantasy world, he has changed a lot. Kazuma has become more outgoing and social. In this anime, he is depicted as a sarcastic, blunt yet intelligent adventurer. 

Kamado Tanjirou 

Series Name: Demon Slayer

Number of Episodes: 26

Ranking on My Anime List: 8.57/10

This character is 13 years old in the first season and is the main character of the Demon Slayer anime. He is a generous, honest, and humble character even though he has great ambition to achieve greatness he remains a down-to-earth person. 

Tanjirou is on a mission to get revenge on the demon that killed his family and turned his sister into a monster. 

Houtarou Oreki

Series Name: Hyouka

Number of Episodes: 22

Ranking on My Anime List: 8.11/10

Just one glance at this character tells you everything you need to know about his personality. Houtarou is an indifferent, cynical, and calm person who only speaks when necessary. Other than that, he is generally seen as emotionless. 

Despite this, he has a great talent for solving mysteries and soon joins his schools’ Classics club, where he makes some friends despite his indifferent and emotionless nature. 

Makoto Tachibana

Series Name: Free!

Number of Episodes: 12

Ranking on My Anime List: 7.3/10

Makoto is a backstroke swimmer in the Iwatobi High School swimming team, he and his friends work hard to improve their abilities so that they can enter competitions and compete against other schools. 

He is the best friend of the main character Haruka. This pair has been together since the 11th grade and both love to swim. Makoto is a soft-spoken, gentlehearted, kind, and considerate person.

Despite his large stature, he gets scared easily. He is an important member of the team and is often saddled with being the spokesperson for the group because he is so likable. 

Eren Yeager

Series Name: Attack on Titan

Number of Episodes: 77

Ranking on My Anime List: 9/10

This anime is extremely popular, so it is little wonder that so many anime fans love the characters. Eren is the main character in this anime and becomes a member of the Survey Corps.

In addition to that, he is the holder of an amazing power known as the Attack Titan. Despite that, he is still a vulnerable character that is far from perfect. 

Eren is a stubborn, strong-willed, and impulsive character. He is always striving to be the best he can be and works hard to overcome his shortcomings. With the help of his deeply loved comrades and friends, he achieves great things. 

Lelouch Lamperouge

Series Name: Code Geass

Number of Episodes: 50

Ranking on My Anime List: 8.70/10

Lelouch has been one of the most popular male anime characters for a while. Between 2006 and 2008 he was chosen as the most popular male character. To this day, he is still greatly loved and a fan favorite. 

He is a high school student who appears easy-going, intelligent, sociable, and carefree. But under that, he has a much darker streak that stems from his traumatic past. We find out that he was once a prince and was exiled. 

He starts out as a powerless character who eventually gains a new powerful ability known as Geass. This newfound power allows him to obliterate the Holy Britannian Empire. 

Light Yagami

Series Name: Death Note 

Number of Episodes: 37

Ranking on My Anime List: 8.63/10

If you are an anime fan and have not heard of Light Yagami you are really missing out. He is an extremely popular character in Death Note, so it is not surprising that he made it onto this list.

Light is the main character of this famous anime series and is known for being a genius. He excels in school and gets excellent grades while also being popular. 

But despite having all of this, he finds himself bored. When one day, he stumbles across a mysterious notebook, he discovers that he now has the power to kill anyone whose name he writes down if he pictures their face. 

Light has a strong sense of justice and soon becomes warped in this thinking. The once kind boy with a bright future becomes a cold-hearted and calculating murderer, dedicated to getting rid of all evil humans and becoming a God. 

Shinichi Izumi

Series Name: Parasyte

Number of Episodes: 24

Ranking on My Anime List: 8.36/10

Shinichi is a high school student who finds himself infected with a parasite. The parasite who is known as Migi failed to take over Shinichi’s head, and now the pair must learn to coexist peacefully. The pair must navigate through normal human life and avoid other parasites disguised as humans in the world. 

Shinichi is a nervous character with a good heart. He has the desire to do the right thing and be a good person. The experience with Migi starts to change the person that he is, and he grows into a more confident and brave person as a result. 

Final Thoughts 

Did you see your favorite anime boy on this list? Congratulations if you did. I know some of my favorites were missing, for sure. Kotetsu Kaburagi and Toshio Ozaki for example are two of my personal favorites who did not make the cut.

But just because your favorite brown-haired lad was not one of the fan favorites does not make them any more awesome. Tell me all about who your favorites are and why. 

That is all for this article, I hope you have a good time reading about this group of brown-haired anime boys. If you have not seen any of these animes, you should definitely watch them. 

Goodbye for now.

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