10 Things You Should Know About Miku Nakano

If you’ve stumbled across this article wanting to know more about Miku Nakano then you’ve come to the right place.

10 Things You Should Know About Miku Nakano

You may be wondering who she is, what anime she is from and what her personality is like and we will be answering all these questions and more. 

Miku Nakano is the third sister of the Nakano Quintuplets from the anime Quintessential Quintuplets, and is regarded as one of the most popular girls in the fandom (though that is up to debate).

From the beginning Miku is helpful and she’s the first one to open up to Fuutarou. Fans fell in love with her because she is almost a sort of underdog character and she will always fight fair and square.

She doesn’t care about physical appearance and is the polar opposite of Nino (the third sister of the quintuplets). 

Fans love Miku for how relatable she is. Her whole persona revolves around the odd quirks and cute oddities she has and how authentic her character feels due to her shyness and how reserved she is.

Anyway, let’s get into the 10 things you should know about Miku Nakano shall we?

10. She Is Introverted 

Part of why she is so liked within the fandom is that she is an introvert, and many people find that relatable.

She is extremely shy and reserved, but that doesn’t define her personality as throughout the series we see that she talks in a very straightforward manner and isn’t scared of confrontation. 

When you see her she often has no expression at all, which can be misconstrued as having no personality, which is quite the opposite.

She has a hard time expressing her emotions outwardly, which is a real struggle of introverts in the real world, again part of the reason she feels so relatable.

She is a genuinely kind and honest person and differs from her sisters because of this.

9. She Imitates Her Sisters Very Well

As she is one of the smartest of the quintuplets, she has an unusual talent for imitating her sisters.

She can easily duplicate her sisters’ appearance and personalities with much more skill than Ichika can and has even fooled Fuutarou with no problem at all!

It shows how much she watches her sisters’ habits for her to imitate them so easily and fool people whilst doing so. She’s no actress but she may have a shot with how easily she can change personalities!

8. She Has An Obsession With The Generals From The Sengoku Period

Who doesn’t love a history geek? It’s shown throughout the show that she has an impressive knowledge about Japanese history, especially the Sengoku period.

She’s embarrassed about liking it and tends to hide it from everyone, but it is the subject she excels the most at and focuses on history much more than other subjects, which is the reason why she isn’t as knowledgeable about them and needs to study more.

Once Fuutarou finds out he tells her to have faith in what she likes, and to not be embarrassed. 

7. She Falls For Fuutarou First

Miku is the first one to fall in love with Fuutarou, partly because Yotsuba and Miku were the first ones he connected with, and since Yotsuba was in so many clubs it left Miku to be the one he spoke to the most.

Because of their connection he got along with her much better than the other quintuplets and this is part of the reason why she ultimately fell in love with him, because she was able to notice his personality and quirks as they were blossoming as friends.

But because of her bashfulness, she’s not able to confess her love for him verbally.

6. She Is A Student Of Asahiyama High School And Is In Third-Year

Or as it’s more frequently referred to ‘Asahi High School’, is the senior high school that all the quintuplets attend including the male protagonist of the show and is a generic school setting of the Quintessential Quintuplets.

Fun fact: The school is actually modeled after the real life Tokai Campus of Nikhon Fukushi University located in Tokai, Japan!

5. She Is 17 Years Old

Much like her sisters, she is 17 years old. She’s the middle child and was born on May 5 2000 which makes her zodiac sign Taurus. Taureans are dependable, hardworking and intelligent which is everything that Miku is!

4. Her Honest Reactions

She may be emotionless looking but her reactions to certain situations are quite hilarious!

Throughout the show she shows many different emotions ranging from surprise to embarrassment, her pouty face whenever one of her sisters gets too close for comfort with Fuutarou is something to behold.

Because she hardly shows any expression, fans absolutely love to see her reaction to certain words and actions and this solidified her as the best girl within the series!

3. What Miku’s Name Means

Miku’s name can be translated as “three” (mi) and “black jewel” (ku), both of these are very fitting for her as she’s the third sister and she is definitely a jewel among the characters in the world of anime.

The wife of Takeda Shingen (Miku’s favorite Sengoku general) Sanjo shares a similarity to the name Miku in kanji writing, which is a nice callback to her being a history geek.

2. She Was Inspired By Fuutarou

When Fuutarou first came to them, all of the quintuplets rejected him, ignored his teaching and didn’t care about studying or their grades and Miku was the first one to push him away.

After some time, she came to like him and this inspired her to want to study more and improve her test scores, which made her the first of her sisters to want to learn from him.

Watching her work so hard whilst no one is looking is inspiring in itself, and it just makes you want to root for her that bit extra.

1. She Has Very Low Self-Esteem

Miku has a very pessimistic way of thinking and low confidence. She cares very little about her appearance compared to her sisters and confides to Nino that she doesn’t regard herself as cute like her and Ichika.

She considers herself the biggest loser of the five, and taking into account that each of the quintuplets has their own unique qualities.

It takes a lot from Fuutarou’s side to believe in herself more and give herself more credit. But she tries not to let it get in the way of what she actually wants to do.

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