Pre-registration is now closed, but badges will be available at the door in Hall B! Registration hours are the following:

Friday 9am-8pm

Saturday 9am-8pm

Sunday 9am-3pm

Please note the following before purchasing your badge: This year Shuto Con will be a PRIVATE convention, meaning all attendees must have a membership badge of some type to be able to get access into the convention center/hotel. However because we have gone private we were able to purchase the entire Lansing Center, and thus lift our attendance cap of 7k! Attendees will have the option this year to purchase 3-Day Badges, VIP Badges, Single Day Badges, Parent (limited) Badges, or Child Badges. Other attendee badges we will accept are Artist Alley Badges, Dealers Alley Badges, and Volunteer Badges. Anyone attending Shuto Con must wear their badge at all times, or they will be asked to purchase a new one (or go grab their existing one).

Membership Badges will NOT be mailed out, they will need to be picked up AT THE CONVENTION! Children 12 and under will need to be accompanied by a paying adult at all times. All membership badges are non-refundable, and are only transferable during the pre-registration process.

***NEW UPDATE ON 3/5/15*** BREAKING NEWS!!! Due to high demand we have decided that we are going to open up a short window on THURSDAY NIGHT for anyone that pre-registered online for a 3-day badge! From 8pm-10pm on Thursday March 19th, our registration in Hall B will be open for PICKUP ONLY (no sales) for anyone that pre-registered for a 3-day badge online! If you would like to take advantage of this special pickup time we are offering, be sure to pre-register before sales end on Friday March 6th!


By purchasing a Shuto Con VIP Badge you will get the following special privileges at the convention in addition to regular access:

  • 30 minute early access to the Exhibit Hall on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning.
  • Priority seating at all Main Events (Opening/Closing Ceremonies, Band Performances, Electronic Dance, etc) and priority access at panels (for panels VIPs must be in the "VIP" line before the doors open, they will not be given front of the line access once doors open and regular badge holders start moving in).
  • Special line access at all VIP ONLY autograph signings. VIPs will not have special access to regular non-VIP signings.
  • Exclusive access to the VIP Mixer on Saturday night.
  • Two extra giveaway tickets for Opening Ceremonies prizes and Happy Envelope Prize Game.
  • A free convention T-Shirt of your choice (2015 Artist's Edition or Regular edition, redeemable only at our 2015 convention at our Merch Booth).
  • Special VIP badge design and Shuto Con printed lanyard.
  • Only 150 of these badges will be available.

EXCLUSIVE VIP ONLY EVENT!!! For one hour+ on Saturday, we will host a small mixer that is only open to VIP Badge holders. At this mixer VIPs will be able to mingle with most (if not all) of our guests and bands in an "intimate" setting (meaning this is not a standard sit down and ask questions Q&A but rather a personal get-together like setting). Both alcoholic (cash bar with ID) and non-alcoholic drinks and music will be served at this event. All ages of VIP holders are invited to attend, but IDs will be checked at the door. Trust us, you are NOT going to want to miss this event for VIPs ONLY!

*NEW for 2015* Parent BADGE INFO

Parent Badges will be offered for the first time this year at Shuto Con, but these badges are limited access badges and do come with certain restrictions. Please read below to see if a Parent Badge is for you.

Parent Badges will only grant the following:

  • General Convention Hallway access
  • General Hotel Hallway access
  • Panel access in 17 and under panels (must accompany a minor to get access)
  • Main Events access (can not enter any competitions or contests/giveaways, must accompany a minor to get access)
  • Artist Alley and Dealers Alley access (must accompany a minor to get access)
  • Battle Arena access (must accompany a minor to get access)
  • Parent's Lounge access (parents only)

Parent Badges will NOT allow the following:

  • Gaming Room(s) access
  • Adult Programming/Panel access (18+)
  • Maid Cafe access

If a parent feels like they would like to do more than a Parent Badge offers, then they will have the option to upgrade their badge to a full 3-day badge at any time (must pay the difference between a Parent Badge and 3-Day Badge).


Our rates are as follows:

At Door 3 Day Badge (Fri, Sat, and Sun) $45.00
At Door Friday Only Single Day Badge $25.00
At Door Saturday Only Single Day Badge $30.00
At Door Sunday Only Single Day Badge $20.00
At Door Parent Badge (Must be purchased w/ 3-day or Child Badge) $10.00
At Door 3-Day Child 12 & Under (With Paid Adult Badge) $10.00


Badge Waiver


By purchasing this badge, I understand that there is the potential for personal injury and personal property damage during my stay at Shuto Con. I also understand that if I cause any property damage to the Lansing Center, Radisson Hotel Lansing, and/or surrounding areas I will be held accountable for any fines/fees that may result, and my Badge will be revoked. By purchasing this Badge, I release Shuto Con, Shuto Events INC, and the Shuto Con staff from any liability in regards to any injury or damage that might occur.

I understand that Shuto Events INC reserves the right to deny anyone a Badge at any time, and has the right to remove/recall Badges from attendees that are breaking the rules, damaging property, and/or causing an unwanted disturbance in any of the Shuto Con designated areas.

I understand that this badge is NON-REFUNDABLE but it is TRANSFERABLE before registration ends on March 6th, 2015. Refunds will not be issued under any circumstance, however, Badges may be transferred to another individual that would like to attend Shuto Con before March 6th, 2015. If this is the case, I understand that I will contact and begin the transfer process. Badges will be both NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE when purchased At Door.

I understand that my REAL NAME must be used on my badge, and that I will no longer be able to go by a "nickname" at the convention.

Lastly, I have read the General Convention Rules on the website at and I agree to comply with them. If in the event that I break the rules at Shuto Con, I will risk my Badge being revoked, and risk further punishment depending on the severity of the misconduct.



Our group rate promotion has ended, thank you!



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