What exactly is “Interactive Cosplay”?

This term was inspired by Stefanie's friends in the Florida convention scene, and she could only think of what they did as “Interactive Cosplay”. Instead of just dressing up as Anime or video game characters, the group that inspired her, Bonzai Anime would actually ACT out their characters and interact with all the people at the convention. Stefanie wanted to expand on this idea a bit more and encourage an entire convention to cosplay their favorite characters and interact with each other. Stefanie firmly believes this is where the most memorable convention moments come from. Where else but in your dreams (or fan fiction) will you find Sephiroth dueling it out with Dante? Vash wooing over Misato Katsuragi ? Or Domo-kun having a pokebattle with Maromi?


How does it work?

For our 2019 convention we are going to be re-assessing how we do the Interactive Cosplay Competition. Please stay tuned for more info!








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