What exactly is “Interactive Cosplay”?

This term was inspired by Stefanie's friends in the Florida convention scene, and she could only think of what they did as “Interactive Cosplay”. Instead of just dressing up as Anime or video game characters, the group that inspired her, Bonzai Anime would actually ACT out their characters and interact with all the people at the convention. Stefanie wanted to expand on this idea a bit more and encourage an entire convention to cosplay their favorite characters and interact with each other. Stefanie firmly believes this is where the most memorable convention moments come from. Where else but in your dreams (or fan fiction) will you find Sephiroth dueling it out with Dante? Vash wooing over Misato Katsuragi ? Or Domo-kun having a pokebattle with Maromi?

How does it work?

For our 2018 convention we have decided to ramp up the "Points" system we currently have in place! We will have a dedicated team of staffers that will be out and about in the Lansing Center/Radisson over the course of the weekend to interact with others and get interactions going. Cosplays from ALL walks of life, Anime or not will be considered for the crown at Shuto Con. However, with such a variety of participants engaging with others, dedicated Cosplayers will have to step up their game if they would like to be crowned, and we encourage all our attendees to slip into character at least once during the weekend (who knows, you might want to stay in character)!

"Points" will be given out to those that participate with other attendees the most, and at Closing Ceremonies on Sunday afternoon we will announce the Shuto Con “King and Queen of Cosplayers” (winners will ne notified early Sunday afternoon, and will be asked to attend Closing Ceremonies)!

Sign-ups to join the Interactive Cosplay Competition will be at Cosplay Ops on the second floor of the Radisson. After you have successfully entered the Interactive Cosplay Competition, you will receive a sticker with an assigned number to wear on the front of your badge. Make sure the number is shown. This will help the judges and others know who is in the competition. If your sticker is somehow lost, a new one can be issued at Cosplay Ops.

Regarding King and Queen we will have about 6 secret Interactive Cosplay judges that will be walking the halls in character and getting people to Interactive with them. If you want to try to win King or Queen (or new to this year Group), then it is best to interact in character with as many people as possible, because you never know which one of them may be a judge!

Rules for the Interactive Cosplay experience (and general cosplaying rules) are can be viewed here.







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