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Caleb Hyles is a dynamic entertainer and YouTube cover artist, singing a little bit of everything; from top 40 and video games to Broadway and anime. His YouTube channel, which is going 900,000+ subscribers strong, has something for everyone! Be part of the Hyles Hype Crew and join him at his concert, sing with him at a sing-along, and ask him anything you can think of at his panels!

Having grown up in a theatrical family and being tossed into children's church choir at a young age, Caleb has always loved singing. He created his cover channel back in 2011 to share his goofy personality on Rock Band with friends and family, but he never expected that working on his YouTube channel would turn into his career. Since his viral cover of "Let It Go" in 2014, Caleb has been recognized by the likes of Ryan Seacrest, Tyler Oakley, and DeeDee Magno Hall, along with many others in the entertainment industry.

Fast forward to the present and Caleb hasn't stopped entertaining friends and family and is grateful to now have been performing across the continent for several years now. Since 2017, he has started a Twitch channel, "Peace Love and Gaming," sharing his passion for video-games, that he has also fostered from a young age. No matter the entertainment platform, Caleb is ready and excited to make people worldwide smile and join in on his fun.

Over the years, Caleb has created hundreds of videos and has built some life-long friendships with fellow creatives and entertainers. Some of his favorite works include any assortment of his Broadway songs, many anime openings, and collaborations he has done with Jonathan Young, Malinda Kathleen Reese, Zach Callison, and Brian Hull.





Steffeny Messinger a.k.a. "Cutesylvania" is a one-woman musical act, releasing albums as pieces of a map to a mysterious island, she brings fun wordplay and a colorful element to her music, inviting every listener to be a part of her adventure.

She's the world's most attractive, funny, intelligent, kind, humble, not to mention attractive chiptune hip-hop musician, creating video game and nerd culture influenced songs, paired up with nostalgia-heavy pixelated soundtracks. She's amazeballs.







Thomas Mckee is a voice actor originally from South bend, Indiana and is now living in Dallas, TX. He has been acting his whole life on the stage and behind the microphone. He was a student of Columbia college Chicago, where he studied theater. While living in Texas, Thomas works as a veterinarian technician and teaches theater while not on the stage or in a recording booth. Thomas has been cast in shows like One Piece as Zombies, Royal guards in The Royal Tutor, Elvis the alien in Chaos Kernal. He has also been featured in video games such as Knight healer in Pirates vs knights vs Vikings 2, Officer Gil in Night Warnings, and The Henchman in RIOT!. Thomas is really excited to meet everyone!










Sean Chiplock is a professional voiceover artist currently living in Lomita, California. An avid fan of video games since his early childhood, Sean was already 'dubbing' over the voiceless games of the 90s and early 00s well before he understood that there was an entire industry dedicated to exactly that job!

Throughout his college curriculum in Michigan, Sean was already beginning his freelance career and studying up on the 'knowhow' of the industry alongside his Honors classes; in fact, he participated in Anime Expo's "AX Idol" VO competition in 2009, becoming the first male (and youngest competitor) to win the Grand Prize since their inception in 2003.

Immediately upon graduation, Sean set out to California to pursue the career more seriously, and in the 4 years he's been living there his portfolio has already shown impressive results. Examples of his recent roles include lead role REAN SCHWARZER in Trails of Cold Steel (part of XSEED's most well-known franchise), RASH THE BATTLETOAD in Killer Instinct, CASSIM in Magi: Labyrinth of Magic, and KIYOTAKA ISHIMARU in the immensely popular game series DanganRonpa. Other roles have included DIABEL (Sword Art Online), SPADE/DAIL (Freedom Planet), Zenke (Fairy Fencer F), and Ozma/Gruda/Leo (Ys: Memories of Celceta). And that's just the stuff he's currently allowed to talk about!

Most recently, he secured representation with SBV Talent, and has been cast in commercial advertisements and social-media videos for Disney, Mattel, ABC Family, and more. Online, he may be known for his Undertale-related 'parody projects' such as Papyrus Makes a Mixtape, Skelemoon, Pafriskus, etc.

Sean is also an active gamer, both casual and competitive; he boasts a ranking as one of the top-placing Megaman users in "Super Smash Bros. for WiiU/3DS", and between his PC/Vita/3DS and major consoles has experienced a wide range of the very types of games he hopes to continue voicing for.




Charlie Green (CG5) is a singer/songwriter/music producer. He creates original songs, remixes, and covers based upon video games, television shows, original concepts, etc. He was born May 10th, 1999, and has been working with digital music ever since he was 5 years old, and uploading content to the internet since he was 10. He is self-taught in his industry. He loves what he does and enjoys getting to meet fans and new friends.

Charlie has grown exponentially ever since his first big boom in May 2017, when he released his hit, “Can I Get An Amen.” Ever since, he has had many other big hits, such as “Spotlight,” “Let Me Through,” “Every Door,” “The Bongo Cat Song,” and much more. His biggest video on his YouTube channel is a remix cover of The Living Tombstone’s “I Got No Time,” which has accumulated almost 30 million views as of November 27th, 2018.

Charlie has also collaborated with many other big and small names in the video game music industry, such as DAGames, Caleb Hyles, Dawko, Random Encounters, OR3O, and many others.






"Ever since I was 5 years old I discovered I had a talent to compose music. After several years I've finally sculpted into what it is today. After meeting Charlie Green, also known as CG5, he is what helped make me things possible. Making songs with Charlie is one of the most important things to happen in my life. I can't imagine having that taken away. Charlie is my best friend and no one will ever replace him on this planet. Making music is an outlet for me and a huge part of my life. I love to have people listen and enjoy what I've created. I also love speaking to anyone who is a fan of my music. I wish to inspire those who may want to follow my footsteps and be a good example to all."









Marson has played numerous events over his 5 year attempt at what some people would call "Deejaying" to a litany of mixed reviews, ranging from "I mean, he's not awful." to "Am I being paid for this interview? I need to talk to my agent" Mixing tracks ranging from Future bass and Kawaii Bass, all the way to hard trap and jungle, his sets are sure to include some music. Marson is back to rock the Shutocon stage once again while you sit in the back of the room and kind of bob your head up and down a little bit.








Although he may share his name with some of the worst kind of pizza out there, fortunately this does not reflect on this DJ’s skills in any way. Hailing from the metro Detroit area DJ School Pizza started DJing in early 2017. His career started after being heavily inspired by seeing Japanese music producer Kosuke Saito (Kors K) perform in a hot and sweaty basement in Roseville, Michigan. This DJ is hot and ready with genres such as Japanese Hardcore, UK Hardcore, and Hard Dance; and draws inspiration from other artists such as DJ Noriken, Getty, and t+pazolite. Through his performances he hopes to spread the sounds of the Japanese Hardcore scene so that other people can love it just as much as he does.







Christopher Hoef is normally a quiet, introverted person unless you get on the topic of something he can geek out about, like Anime, Video Games, or Electronic Dance Music. Although this list of interests would make Chris unfit for most of society, it bizarrely makes him a pretty good convention DJ. Performing under the name Mesmerist, his DJ sets frequently incorporate the music of anime openings (& endings) and video game OSTs along with the usual festival EDM fare to create - ideally - something unique. He has also spent a lot of his time and passion producing EDM remixes of music from video games himself, which have been featured on his Soundcloud and several fansites all over the internet, most notably when his Mesmerist remix of The Concept of Love from Jet Set Radio Future won RadioSEGA's 2018 SEGA remix of the year. In spite of his somewhat odd interests, Mesmerist loves what he does and loves the communities that he does it for.







A familiar name to Detroit con-goers and across the Midwest, Skellie returns to Shuto Con for a second year! Whether working solo or as 1/2 of Duo Dai·Gu·Ren, this UK Hardcore/J-Core specialist promises hard-hitting beats and plenty of audio fanservice from iconic games and anime.




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