Our 2018 charity will be EVE (End Violent Encounters). Based in Lansing, MI but supporting surrounding areas, EVE provides supportive services to survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence, while empowering our community through education and awareness.

Founded in 1977, the Council Against Domestic Assault (CADA) began with a group of concerned community members who wanted to help support their family, friends and neighbors. The Council Against Domestic Assault grew to include Lansing's first domestic violence shelter and supportive services for survivors and their children. In recent years, CADA changed its name to EVE (End Violent Encounters) to reflect EVE's comprehensive services to survivors. In October 2015, EVE included counseling and advocacy services for survivors of sexual violence.

You can visit EVE's website at

EVE Shelter 24 Hour Crisis Line (517) 372-5572

EVE will be collecting donations at our Charity Ball on Friday night from 7-9pm. We will also have donation jars for them at our registration booths. If you would like to know more about them, or even get information on how you can help (or get help), they will have a booth in our Exhibit Hall throughout the weekend.





2018 T-Shirt Design Contest

From Nov 19th, 2017 – Jan 19th, 2018 we will be running a contest open to all Artists of all artistic levels to design our 2018 “Artist Edition” T-Shirt. The winner of the contest will receive a free Shuto Con 2018 Artist Alley table (8ft table-clothed table) during the weekend of March 23th - 25th, 2018 and two 3-day membership badges. The winning artist will also get advertising for his/her website on our Artist Alley page, a 2018 “Artist Edition” shirt in their desired size, and be given honorable mention at our opening/closing ceremonies. If the winning Artist already submitted payment to our Artist Alley they will receive a full refund for their table at the convention!


T-Shirt Art Contest: Shuto Con will be using BLACK t-shirts so designs must be able to translate well on a black background. Regarding ink colors, we plan to use White and True Red (C:0 M:100 Y:100 K:0). The submitted image should be no larger than 12” by 12” and must be at least 300DPI in CMYK format. We can only accept one file type, PDF files (and these files must be HIGH RESOLUTION), but we do ask that the original file be saved in .AI, .EPS, or .PSD format in case the printer needs them. We are looking for a “simple” (meaning not incredibly complex) design that is cute and will appeal to both our male and female attendees. All artwork must be sent to to be considered.

Our theme is “Yokai” and we would like to see designs feature some Yokai / Japanese elements.

The submission(s) MUST include our mascot, Sumi-jaki, in an inventive and creative way. Some examples for including Sumi-jaki in your artwork are; your ORIGINAL (meaning never used before in another publication) character holding Sumi-jaki as a doll, Sumi-jaki bouncing around an original character, or your original character cosplaying as Sumi-jaki. Sumi-jaki's image may only be used just as it is pictured (for a 3-dimensional reference, Sumi-jaki is round but squishy like a blob or pillow, has cone like curved “devil” horns, and always sticks out his red tongue with a line down the middle of it. He is made of semi-solid ink, and can cause “splats” of ink when he moves around). No additional appendages or facial expressions may be added to Sumi-jaki. Sumi-jaki's reference image may be borrowed from our website. Sumi-jaki may not be used in anything other than these contests unless you have Stefanie Shall's written consent.

Submissions are limited to three pieces of artwork per person.

Only ORIGINAL characters/drawings will be accepted. Please do not submit artwork of copywritten characters, characters in cosplay from another Anime/Manga/Game, characters already used in previous Shuto Con designs (except for Sumi-jaki), or characters you have already published. Artists MAY use this year's 2018 female and male characters from our website/social media pages if they desire. If you submit a character to us that has already been published, even if the colors have been changed or it has other differences, you will be instantly disqualified from our contest.

The winners will be determined by the Shuto Con Officer staff at their January 20th monthly meeting. A winner will be announced the following week.

By submitting your artwork to our contests you are allowing Shuto Con and Shuto Events LLC to use your Artwork in any way they see fit. This includes but is not limited to promo material, media use, banners, etc.


Here are some samples of previous t-shirt winners!


2012 Artist Edition T-Shirt - Art by Jennifer McMyler   2013 Artist Edition T-Shirt - Art by Lorraine Schleter
2014 Artist Edition T-Shirt - Art by Matt Franklin   2015 Artist Edition T-Shirt - Art by Nancy Sue Elena Frey





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